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Sam I Am

A note from Samantha's Typist

July 5th 2015 11:51 pm
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Dear Friends,

My canine sister Samantha journeyed to Rainbow Bridge on June 29th of this past week. I will miss her very much. She was 13 years old and her health had been diminishing for some time.

Samantha was a sensitive, loving friend and companion to both my parents, and she was especially close to my mom. She was almost always at my mom's side and she really enjoyed spending time in the yard while my mom tended her flower garden.

Please join me in celebrating Samantha's life.

Thank you,

Love from Gina (Catmom to Marmelade, Midge, Pippin, Sebastian and Indiana Jones)


Tag Game

November 22nd 2009 9:41 pm
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I was tagged by my pal Three. Here are the rules:

*List 10 different items you're thankful for.
*5 will start with the first letter of your name, and the other 5 will be the first letter of your Mommy's name. (Or typist, daddy, ect.)
*So my first five will be S's, my last five will be G's.
*Tag AT LEAST 4 pals
*You can do rosettes, send a pmail, or anything.
*Copy and paste this entry into your diary, only replace my answers with yours
*Every time you do this, add another name to the list. I'd love to see how far this game gets!

1. Sneakers (my cat brother)
2. Sausages
3. Sunrises
4. Sunsets
5. Supper
1. Getting to ride in the car
2. Gnaw bones
3. Gentle head rubs
4. Going for a walk
5. Giving kisses

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