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Walking with Momo

Jodidogs needs our help

June 19th 2006 11:39 am
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Hey Dogsters!
I'm sure that many of you are familiar with a couple of our wonderful members-- Jodi and
Cheesecake . If you are, you also know that they are the main spokesdogs for a wonderful rescue organization called Jodidogs Rescue, located in Estacada, Oregon. It is a small, sanctuary-type rescue located on 16 acres. Each of their dogs and cats was on the euthanasia list at a shelter. Many of us came to know and love Jodidogs such as Spoon, Underdog ,Tiger and Leah. As many of our Dogster members are rescues ourselves, we naturally came to love and admire Jodidogs' human administrators.

Sadly, due to the kinds of complicated problems that often bedevil small rescues, Jodidogs is going to have to close.

This wonderful organization that has helped so many (maybe even you!!) is now in need of OUR help. There are several animals that need placement either in forever homes or with other rescue groups. There are transport issues. There are other logistical problems that need your keen minds!

So, a group has been formed to try to help solve these problems. Won’t you join us? Everydog can contribute an idea, a rescue contact, a suggestion, or a cheer!

This is an open invitation to all Dogster members to join our group, Jodidogs Support, Ideas and Fund

And maybe, just maybe, you have room for a new friend at your house, or know someone who does. Jodidogs Rescue also has a Petfinders page.

Please join us to brainstorm, encourage and support!! We love Jodidogs—help us to help them!


Happy Birthday to me...

June 16th 2006 4:46 am
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Wow, I just turned nine years old today! Well, at least that is my estimated date of birth, but hey it works for me. Birthdays are great, they always are. I mean I am the center of my people's love and affection everyday but today noone can walk by me without petting me and telling me how great I am or tossing me an extra yummy treat. Plus I am featured on in the grown up section. That pretty much makes me an international celebrity. Ahh, a dog's life ain't too bad, is it? Now my personal birthday wish is that every homeless pup find a great forever home and that my parents both quit working so they can be with me 24/7. Some words of wisdom to the youngster out there might be in order, but as much as I have been digging in my head I can't find any. Because frankly getting older hasn't made me any wiser at all. I still don't know that I absolutly can not climb trees to get to those birds, I can never remember that I don't like to put my head under water and I firmly belive that one day I will get that rabbit. I still think verytime my family leaves the house that they will never come back and I am still the happiest pup in the world when someone comes back from taking out the trash. Catching balls in midair and running away with them is the most fun in the world, maybe add a little tugging to spice things up. One of a good dogs duty's is to catch all the flies in the house and to bark at nothing and absolutly nothing. I've mastered the sneaking-up-on-the-couch-where-there-are-absolutly-no-dogs-a llowed to an extend that would make Copperfiel blush and I am the wolrd's best starving looking pup. Point is I am all that and a whole lot more today but I've been all this and a whole lot more for the past nine years, well the difference is that now I do use the bathroom outside. Yap, I am still quit the puppy no maturing in sight. And you know what? My people love me for it! Love me for being goofy and silly not wise. And that's the most fun, isn't it?


Helping pound pups & kittens

June 11th 2006 2:44 pm
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***Re-posted with Jasmine's & Rex's blessings***

Hi Everywoof!

A lot of pups out there are wondering, "What can I do to help those pound puppies?" and we want to answer that question for them. So we're putting together an action list to help get the word out and help the doggies and kitties in animal shelters safely find a furever home!

Increase Awareness
An important first step is to increase awareness about the animals in need - they can never be forgotten.

-- Encourage news media (television news stations, local radios, newspapers, etc.) to feature an "Adoptable Pet of the Day/Week".
-- Write to city offcials (such as the mayor) about increasing support or funding for city-operated shelters.
-- Put a flashy ad in the Pet Classifieds section of the newspaper for your local humane society or shelter.
-- Encourage your shelter or humane society to create a website or make pages for it's pets on to increase awareness and to keep in touch with the community.
-- Find out if your shelter has any flyers that need to be distributed, and pass them out at pet stores or on your work's bulletein board to let people know of the need for adoptive homes and shelter volunteers.
-- Talk to your shelter about organizing a fundraising event. This would not only increase awareness, but the shelter would benefit immensely also! Or, simply participating in an existing fundraising event is just as much help.

For all of you who like to be right where the action is in supporting a good cause, volunteer work is for you. You can see the difference you make everyday!

-- Take care of the basic tasks for the comfort of the poochies and kitties. This can include: cleaning cages or pens, feeding and watering, grooming, exercising, and playing!
-- Offer to put your training skills to work with the older dogs at the shelter -- they often do not catch people's eye easily, but if they are well behaved it makes such a difference!
-- Offer to jazz up the kennels of the dogs that have been there for awhile -- find them a fresh collar or bandana to wear that is a bright color. Make them laminated signs to hang on their kennel door that highlights their best features. Give them an extra special grooming to make them shine, and give their kennel a fresh cleaning from top to bottom.
-- Put your vet skills to work -- even if you work at a practice already, the shelter would be very appreciative if you volunteered your time and skill on your days off to help the homeless pups. And plus, it's good public relations for your "real" vet practice!
-- Volunteer to help with the shelter website. You could take awesome, eye-catching pictures of the animals and come up with good descriptions for their adoption profiles.
-- Talk to your shelter about scheduling a "Meet N' Greet" day at your local pet store or park, where people can meet available animals and learn more about shelter programs. This is a great way to "rein in" possible adopters!
-- Offer to foster an animal or two. This frees up space in the shelters, and gives those animals that have a hard time finding a suitable home a chance to relax.


If you haven't seen our "Shelter Item Wishlist", here it is! Donating items is a great way to immediatly help the shelter.

-Litter pans
-Bags of Litter
-Litter Scoopers
-Cat toys
-Soft Cat treats
-Small blankets
-Cat Brushes
-Cat Shampoo
-Flea Spray
-Cat Collars
-Metal Food Bowls
-Canned or dry cat food (check with shelter to see what kind of food they feed)

-Collars (all sizes, no choke collars please)
-Leashes (all sizes)
-Dog Brushes
-Dog Nail Clippers
-Dog Shampoo
-Flea Spray/Shampoo
-Bath Brushes
-Dog Grooming Clippers
-Dog toys
-Hard rubber chew toys (i.e. Kongs)
-Soft dog treats
-Canned or dry dog food (check with shelter to see what kind of food they feed)
-Crates (all sizes)
-Big and small Blankets
-Dog Beds
-Metal Food Bowls
-Dog houses
-Small dog sweaters

-Dishwashing Liquid
-Window Cleaner
-All purpose Cleaner
-Large Latex Gloves
-Rubber Boots
-Laundry Detergent
-Plastic Spray bottles
-Paper Towels
-Dust pans
-Disinfecting Spray
-Digital Cameras
-Camera Film
-Air purifier

-Trach Tubes (size 3.0 FR to 10.0 FR)
-Chlorahexaderm Scrub & Solution
-Surgical Instruments (Scissors, Scalpel Handles & Forceps)
-Disposable Scalpels
-Gauze (3x3, 4x4)
-IV Fluids (LRS, 0.9% NaCl, Dextrose)
-IV Lines
-Urine Test Strips
-Resuscitation Bags (1L/3L)
-Suture Material
-Bandaging Material
-Microhematocrit Ttubes, Sealer & Reader Card
-IV Butterfly Catheters
-Dip Quick Stain

-- Many of the non-medical items can be purchased cheaply or in bulk at stores such as the Dollar Tree, or in clearance sections of pet stores or chain stores such as Target.
-- Donate money. They can put this towards large, long-term projects that will likely have a big impact on the shelter.
-- Use for all your searching needs -- choose your local shelter or humane society if they are listed, or support a national group. Money goes towards whatever cause you choose for every single search you make using this website.


-- Be a spay and neuter advocate to help prevent unwanted litters.
-- Say No to puppy mills -- let everyone (even the media! Especially the media!) know the horrors of these puppy mills. They have an effect on shelters as well.
-- Encourage and support no-kill shelters, as well as open-door shelters.
-- Help your shelter set up a Spay and Neuter campaign -- low-cost procedures done by volunteer vets can greatly reduce the amount of unwanted strays.

So there you have it pups, no reason why you can't find something, even just one thing, on that list that you can participate in. If you think of something else that should be on our handy-dandy Action List, bark about it here or send a p-mail!



April 20th 2006 4:45 pm
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Yesterday might just have been one of the bestest days ever! First I got to spend the night in my sarah's room and I usually am not even allowed in there. She said she was a little scared because she was all alone in the house with me and she heard weird noises. I don't care why I got to sleep right next to her bed, I loved it! So when I woke up there was already a surprise: the little one that had left a few days ago was back home. So I had two members of my beloved family to hang out with. But then after a day full of playing and relaxing with my two-legged sisters, I heard something. At first I wasn't sure if my ears were maybe fooling me, but I heard it again, and then I knew. It was mum!!!!!!!!!!! She came back yesterday, dad too by the way. So I guess they do love me after all! To everywoof out there: I am no longer an abandoned dog, I have my family back. Now I just need to get around to destroying those suitcases....


April 15th 2006 3:52 pm
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Pet Peeve? Lets talk Human Peeves!
April 7th 2006 7:34 am [link to this entry]

I've Got 10 Human Peeves To Talk About:

1. Blaming your farts on me... not funny... not funny at all !!!

2. Yelling at me for barking . . . I'M A FRIGGIN' DOG, YOU IDIOT!

3. Taking me for a walk, then not letting me check stuff out. Exactly
whose walk is this anyway?

4. Any trick that involves balancing food on my nose . . . stop it!

5. Any haircut that involves bows or ribbons. Now you know why we
chew your stuff up when you're not home.

6. The sleight of hand, fake fetch throw. You fooled a dog! Whoooo
Hoooooooo - what a proud moment for the top of the food chain.

7. Taking me to the vet for "the big snip", then acting surprised when
I freak out every time we go back!

8. Getting upset when I sniff the crotches of your guests. Sorry, but
I haven't quite mastered that handshake thing yet.

9. Dog sweaters. Hello ???, Haven't you noticed the fur?

10. How you act disgusted when I lick myself. Look, we both know
the truth . . . you're just jealous.

Now lay off me on some of these thing's. We both know who's boss here . . . You don't see me picking up your poop do you ?


I was abandoned!

April 12th 2006 5:09 am
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I'm sorry, but I am a little upset right now. You will not belive what happened today. My mum and dad did that thing again. Yes, THAT thing! Oh, I just don't know why they would do that to me. Early this morning they left, so you might be thinking they left, my people leave every morning. Yap, so do mine, but today they had - I don't know if I can bring myself to say this- they had a SUITCASE with them. There I said it, now you know. My people left me with a suitcase, two actually. They are going on vacation and they are not taking me! Not that I would ever let them know (okay maybe my whining and howling was a little suspicious)but I sort of fear that they might not come back! They left me with the youngest one and Sarah, who are, well I guess okay at taking care of me, but, but I just want my mum!
So this is my plan so they will come back ASAP:
-no movement what-so-ever
-curling up in front of their bedroom, on the oh so very cold floor
-putting on my most miserable face
-every now and then a little sigh or tiny howl
-no eating Period.
-when someone walks by do one half hearted tail wag, sigh and look into the distance
If that does not work I will have to think of more drastic ways. All ideas are welcome!


me likes the doc again!

April 4th 2006 4:57 am
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So my Sarah was supposed to call the doc on friday to hear about my results, but either his or her phone did not work because she could not get ahold of him all day. Obviously that stressed her out a whole lot, and I was doing my best to cheer her up, I have to admit though that I didn't do a real good job. She finally did get ahold of him monday and he said that they checked everything there is to check and everything is okay. Awesome! So no more worries about me, I am one healthy dog! And thanks to all my pals who were so nice to me! I am all good now!



March 28th 2006 8:55 am
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That's right I had to go see my dear friend the doc today. Usually not a problem, I go there he pets me, gives me a treat, I'm outta there. Plus it always smells sooo intresting there. But today it was not all that great. First my Sarah put me in the moving-tin can. That alone is enough to ruin my entire day. I hate that thing, it scares me, I don't like it when the ground moves and I don't know why. So we got to the doc's house and I was still made about the tin-can when this young pup walks in. Now, I am all about different generations meeting and stuff, but what ever happened to manners? I am politly greeting this little guy when he just starts getting in my face, bouncing, licking, just too much puppy! So I kind of growled a little and put him in his place, I mean he was just rude. Well his mum didn''t like me growling too much so she left the room and took the little monster with her. Seriously, I was totally rigth, being a puppy does not mean you can do whatever you want. My Sarah agrees with me by the way, I was just doing the right thing. Anyway, so we finally get to see the doc, I am all happy, then all I hear is Blood sample, six hands grab me, I am on my side and the doc shoves a needle in my leg. Ok, that was too much, I whined, I cried, I even almost growled once. No use, they just did it anyway. So now I am seriously mad at my Sarah and the doc, and next time I might just not go. My Sarah says I migh be sick, but I feel pretty good, we'll get the blood sample (arrgh) results friday. I hope everything is fine, because I do not want to go back to that guy for a while!

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