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Terror Terriers Rock!!!!!!

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Oooops! It's My Birthday Today and my Mom Forgot!!!!!!

February 12th 2009 8:39 pm
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Well, today is my birthday and my mom totally
forgot 'til she read a rosette from Pippin!!!!!! I'm
so deeply hurt! How could she forget my little ol'
birthday!?!?!?!? Lately she's been forgetting all
our birthdays. What is wrong with her?!?! She
promised us that she wouldn't forget the next
one. I AM THE NEXT ONE!! And she forgot!
Oh My doG!! Dogster remembered. They
care about me more than my mom does!!! Even
Pippin cares about me more than my mom does!
I've been a bit bugged with her all day. Maybe
I won't even sleep next to her tonight. So when
she's begging me to come to bed I'll go sleep by
dad instead. I can't be mad at him 'cause he
never remembers any of our birthdays. It's
mom that usually reminds everyone when one
of our birthday's comes around . . . but NOT
lately!! I think old age is getting the best of
her brain!! She can't remember anything!
I remember the good ol' days when the birthday
pup used to get those good ol' double cheese-
burgers. I yearn for those good ol' days! *Sigh*
She's gonna have to make it up to us pups that
didn't get a birthday party.

Boy, does she have some making up to do!!

Big Time!


Pink Collars!!!!

February 1st 2009 1:08 pm
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How embarrassing!
For the whole month of February
we all have to wear pink collars with hearts on them.
Even us boys, uh-I mean, men.
It's not bad for the girls.
Just 'cause February is the month of love.
But pink collars with hearts!!!??
For dudes!!!?
Come on, mom!
Not for the whole month!
I'm gonna try and talk her into changing mine after the 14th.
Maybe she'll listen up and do it.

~Me, Cooper, the dude, wearing a pink collar with hearts~



What's with my new "last name"!?

February 1st 2009 4:01 am
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If you read my bro's diary, there's a new game going on.
Pups are getting new names left and right! Redford tried it
and then he forced all the rest of us to do it, too. Gotta say
we do not like our new last name at all. Nope. No way. Uh uh.
Oh well. Good thing it's just a game 'cause I wouldn't go out
in public if that was my real name!!

Mine is:

Fluffy PottyFace

Alright!! Who's that making fun of me?! I better not hear
anyone laughing 'cause this Terrierist will getcha!!

Now if you're brave enough to try it, then go to Redford's
diary and find out how to get a new name. Hope all you
who's laughing at mine get a double worse one!! No -
triple worse one!


Happy Birthday, fellow JRT

January 19th 2009 11:20 am
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A good friend of mine turned the big one-zero today.
Petey is a fellow Jack Russell. A fellow spoiled
Jack Russell!

So, go give him a visit and wish him a Happy Birthday.

Happy 10th Birthday, good ol' pal o' mine!
Our whole family thinks you're awesome!!


National Dress Up Your Pet Day! What nonsense!

January 14th 2009 2:25 pm
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Nonsense my butt! I had no say so in this matter even
if I did think it was total nonsense. I still got caught
and dressed up (even if I was under the covers) in silly
stuff. She wanted to take more pics with more stuff
but she let me off early 'cause I was not enjoying
myself. She said I looked too sad in the pictures that
she ended up saying *Forget it! Go on, get outta
here, crybaby.
* Yep. I know how to work it!
Soooo - enjoy my contribution to National Dress Up
Your Pet Day!

Oh yeah - She was planning to do it to everyone but
she gave up that thought after she dealt with me. I
kept running away!


What are dogs good for??

December 7th 2008 3:34 pm
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We just read this in Sydney's
diary. We sure did like it so
I want to put it here in my
diary, also.

I'm sure anyone who reads
it will wholeheartedly agree.


What are dogs good for? Now, that’s a silly question to those of us who love dogs. But maybe not so silly to the dog uninitiated.

Let me start with what dogs are not good for: Christmas presents! Never give a puppy or a dog as a surprise gift. The people who are getting the dog need to know that dogs can live up to 20 years and older, that’s a big, big, big commitment. Our kids don’t even stay in the house that long. I was long gone from home by the time I was 20. And dogs aren't cheap. Dogs are like children, they need room, they need play and walks, they can be loud, they can be teenagers and they can be old timers. They poop, they pee, they make messes, they eat a lot of food. They chew stuff. They take time. Just like with human kids, if you’re not ready, you’re really, really not ready to have one.

Every once in a while someone will suggest to me that, "It’s only a dog, what’s the big deal?" Until a person has loved a dog, they’ll never really know what is the big deal. Here’s the big deal.

Dogs keep us company and protect our children. They protect us. Dogs lower our blood pressure and keep us healthy simply by touching them, that’s scientifically proven. They protect our homes just by being dogs. Homes with dogs are most often passed over by burglars for homes without dogs, no protection training needed. Dogs help us get our exercise. It’s easy to sit on the couch and veg until your wonderful dog wants to go for a walk. No matter the weather, up and out we go. Dogs are the best exercise machines ever. The love of a dog is the best motivator to stay in shape.

Dogs love us back. Until a person has loved a dog, they won’t know the beauty of total and unselfish acceptance. The beauty of a dog’s love is in the evening when our dog has been walked and fed and wants to sit close. The look in their eyes tells it all. We are their people and they like being near us.

Dogs are attention getters and they get us out of the house. We meet men, we meet women, we meet children, and we enlarge our circle of friends. You’ve never walked your dog when someone didn’t wave or smile or say, “Hey, a dog!”

Dogs teach us to play. They teach us patience. They teach us compassion. Dogs teach us to rest.

Our love for dogs can make us miss them desperately when they have to leave us. It breaks our heart to let them go. We cry and we should, they were good dogs. And we’re sad. Then our hearts start to heal because we think of them and what they gave us. We smile and laugh and remember the great and funny things they did when they were still here. And then pretty soon we get another dog and it starts all over again. Nature knows what’s best. And that is a dog needs people and people need dogs.

There are lots of great and happy things in the world, but there’s no such better happiness in the world than being loved by a dog. And loving one back. I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the whole world to understand the honor I have to live with my dogs.

Amen and amen!


Vote for Rory!

November 17th 2008 12:27 am
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You know what?! Rory, my kitty bro, the one I like to chase sometimes, is a finalist in the World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show! WOW! Can you believe it!?

So I'm asking you all to vote for my bro, Rory for Best in Show. Either click on his picture on our pages or here's the link to it. He's in the Stretch and Yawn category. 5564

Thank you!


Vote for Me!

October 14th 2008 6:25 pm
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Hey dudes (and dudettes)-

I'm entered in the "World's Coolest"
contest. I'd appreciate your votes.
Soooo, if you want, visit my page and
vote for me. Thanks all you dogsters
and catsters!


Watch the video and see what this VP nominee is- really all about.

September 13th 2008 2:17 am
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I think all animal lovers need to see this and decide if you really want someone like this as VP of the good ol' United States Of America.

My mom finds it so heartbreaking that these beautiful animals are hunted in such a horrendous way with no chance of escape. She can remember back when there was such an uproar about wolves on the brink of extinction and what was being done to save them.

What Happened????!


Why It's Great To Be A Dog

August 19th 2008 4:54 am
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* No one cares if you spend hours a day smelling things.

* Every garbage can looks like a buffet.

* People consider your wet nose to be a sign of good health.

* You don't have to take a bath everyday, and no one expects you to brush your own hair.

* You never have to pay for dinner.

* If you gain weight or have rotten table manners, it's someone else's fault.

* No one is offended if you scratch in public.


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