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Terror Terriers Rock!!!!!!

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One Cool Can Do Kandu

April 14th 2011 2:49 pm
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Thought you might like to watch a
little story about one cool dude.

One cool Jack Russell Dude.


I might add that his pawrents are
awesome too!


Many Thanks To You

February 15th 2011 11:58 pm
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Hey all you fine pups and peeps!
I want to thank you for the gifties, kind words, compliments, and such, you bestowed
upon this humble pup for his birthday.

**The family of Vayla, Tucker, Joey, & Max - a forever crown
**The family of Ebony, Wrinkles, Ceely, & cats - a forever emerald
**The family of Austin & Doo - a forever crown

**The family of Snoopy, Taylor, Mickey, George, Zena, Daisy, & Tripod -
smoochie lips
**The angel family of Bowser Tyke, Sam Wheat, Victoria Louise,
Black Rock's Princess Penelope
- a beautiful blue ribbon
**Pepper - a nice juicy steak
**The family of MrJackFreckles, Pipo, Minko, & angel cats - a
steak complete with personalized yummy cake
**Zoe - a steak AND a burger
**Angel Zuesie - a lovely heart
**Diesel - a shiny blue ribbon
**The family of Pippin, Kay, Jean, & Petey - a sweet heart
**The family of Flicka, Lucas and Cleo - a heart along with a cool wolf pic
**The Summerville Seven - a tasty steak
**Sully & Socks - a heart and a harmonious song
**Quincy - a tender, tasty steak

**Milo & Maruko - a bowl of liver treats
**The Tater Tots - a glow-in-the-dark birthday hat
**The family of Daisy & Ella - a melt in your mouth pupcake
**The family of Wyoming, Angel Cheyenne, Radar & Wolf - a birthday
hat that shoots confetti

**The family of Vayla, Tucker, Joey, & Max - a double layered, mouth watering
**The family of Winston, Hartford, Abby, Duffy, & angel pups -
a big, yummy, double layered cheesecake

For the comments:
*Mizz Ella

For pup-mail:

I appreciate each and every one of you from the bottom of my little heart! I love you all
to the absolute MAX! So does my mom.
Please forgive my mom if she missed anyone. She doesn't want anyone to feel bad, so if
she missed giving you credit, please write her a note.


My Eighth Birthday Video

February 15th 2011 2:15 pm
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Well, pups & peeps, here it is!!!!
The Vid!
About time!
Been trying and trying and trying and trying...!

Since mom was too lazy, and I mean LAZY, to give
Wishbone and Strider a B-Day party last year, yeah,
LAST YEAR, I had to share mine with them.
Well, you know wasn't that bad. Actually,
all that matters is that little round double meaty
thing they call 'Burger'. I could be sharing my B-day
with a zillion dogs, just as long as I get THEE BURGER.
And I did! As we've said before, the B-Day Dogs get a
whole double cheese burger and mom puts bacon in them.
The rest of the pups get a measly half with no bacon.
Poor guys! Oh well, such is life.

This is the first time Forrest has been in on a party.
Little weenie didn't even eat his burger. Such a dwid!
He's a very finicky eater. Mom worries about him being
like that. She thinks he's too thin. She tempts him
with the best stuff and still he turns his nose up at
it. Well, not all the time, but most of the time he
does. The rest of us are ready, willing, and able to
snarf it up big time. Chewing isn't even needed! Oh
wait...Wishbone's another that takes her sweet time
to eat - but at least she eats it.

Oh wants me to clarify something for her
about what she said on the vid. She said Vayla (or
her mom) said for my mom to get off her _ and make a
vid. Well, that not what was said. Vayla wrote to us
and asked if mom was going to make a video, and mom
answered with her already boring excuse - that she gets
too lazy sometimes to do it. They answered back,
"Remember - don't be lazy!!! Get that video camera
out this weekend!!"
So, Vayla and mom, my mom apologizes for that. And she
did the video because you asked mom to, and us pups
thank you for that - 'cause we got THEE BURGERS!

AND we thank all those other pals of ours for asking us
if maybe we'd make a video. We thought that maybe you
might be getting tired of the same ol' same ol'. Thanks
for enjoying us and putting up with mom's non-stop
ramblings on there. She tries to be more quiet, but
that's kinda impossible for her. She sounded even worse
this time 'cause of her cold (so did dad)!

Love you all lots and lots and bunches more!



February 12th 2011 11:26 pm
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My mom is royally bugged.
She's been trying ALL NIGHT LONG to upload my
vid, but she keeps getting this:

!An error occurred when connecting to the server.

What is that???!

She's been getting sick and tonight she's feeling
worse and thought putting the vid on my page
would be easy, but NOOOOOO! She's tried I don't
know how many times and that flippin' message
keeps popping up!!


Does anyone know what is going on? She wants the
vid on there real bad, but it looks like it's not
gonna be.

Oh well. She'll try again tomorrow. Maybe you all
will see it - or not.

Mom's going to bed 'cause her body is all sore
like she was out there building a house or something!



Sheesh! Where Does The Time Go?!

February 12th 2011 3:24 pm
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Mom can't believe that I'm eight years old today.
Eight years old!
Where does the time go? She remembers when she
first saw me after her friend rescued me from the
streets...well, I belonged to somebody, but I
wasn't being taken care of. Mom's friend worried
about me cruising around outside. She worried
about me getting hit by a car or something else
bad happening to me. So she asked mom if maybe
she was willing to take me in, give me a better
home where they cared about me. At first mom
was a bit scared of getting me, knowing I belonged
to someone already, but she couldn't bear the
thought of saying no and then finding out later
that I got hurt or killed. So, at 5 or 6 months
old, I was spirited away to a better place where
I was taken to the vet, um...neutered (ick!) and
never allowed to cruise the streets...ever. I'm
treated like a little king, where I sleep under
the covers with mom. Go for rides in the autos.
Go to dogparks AND have birthday parties with
burgers and my pup family.
Oh! I forgot to finish the part about when my mom
first saw me. Before I got to the dogpark, she was
wondering what I looked like. She was wishing for
a JRT that looked exactly like the TV Wishbone.
(He's the reason she loves JRTs). Of course, I
didn't look like him, I looked like ME and that's
the way she likes it 'cause she LOVES, LoVeS,
loves me for ME!

Happy Birthday to ME!

Just so you'll dad just left to go get
the burgers!
See ya!


Another Video...ROCK ON!

December 19th 2010 7:05 pm
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Check this out.
Yeah, it's another funny vid.

Mom discovered more stuff and here's
the latest.


One, two, three, four!!



December 17th 2010 3:09 pm
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Check this out!
I snowed here last night!
And mom had just finished telling Petey
it doesn't snow much here. doesn't snow that much.

First it was raining but later in the
night it turned to snow.
I didn't want to go out and get my
tootsies frozen but I got thrown out
anyway . We all did (to do our bizz),
but mom came out with us. Then she went
running back in the house to get the
precious camera.

I went back in before she could take one
of me out there. She got three of us,
though. We didn't want to participate in
her photo shoot. Nuh uh! To cool for
that nonsense! The only one that could
really hack it was Forrest. He doesn't
know any better!

All that snow made today cold and yucky.
I just want to get under a blanket and
bag some zzzzzzzzzzs.

Peace out, dawgs!


I Be Jammin'!

December 14th 2010 6:21 pm
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This is so funny!
My mom couldn't stop laughing!

Check it out:

Man, can I dance!

Our buddy, Petey, joined us. He can jam too!

Thanks for watching!


Prezzies Came Early For Us!

December 14th 2010 5:55 pm
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Yesterday we got a surprise!
A great surprise!
A BIG box from Petey and his mom.
Mom wasn't home when it got here but we were.
But...we couldn't open it. Something about no thumbs
and we can't play with knives. So we waited for mom
to get home.
When she did, dad told her there was something on
the table for us from Philadelphia.
Ooooooooo! She got the box and almost started to
open it, then she remembered to take pictures of the
event, so we had to patiently wait for her to get
that dumb camera out.
Redford and I started guarding it as soon as mom put
it on the floor. We were throwing growlies at each
other 'cause we wanted it for our very own. Plus we
smelled Philadelphia smells all over it. Petey and
Kim and Norm smells - and TREATS. Yup, there were
some treats in there!! When it was 'finally' opened,
there was lots and lots of cool stuff in there for
us!! For us!! Cool! Mom didn't let us play with
anything 'til she took pics of everything together.
Sheesh mom! Hurry up!! Nina, Forrest, Redford, and
Mick played with the toys. I just hung around the
box to see what kind of treats were lurking in there.
After taking pics of them playing, she opened the box
of biscuits. Me first!!! Me first!!! Everyone got one
(except Wishbone, 'cause she was somewhere under
heavy sleep). Today we got more of the treats. Yum!
Kim sent some prezzies for my mom, too. A snowman
candle holder, an angel pin, an angel ornament, some
cute hand towels, and two neat pet collar charms. Mom
doesn't know who's collars she'll put them on. We'll see.
Oh! They even sent a toy to the kittehs too!

Thank you so very, very much Petey & Kim. We loved
everything and we appreciate it, and you, so much.
And a big shout out to Norm, who mailed the package!

Love you guys to pieces!!



November 1st 2010 1:35 am
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This diary entry is written and belongs to Cooper of the Redford Clan


Mom finally broke down and entered me in the
World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show.
Kinda late but better late than...
yeah, you know the rest.

Here be the link, so vote fore me 'cause...
well...just because.

Cooper's Voting Page

Thanks and...

I'm Cooper and I approve this message.

OH! Please vote for the rest of my
little ol' family.

Mick's Voting Page

Forrest's Voting Page

Rory's Voting Page

Tundra's Voting Page

A big thanks from me to you!

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