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Terror Terriers Rock!!!!!!

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Wow! You Can Tell Who Counts Around Here!

March 1st 2013 9:50 pm
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Did you see Forrest got a diary entry about his
birthday? Big Wow!
My birthday was back in February. February 12 to
be exact. And did I get a diary entry? NO! Thanks
alot, mom!
Well, since I'm here I might as well say a few words
if that's okay with my mom. Is it, mom!!?
My birthday was just as good as Forrest's. I got some
tasty stuff too. As most of my pals know, we don't get
Burger Birthdays anymore. Bummer. That stuff is not
good for us. Oh really!? Just 'cause the dogtor said?! I
don't agree, but who am I? Just a pup who can't drive
myself to McDonald's or Burger King to get my own
burger. We all had to quit cold turkey 'cause of Redford.
Too fattening. MUCH too fattening. And boy, was he fat!
How fat was he?
He was so fat that when he sat on a dollar he squeezed
a booger out of George Washington's nose! BOL! BOL!
What mom? Quit what? He wasn't? Okay...okay...Redford
wasn't THAT fat. Mom can't stand it when someone jokes
about Redford's weight. He used to be "plump" back then
but now he's almost perfect. He has lost ALOT of weight.
He deserves a shout out for that. Redford, you ROCK,
One thing I do give my mom credit for (I am still bugged
about not getting an entry back then) is that she did send
out individual 'thanks' for the gifts and p-mails my pals
sent me, but I'll personally say it here again:

Thank you for everything you gave me for my B-day, super
duper pals!! I love you all!!


Pups Waiting For Santa Paws

December 9th 2012 10:22 pm
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My mom thought these vids were toadally cute...
especially the one with the Jack Russell.
Wonder why?
"Cause WE ROCK, that's why!!


Waiting for Santa Paws
(Click on link)


Thank You, Every pup

February 18th 2012 12:21 am
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Hey dudes!
And ladies!
My mom and I want to thank all who sent me
gifties, comments, and paw mails with Birthday
wishes the 12th.
Mom really tried to send out individual thank
yous, but got overwhelmed with Redford getting
a Diary Pick the 14th and the kit, Rory,
getting Diary of the Day the 8th and two Diary
Picks - the 10th and 13th.
She just got way behind and kinda gave up.

Thanks again!
We toadally love you all!


Oh Man! Is It That Time Again!?

February 12th 2012 1:32 am
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Another birthday kinda sneaked up on
me again!
Happy Birthday to me!



December 29th 2011 3:32 am
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Well, well, well.
I may be getting like Zoe.
Maybe not.
Anyway, I am a Diary Pick
Seems like I'm getting
honored alot lately...

I don't mind.


Lydia's Asking For Prayers

December 20th 2011 11:47 pm
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Hey pals-
I received this paw-mail from our pal, Lydia, today.
She needs your prayers...I'll let you read why:

Subject: New Baby Brothers!! New Baby BROTHERS!! NEW BABY BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sent: Tue Dec 20

Oh, Oh, OH...I'm so excited I've been chasing my tail ALL DAY!! Supa-dupa, I'd like your family to be the first to know...I have two new baby brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can view them on my page once the picture uploads.

Mom saw them on the Sterling Animal Clinic website and they were being housed at a vet near us. I saw them both today and it was love at first woof! They are Casper and Gizmo but mom will call them Casper Shakespear and Gizmo Ennio. They will come home Wednesday night....LORD WILLING

But just one hitch...Gizmo is scheduled to be adopted out to another family if they come and pick him up from the vet place tomorrow. But we say no, no, no!! Please pray with us...and the whole vet staff said they want the brothers to both come home with us and are keeping their fingers is praying that either the family can't take Gizzy or they return him so he can be reunited with his brother and come to his furever home with me, mummy and dadee.

More D-tails to follow...

Luv, Lyds

P.S. Pass the word and have all of your family and pup pals keeping this in prayer around the clock if possible...Gizmo needs to be with his brother. he needs to be with me...they need to be together and mum wants them BOTH.

Thanks guys.


Diary Of The Day...Me!!

December 20th 2011 12:36 am
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I was Diary of the Day yesterday!
I've really been getting some
recognition lately.

THANK YOU, my pals, for all the
gifties, paw-mails, and neat-o
pictures. I love it all!

We got another GIFT BOX!! From our
good pal, Petey! We sure are
getting blessed with gift boxes
full of toys, treats, and stuff
for my mom. Just so awesome!
THANK YOU, Kim & Petey! You guys


Our Friend, Lydia, Has Come Back!

December 14th 2011 10:02 pm
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We were very sad when two good Jack Russell pals of
ours, named Lydia & Jesse-boy, left dogster a couple
of years ago (actually, we're not quite sure how many
years it was!). Mom's always thought of them from time
to time.
We were very surprised when we received a PPR from a
pup named 'Lydia'. Mom went to the PPR page to see
who the pup was, and...
It was THE Lydia!!
She had come back to dogster!!
But the bittersweet part of this was that Jesse-boy
wasn't with her. We knew the reason.
We received a comment June 13 of this year, from their
mom, that Jesse-boy had gone to the Bridge. We were

We are very glad to see her come back. We can resume
our friendship we started here.
We're asking our pals to go to her page and send her
a PPR. You'll also see she's a little cutie-pie!

Welcome back, Lydia!! We're so happy to see you!
(Click on green link)


I'm A Diary Pick!

November 9th 2011 2:59 am
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I've been getting some
recognition lately.
Now I'm a Diary Pick.



Dog Of The Day! Dog Of The Day! I'm Dog Of The Day!

November 2nd 2011 2:53 am
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Hey, this is crazy cool!
I'm DOG OF THE DAY today!
Yesterday my sick bro, Strider, was a Diary Pick.
Poor guy...but he is feeling better.
My mom, especially, gets the happy fits when she
sees one of us up there. I like it too 'cause I
get lots of those squeezey hugs from her.

It's good to see my mom happy.

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