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Life is so ruff for a Lab!

My South Dakota vacation

November 8th 2006 3:20 pm
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I got to go on a two week vacation to South Dakota. Mom and dad decided to drive this time, so I got to go too. Our first night was in Colorado and it was snowing and cold. I didn't care, I got to sleep in the room with mom and dad. After that we drove the rest of the way to Aberdeen South Dakota. We got there around 11:30 at night. I had to stay in the garage with Sam, our friends yellow lab. It wasn't so bad, we had a kennel inside with a heater and a doggy door that went outside, so we had the run of the place.

It was cold though, mom said the average temperature was around 30, i've never been in that kind of cold before. We hunted ducks and pheasants and boy was the water cold. We had one morning that was 16 degrees and really windy. Mom got a picture of me with frozen whiskers. I refused to get into the water that day. There was this stuff mom called ice and I didn't like it. I figured with the wind they could wait for the ducks to float to the shore. I just wanted to get back in my kennel in the truck where it was nice and warm.

While we were there mom found someone with a litter of chocolate puppies. She picked one out and our friends picked out another. I now have a new baby sister! Mom hasn't decided on a name yet, but I don't need that. I absolutly love her, and mom says I'm a good big brother. We have so much fun wrestling and running all around our new house.

But I am glad to be home in the warm weather, even though it's been getting in the 90's. It feels so good to lie in the sun!


Birthday weekend!

June 5th 2006 8:06 am
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Ok, so June 2 was my birthday, I am now officially 4 years old. Mom barbecued carne asada for burritos for her and dad. We got some along with smoked pork loin and cheese with our dinner, yum!. Saturday Lex had a vet appointment, so they didn't get back home until almost noon, and by then it was HOT! So we got to hang out with mom all afternoon in the house with the AC, ahhhh. Mom gave me a new toy, I think it was something she was holding out since the Pet Expo. It didn't have a squeeky, but it had two rope arms to chew on. After playing with that for a while I got to snooze in the cool comfort all afternoon. That evening mom took me to Petsmart to pick out some new toys. Everyone thought I was the cutest dog in the store. I had my Petsmart bandana on and I got all kinds of attention. I got a new honky pheasant, a chuck a duck ring, a new blue collar, and a bag of snausages. I got to have a snausage when we got back to the car. When we got home mom threw the chuck a duck for me in the front yard, what fun, and then I got to have my new pheasant. I've been squaking that thing all weekend! Sunday morning mom set up the sprinkler and I got to play in it, it got real warm again, so she toweled me off and we got to hang out in the house once more. What a great weekend!


Pet Expo

April 25th 2006 12:42 pm
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Mom and dad went to the Pet Expo on Sunday and brought home all kinds of neat stuff. I got a new fire hose toy, my favorite, and a tennis ball, my favorite, oh wait, my pheasant, oh I'm so confused. Anyway, they were watching the splash dogs and mom wants to sign me up for the next event in San Diego in July. I bet that would be fun, I love to jump in the water. Who knows, maybe I'll win! I'll have to keep you guys posted on that one.


Santa Paula

March 24th 2006 8:16 am
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This weekend we went to a neat RV park in Santa paula. It was a St. Patricks Day theme and everyone had to wear something green. Lexis and I had our green bandanas and everyone thought we were cute. I got to meet my new cousin Chopper for the first time, he's great! On Saturday morning we went down to the river and played in the water, checked out all the rocks, and got to run all over. Afterwards we met up with some other family members in the meadow and played football, what fun. Chopper kept trying to get the ball and run away with it. Every once in a while I would get it, but I had to give it back so we could keep playing. Later in the afternoon we played some more in the grass. Chopper and I got to run and wrestle all afternoon, while Lexis refereed. Eventualy Chopper had to go home and we had to go to bed. I was so tired, I curled up on my blanket and was out like a light. In the morning I got to run around some more with the kids until mom and dad got the trailer all packed and ready to go. Too bad we had to go home. Can't wait for the next trip!

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