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Happy Heavenly Barkday to Me...and Happy Mother's Day to my- Mommy!!!

May 13th 2012 1:14 pm
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Well...I would have been 17 today if I was still on earth...and this morning when Mommy opened her Mother's Day card and saw the date her eyes filled with tears as she remembered it was also my birthday. Now a candle glows beside the oak box where the unimportant "dust" would take more than a box to hold THIS Westie spirit! BOL!

I had a great life and I know there would be a pawtee tonight complete with hamburger and ice cream for me, plus toys and treats. My mommy and daddy loved me so much and made sure my barkdays were special. I'll pop in on them during my pawtee here at Woodie's, just to make sure they're not too sad...hmmm, I'll get Caleigh to do something ornery and that should get their minds off their sadness. Bwahahahaa!

Thanks to my WU pals for the pressies....and thanks for remembering me! Now, off to a wonderful candlelight dinner with my Woodie.

Love ya!


The Price You Pay....

December 1st 2010 9:39 am
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This was posted on Mommy's Canine Cancer Yahoo made her leak, but she had to share....

The Price You Pay

You could live your life,
As an island, alone,
Untouched by sorrow, fear or grief.
Fly to a city, go see a play,
Sip on a glass of Pinot Noir,
And sleep alone in a quiet, sterile bed.
Or you could reach out,
To family, lovers and friends,
Human and furry, the strong-hearted pals,
You could open your heart and let love in,
You could laugh, you could cry,
You could fight and play and hope and work and worry,
You could experience joy,
And Joy isn't safe like that aloneness.
Joy is vulnerable,
Joy from loving can be hurt.
Joy needs the valleys so you can sit on the peaks.
And you hurt when you lose, when you say goodbye,
To the one who brought you joy and love,
To that special one who made you smile,
To the one who gave so much and asked so little.
But a life without joy, without that special love,
Is more precious than gold,
And pain in the price you pay,
For having had joy.
It's just the price you pay,
And the Joy, the Love is worth the price.

RKW 11/30/10


Can it be? One year ago today....

October 26th 2010 10:20 pm
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My sweet Poohster,

I can't believe a year has passed already. You left us so suddenly and left us reeling when we had to let you go fly with the angels.

You were such a sweet girl. From the day you came home, we knew you were something very special. YOU housetrained us :-) and never caused any real problems. OK, you DID like to chew on the antiques, but those tooth marks on the Victrola and cedar chest make me smile when I remember you licking the bitter lime off my fingers faster than I could apply it to the wood!

You truly loved everyone...terriers aren't always good with kids but you ADORED them. The only problem we had was that you didn't understand they got scared when you jumped on them to kiss them and knocked them down. Of course, then you'd be right there to lick the tears from their faces and make them giggle.

You won over everyone who met you. At your last WU Meet & Greet, Bryce couldn't put you down and you gave him lots of kisses. You walked around as the Dowager Queen you were, off-leash, visiting all the rooms with open doors...especially Miss Dixie's. Then when we went to South Bend on the way home, you made Mr. DT's day by giving him so many kisses that it almost made up for the lack of them from DT :-) Auntie Brenda misses you so's been hard for her to visit without you here.

After you were diagnosed with diabetes in 2008, you had to go to the vet a lot. The girls always laughed at how, at first, you'd walk to the back room verrrry slowly for that blood draw, then you'd trot out afterwards ready to blow that popsicle stand! After a while you'd just plant your feet and refuse to move so they'd have to carry you back...but then you'd come trotting back out, ready to go home ASAP! They all knew how special you were...and that night when we set you free, I looked up to see it wasn't just me and your daddy in tears....Diana and Carolyn from the front desk were crying, and Dr. Moore was crying while she talked about what a good girl you were and how sorry she was that she couldn't have done more.

As the news of your swift passing spread, our email inbox was full of messages from those shocked and saddened by our loss. The threads on WU were full of condolence messages and the sharing of "Pooh stories". It helped us to know how well-loved you were by all who met you.

I miss you terribly....and the tears can still flow freely when I think of you. Tonight, Daddy and I will go out to our little memorial garden and light candles...and we'll share our own "Pooh stories". I know you had a paw in sending Caleigh to us, and that Darby sees you here in the house from time to time.

Fly free and healthy...and know that when you left, you took a piece of my heart with you.

Much love always,


My First Barkday at The Bridge!

May 13th 2010 1:50 pm
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I've peeked down at Earth mommy has been leaking thinking that this would have been my 15th barkday. She misses me sooooo much and since she just had surgery, she's especially weepy...I think I may have to visit her in her dreams tonight to settle her mind. I know Daddy misses me lots, too.

My Bridge pals and I will celebrate tonight...remembering the WUNNERFUL life I had on Earth with my family. Auntie Brenda is coming to be with Mommy during some of her recovery, and I know Auntie B misses me a lot, too. Guess it's good they can all be together on this day so they can laugh and cry when they talk about me.

I know they miss me, but I have to say it's great being pain-free and full of energy here at The Bridge....and I'll see them all again one day.

Love you Mommy & Daddy!!!!!

Angel Poohster


Sending Pooh Bear to The Bridge......

November 27th 2009 1:54 pm
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It's taken a while for me to post this....Pooh Bear was with us for 14 1/2 years and we miss her terribly.

PB was diagnosed with diabetes in October of 2008. With the help of our wonderful vet, we were able to get her blood glucose under control. Dr. Moore said that she'd never had a dog respond so well so quickly.

It was pretty sudden....on Sunday night (10/25) Pooh didn't eat much and ovenight she got sick. Monday morning she didn't want to eat anything and got sick a couple more times so I called the vet. I took her in that morning and our vet decided to keep her there to get fluids and have some tests. Later that day I got a call and was told she had pancreatitis....I could have brought ger home but would have to be sure she was back early the next morning. My husband and I decided she should stay at the vet where they could give her the care I needed.

Tuesday Dr. Moore consulted with Dr. Harris, which scared me a bit at first because Dr. H was our Angel Tigger's oncologist. Turned out Dr. M called her because she needed to bounce some ideas off her. Dr. Moore said that Pooh's pancreatitis tests were higher than she'd ever seen so the prognosis was "guarded" but she thought Pooh was a little perkier. She told me that Pooh could have visitors.

My husband came home a little early from work so we could get to the vet office before closing. We thought we were just coming in for a visit....when Dr. M came in she said that Pooh had developed neurological symptoms....I knew from our WU pal Billy's passing that this was not a good sign. Dr. M said that we would know more when we saw her.

The tech brought Pooh to us and I knew....what made her "our Pooh" was gone and her body hadn't figured it out yet. Her eyes were "tracking left" and she didn't respond to us at all. We'd brought our younger Westie Darby along for a ride so my husband went out to the car and brought her in to see Pooh Bear in to see PB..she sniffed PB all over and she didn't respond at all. We realized we would have to let her go.

The people at the vet office were so nice....they gave us as much time to decide as we needed, then told us to let them know when we were ready. When we were as ready as we'd ever be, we let Diana & Carolyn know. Dr. Moore came in and while I held Pooh, Dr. M released Pooh
to The Bridge....we were crying, Diana & Carolyn were crying, Dr. Moore was crying saying "I'm so sorry....I wish I could have done more....she was such a sweet girl". Before we left, Dr. Moore told us that PB lived as long as she did and did as well with her diabetes as she
did because of the care she got from us. :-)

They kept Pooh at the vet overnight and the next morning we picked up "her shell" and took it to the crematorium. They're very nice there, too....they gave us time to be with much as we needed.

Now she's back home....she & Tigger have a place of honor on the piano along with their favorite toys and some other mementos.

I talked to an animal communicator recently and she said that Pooh arrived at The Bridge to receive many assignments as our sweet girl is in demand as a guardian angel. She loved everyone so it makes sense that she's helping other dogs as an angel.

Garwick's Princess Pooh Bear
May 13, 1995 - October 27, 2009
Well-loved....she has left a hole in our hearts when she took part of us with her.....

Poohster....we love you....we miss you....and we will never forget you...

Mommy & Daddy


I've been Valentine Tagged by my Very Good Friend Jadey!

February 9th 2008 6:53 pm
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So, I have to make 5 wishes and tag 5 other special pals.

1. I wish that the drs. and vets could KILL cancer and so no person or pupper had to suffer from The Beast!!

2. I wish all my pals a happy life with lots of love and treats.

3. I wish that Mommy & Daddy would get me a fursib soon ;-)

4. I wish that all puppers had wonderful homes filled with love.

5. I wish everyone would realize *ALL * Hearts are breakable (I can't improve on what Jade wrote!)

Now , I will go tag 5 of my special pals!

My 5 pals are:
1. Sir Toby, my sweet suitor
2. Li'l Lia, my gal pal in TX
3. Iver, part of the late-night crew
4. DT, my "bro-in-law"
5. Daisy, my late-night gal pal!


I've Been Love Tagged! (by my guy Sir Toby)

July 29th 2007 10:25 am
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1) Tag 3 friends

2) Tell your friends to check out your diary for directions on how to play the game.

3) Then write in your entry a reason why you tagged each of your three pup friends.

My tagged friends

1. first love and still in my heart as he watches over us from The Bridge

2. li'l pal from Texas

3. of my "in-laws" BOL!


TAG -- You're it!

May 23rd 2007 10:02 pm
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The Rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged need to write down in there own diary about 7 random facts and the rules! You need to choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your dairy! So here are 7 things you may know or don't know about little me :o)

1. I just turned 12 on May 13
2. I love to swim!
3. I have my own "kiddie pool" so I can cool off anytime!
4. I have to have my Hedgie when I'm's my lovey
5. I have a very sharp bark I use when I want to come in....NOW!
6. I love to go for car rides.
7. One of my favorite perches is my daddy's lap.

The pups I will tag are:
1. Ben
2. Dunk
3. Beethoven von
4. Jack Goodman Carmean
5. Hershy
6. Billy
7. Lucy

Dogs I have been tagged by:
1. Jade
2. Cyric
3. Winston
4. Isabella Martini
5. Morgan
6. Sir Seumas



May 20th 2007 9:06 am
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Daddy was cleaning the pool (from outside since the water was so cold). I sat by the fence (they put it by the pool so we won't fall/jump in) and whined so finally Daddy gave in. He put on his swimsuit and I got to go for my first swim of the year!!!! It was soooo much fun....and Tigger was so anxious to get in that as Daddy lifted me out of the pool, she slipped and fell in! It was okay because Daddy was right there to grab her.

Daddy told Mommy that the water was 63 degrees!!!! Wow -- my daddy must really love me!


My Tail of Devotion for Pooh Bear

June 29th 2006 3:48 pm
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Pooh Bear...After we finally moved from an apartment into a house, I bugged your Daddy for months for a dog. Finally, my anniversary present was a gift certificate for a dog. Then the discussions began....I'd wanted a Westie for years after getting to know my friend's pupper, Biscuit. Your dad wanted :a big dog that would live outside". Then we visited his friends in IN and he met their Westie -- it was all over then!

So, I called my friend's mom who had a litter coming soon and within a few weeks I drove there to bring you home. You were so little, but so well-behaved, even then. You didn't make a peep until we were almost to the was like you knew you were coming home!

You took total possession of our hearts that first day and we don't even want to think of what our lives would be like without you! We took you almost everywhere with us and everyone you met fell in love with you, too. You think you're the "Welcome Wagon of the Dog World" -- you love kids and almost everyone you meet (except cats!).

We love you dearly, Poohster!

Your mom & dad

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