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I am MIA-hehehehe

September 2nd 2008 11:07 am
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To all my friends,
I want to say I wuf u all still! Sorry I haven't been on Dogster much to play, but hope to be soon. My mommy has been busy busy busy with NONFurKids and Life. Besides her son's football season, she even volunteered to be Cheer mom for lil'mom's cheer squad! She is crazy, but enjoying seeing her little ones live life too. Did I mention Soccer and keeping up with Colt? Ah well, I am amused seeing her running around:)

Love, PM


I got spaded and I wasn't even a bad girl???

February 27th 2008 12:51 pm
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Mommy says I will be better off. As I come to think of it the surgery was way less of a pain than having my litter of 6 pups. My boobies got all saggy, I lost hair, I was hot all the time....the list goes on and on.

Thank Dog I am getting my girlish figure back. Mom says I am a pretty girl, but it took awhile to bounce back after 6 lil boogers growing in my belly.

Well, It has been a week since my spay and I have to admit I am fine! I don't even lick my ouie any more. I ask "what surgery?"

I am back to being a Princess again.


Thanks Giving Tag Your It!

November 19th 2007 8:20 am
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Here are the rules:
Because it’s Thanksgiving time, there is a change to the rules.

Each player needs to tell seven special things they are
thankful for. Tagged dogs must post the rules in their diary
and their 7 things. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list their
names. Let them know by pawmail or rosette that they have been
tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to

Seven Things I’m Thankful For:

1. My Humom cus she loves me til no end and she took extra good care of me when I was pregnant and had my puppies
2. My Hubby Bentley cus he got up with Humom every time to keep her company when the babies could not find their mommy
3. My 6 lil babies
4. My House and Food
5. All my Dogster Furfriends for they make me smile! U know who u are! Muahz
6. God, thanks to God I made it through the delivery
7. Special Treats like Scrambly eggs, cottage cheese, carrots, ooo and I love when table scraps are dropped on the floor!

I am tagging:

1. Aunt Peggy Sue
2. Kyla
3. Carly Rosebud


Molly Love Tagged Me! I feel soo special!

July 25th 2007 7:32 pm
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My Dogster TWIN Molly love tagged me! I feel so honored! She has revealed how much she wuvs me and that Feels Good! Molly
My friend is pawsitively Cavalicious! Her Page is so Hip, you can see how much her hooman adores her! We are Dogster Twins and my heart skips a beat when I hear from her too! I wuv her to pieces and if she ever needed anything I would try my best to help her cus I got her back! Arrrooo!

Love Tagging is a new craze sweepin Dogster these's similar to the tagging of friends with a special twist...Here is what you do...

If you have been love tagged you need to:

1. Tag 3 friends whom you really really love and think are pawsitively pawsome.

2. Tell your friend to visit your diary for directions on how to play the game.

3. Write in your diary entry reasons why you love tagged your 3 pup pals. Tell everyone why they are so much deserving of your love...


My tagged friends are:

Peggy Sue 343855 n Holly 343811 These two Cavaliers are so heartwarming to the soul! Peggy Sue I love you is like a favorite aunt that you just love to listen to and beg for her approval. Holly is like Lucy Ricardo! So Funny and makes you want to just do what she does cus she is FUN! Their hooman is thoughtful, loving, smart, and She makes us feel loved Understanding Pouring with Love Ever so smart Rediculously FUN!

Kyla 306074 n Ian These two are a riot! I feel I have so much in common with them cus we are the same age and they are one girl and one boy just like me and Bentley! Their loads of fun and the bond we share is of great understanding and love! Their hooman is so smart in Dawgie stuff cus she worked in the Vet field for a long time. We go to her with our Dawg questions cus she knows! Also their mommy and my mommy I think are going through a stressfull time in life right now juggling many many things! They are there for each other for uplifting and kind words of encouragement.

Roscoe 18475 and Jake Sheesh these two were our welcome wagon when we first started here on dogster! They are ultra cool! Just like Mollie there pages are fun and just show what a fun life they have! They bring smiles to our faces when we hear from them. This is another family we go to for questions about us Cavies. They are our support and we loooove them!

* If we don't hear from these Cavaliers who we tagged at least once every two weeks we freek cus we love them very much!

We love the following as well and just have to list them for Dogster would not be the same without them! Note: (not listed in any particular order, just we love them!)
Amor, George Underwood, Vincent and Rosie, Miss Dixie Monroe, Molly and Sophie, Bailey, Molly and Gracie,
Rascal, Boogie, Dallas, and Sassy Girl
Vinny, Miss Texas Belle, Elle n Helga, Dickens , Sabre n Rocky Rocco
Rosalita lola, Gunner and family, Furio, UT Fulmer (castster)
The Hollidawg n Dawson, Spike, Mei Ren Secor and Family
Queen Lady Bug, Spike, Kitai, Xena, Jay Jay, Abby, Sassy, Portos, .......



Da Groomer Cut my Pretty Frilly Hair

June 7th 2007 6:49 am
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Mommy is not sure how she feels about how the Groomers cut my hair. You see us Cavies are posed to have long ears and frilly hair by our feet, legs, chest. Well the Groomer cut all my frilly hair! In one way I am nice and clean, but mom thinks I look like a some of my friends here one Dogster that are not Cavaliers. She thinks I look like a Shih Tzu, which is all fine and dandy cus they are beautiful and mom would love to have one, but I am not a Shih. I sure hope my hair grows back. All this money paid for me and I don't even look like the Sex in the City Dog anymore! What am I gonna tell all my Cavie Friends? Hope they still love me.
Princess Mia


I have been TAGGED by my Pals! OMD!!! WEEEEEHEEEE!

May 23rd 2007 3:18 pm
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Finally my mommy is home to check our puter and see what is happening on Dogster and whoa! I have been tagged like 5 times by my loveys:

So does that mean I have to list 7x5=35 facts about myself? Whoa!?! Bol!

Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged need to post the rules of the game and 7 pawsome facts about themselves in their diary. Then once you are tagged, you choose 7 dogs to tag, listing their names in your diary. Don’t forget to bark your friends pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary for the rules -- or better yet, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been tagged!

Here are 7 fun facts about me,

1. I go by Princess
2. I share a room under the stairs with my baby brother Bentley
3. I love to sleep with mom when I can
4. I love to chew on Pig Ears
5. I love to go for walks
6. I am soooo sweet to everyone, unlike my brother.
7. I am all Ruby color no white
8. I play with squeeky toys too
9. I love to eat human food when I get my lil mom to sneak me some
10. I love to love
11. Even though I am a good girl, sometimes I like dash out the door and run free around the neighborhood until mom finds me.
12. I take deep breaths everytime I am about to fall asleep
13. Sometimes I snore
15. My non fur brub has a friend in school who says I am his dog Simba's (who is a Cavalier) fiance, but the fact is I bareley know him. I haven't said yes!
16. My bestest Dogster Cavalier Friends are Jake, Roscoe, Kyla, Ian, Rocky Rocco, Peggy Sue, Holly, Molly.......sheesh I could go on and on!
17. I am fine with my mom and lil mom playing dress up with me.
18. I have a few princess outfits
19. My birthday is September 3rd.
20. I once got into a huge tiff with a fellow dogster here, but after months went by I am happy to say we have put it behind us and now we are friends and I am very happy in my heart bout that
21. I am the founder of a few groups here on Dogster one is College Football Fans!
22. I am a USC Football Fan
23. I like to play with my neighbor Axel who is a white lab
To be Continued.....Bol!


Today March 13th is my Dogster Annifursary! I finally got a- cake on my page!

March 14th 2007 1:22 pm
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I am soooo happy to report that being on Dogster of an entire year was sooo fun and soothing to my soul. Many pals have nurtured my heart and I want to thank them all for doing that. So I sing in a happy tune: THANK YOU! I LOVEs all my pals who have made this year oh soo good! Muah!


Happy New Year to all my Friends here at Dogster!

January 17th 2007 7:23 pm
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I just want to thank you for a wonderful 06 year and am looking forward to a furtastic 2007! I appreciate you all so much!
Well, sorry we have not been on much, but we hope to change that soon. Kissies and Huggies to you from Me the Princess! Muah!

Oh also my mommy decided to add my entire full name to my page because there are several Princess Mia's on dogster and some of them are even Cavaliers! We think it is a pretty name! hee hee. Well gotta go, my baby brother is growling at me cus he wants my pig Ear!
No! Bentley!


My Little Sister Lucy is an Angel Now:(

November 27th 2006 5:53 am
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Last night I rushed her to the ER Vet and she was given oxygen and an xray!
She couldn't breathe and she sadly left us.
I will never forget her Angel Eyes!
She was with me for only 1 week, but I will love her forever!
I love Lucy!


Why do I promote Love, Support and Fun?

November 16th 2006 8:37 am
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I want to share a very sweet message I got from a dear friend:

Hi, Princess,
I just wanted to express how much I admire you for setting up so many ways the dogs can enjoy themselves. I don't know where you get the energy, but I am just glad to be part of your work.

(Name withheld for privacy)

My Response:

oh Thank You xoxoxo! I think it is because mommy had been in a Funk. Then
one day she was surfing the net and was on her favorite radio station's web surf guide when she saw Well I think it was god sent or guardian angel sent cus when she got her account set up, well then began her unfunkdiffying process! By all the love and fun she got on Dogster, she rekindled all the good feelings she hadn't felt in a long time. Feeling special and laughing so much developed stomach mucles too! BOL! Anyhoo she wanted to give back to the community since it continues to help her with day to day struggles in her life.
The fun, love and support, she promotes on Dogster is a token of her appreciation and her way of giving back.
By the way, she so doesn't have a ton of time, only ideas and a go for it attitude. She met some really enthusiastic fun, caring dog's here and she is greatful that they have joined the team to help spread the love, fun, and support! U are one of these great people we adore!
Thank YOu xoxoxo for taking time out of your busy life to give back to the community!

:==: :==: :==: :==: :==: :==: :==: :==: :==: :==:

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