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Cephus Tagged.

For the love of a Dobby Dog.

February 12th 2010 6:33 pm
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Hi my precious Dobby. There isn't a single day that doesn't go by that I don't think about you, tell a silly story about you or share a giggle about your clownish ways.

You know how I used to say you weren't a very pretty dog, in coloration or markings when you were alive! And that the markings you did have were beautiful but strategically, not in the best spots to show off your marbled brindle markings.? Not that I didn't say you had the WORLDS best personality, loyal as the come, a remarkable dog. friend and companion. I still love you deeply. Anyway, back to my confession. As I look over your pictures, I see nothing but beauty. I guess, I was blind then. I am sorry. You were very handsome indeed. I loved you no matter what. Just as you did.

I have comemorated your sweet loving soul, of your face, perminantly on my body. I found a picture of you in your slightly pudgy days and had it tattooed of you on my arm. I look at it every day, often. I share your image of you to many people. I tell them of a sweet dog my Beaucephus was. My beloved Dobby Dog. You were such an obediant dog. So loving and so very gentle in every way. You were my perfect pit bull.

I want to thank you for sending Tadpole to me. I know it was you who did that. You showed me that in a dream. And at times I wonder if that isn't just you reincarnated. This lil pup is a blessing to have and raise. Thanks my Dobby dog. You are the best. I hope he turns out half the dog you were.

You will always be with me. I sometimes feel your presence. I wish I could hug you just once more. I miss you deeply.

Always and forever my beloved Dobby Dog you will be.

Love, Mom.


Pitty Pat love

April 8th 2009 6:28 am
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It's been two months and eight days. I still miss you dearly and wish I could have saved you.

My heart still breaks and I still cry over the loss of such a sweet pitty pat dog as you my love bug. I still carry your collar in my car on the rearview mirror. It will always stay there from here on out.

I saw a younger version of you yesterday at work. Just a loving as you are.

Come visit me dobby dog. I miss you.



Mom misses a loving Dobby dog.

February 1st 2009 4:38 am
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A month and two days has gone by since your departure my friend.

I still miss you dearly. I still expect to see you trotting in from outside, or placing that ever so loving muzzle so carefully behind my warm knee wiping off your muzzle after taking in a long cool drink of water. I miss that, even though I used to say BEAU.. knock it off! I miss that the most.

I miss your silly expressions especially when you were in trouble for doing something you know you weren't supposed to do.

I smile when I think of those little things you used to do. I miss them dearly as much as I miss you my sweet pitty pat friend.

I still carry around your collar on my rearview window in my car. I guess it has taken up perminant residence there. Beacause there isn't a single day that doesn't go by that I don't think of you and smile.

I miss those cheekies of yours too. Your brother Dilly isn't amused when I pinch his jowels as you were. Go figure!

I still await for my heart to unbreak. I miss you so much my sweet Dobby dog.



Welcome home Dobby Dog

January 11th 2009 10:50 am
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Your ashes returned Friday, I was brave and didn't cry. I just held it close to my body and whispered, "I love you"

Brought you home and sit your ashes down on your favorite spot in front of the fire place, where you always curled up at.

It is amazing, a fifty pound dog so small a bag. Now you sit on my window sill with the others.

Your collar is still hanging on my rear view window of our last ride together. I think it will stay there until either the mirror fall's off or your collar fall's off.

It is so quiet without your vigilant eyes and ears around here. I miss sharing our recliner together and me say, Com on Beau, move over...

I miss your barks. The sound of your jiggling tags trotting around the house and yard.

Hope you are doing well my friend. I sure do miss my Dobby Dog.

Love mom


A tribute to my beloved boy, Beau, Mugsy boy

January 1st 2009 8:16 am
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You came to me as a small puppy, seven years ago. Scared, unsocialized, and afraid of your own shadow. They tried to make you a fighting dog, and when they realized you were not a fighter, they tried to use you as bait for their illegal gotten gain. They didn't know you were a lover and not a fighter.

We had our up's and down's. Crate training, separation anxiety, chewing on my base boards, furniture. Anything those toofer's could get too. You even took a bite out of my childhood feather pillow. Which I had kept for 30 some years.Feather's everywhere, and a perfect bite mark on the corner of the pillow. Which I so graciously sowed back up. I asked you "Beau, did you eat mommy's pillow?" You hung your head low and looked up at me with those big brown eyes, as if to say, "Um it was Dilly's idea!" with a feather hanging out of the corner of your mouth. I couldn't stay mad long or conceal my laughter any longer. I'll never forget that day.

I could not ever break you of dumpster diving. You'd spread the trash every place you could.

A year later we discovered you had sever hip displsia. Months of recovery, pain and sweat. We got you back on your feet again.

We even got you down to a slim 50 pounds from 80. Just as handsome as ever. I know you thought I was trying to starve you to death. Mr. Potato head. I have never seen a dog that loved raw potato's us much as you did. Veggies, anything that didn't eat you first!

You shared my recliner. Remember the day we went to recline and kept on reclining. I landed on you. You, licked my face as if it were your fault the chair gave way.

We shared lot's of things together. You were always there to comfort me when I was in pain, sad, crying or just frustrated. You listened to my frustrations, complaints intently and always managed to calm me down. I miss that the most.

You were always there to protect me from any harm.

I miss you with all my heart. How can I survive without your loving, sweet, warm, smooshable body next to me all the time? I miss argueing with you over who get's in the recliner first. There are so many things I miss about you. In time I know my heart will heal.

I dedicate this song to you my sweet boy.


The Circle Turns And The Seasons Change
Dogs Grow Old And In The Summer It Still Rains
But I Never Thought You And I
Would Ever Be Apart

Babies Cry At Their Mothers Breast
And Sunday Morning Is Still
A Day To Be Blessed
But What Can I Tell My Broken Heart

Highway, Highway
Where You Go I Don't Know
Maybe Closer To My Dreams, Maybe Far Away
Take Me Today

Highway, Highway
Give Me Wings To Fly
It's Gonna Be Hard Letting Go Of You
And Living Separate Lives

The Stars Aren't Diamonds
And The Moons Not Blue
There's No Gold At The End Of The Rainbow
There's No Dream To Hold On To, Without You
The Only Thing That's Real Is
This Lonely Road Tonight

Maybe A Change Would Be Good For Me
Who Knows Where This Road Might Lead

Highway, Highway
Where You Go I Don't Know
Maybe Closer To My Dreams, Maybe Far Away
Take Me Today

Highway, Highway
Give Me Wings To Fly
It's Gonna Be Hard Letting Go Of You
And Living Separate Lives

It's Gonna Be Hard Letting Go Of You
And Living Separate Lives
Lyrics: Highway, Highway, Joe Cocker

Fly free, swiftley, without pain and a care in the world. Just come visit me in my dreams. Say hello to Ginger who left this world on Dec 12, 2008 and to your sister Nikki, brother Ziggy, Sister Molly, and brother Freddie.

Tell them mom still aches for them and misses them just as much as you my dearest Bo bo licious boy.

With love.



A Beau beau of the moe moe by Beau

July 28th 2007 7:52 am
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Firstest entry of Diary... Woofed out by Beau beau of the Moe Moe...

Been a tough two months wit momma putin Beau Beau on diet... Less groceries make Beau beau sad pittie pat for sure... But hey, me adjustin to it.. Lost 14lbs and 7 lbs to go.. go.... Wahooo.... Momma bought special Beau Beau treats for the Beau beau... Dey YUMO! Why me on diet... Cause Beau' s arthritis in right shoulder causin more problems, make Beau Beau limp, hobble and tri poddin it.. So, momma tricked me into going for a ride just wit her.. Guess where we go? Yeah, Dr. N n Dr. S.

Me kinda scared at da dogtors office, but me got to lick my favorite tech's. Ooo different flava skin.. very Yumo... Next me wakin up wit momma takin da tube out my mouth.. Wait can Beau eat dat? Wobbly on legs, bump Beau beau butt on floor. Wall's moved made Beau bump snout.. Beau had him silly face on, him's eyes crossed over too!!! Seein tings not der... Beau Beau tink him hear momma snicker a couple times at da Beau beau fallin over, bumpin butt on floor.. Hey me NO frog wit wings...

Dogtor gave momma new pill's for da Beau beau, make Beau beau feel better in no time.. Yup.... Good, Yummy round tings... Momma say, Beau beau shoulder was out of place, n Dogtor N popped it back in.. Dogtor S, say it grind like pepper shaker... Hey can Beau beau eat dat too?

So, now Beau Beau on stuff to make him's shoulder feel better, n good feelin tings make Beau beau have silly face on.. Make momma laugh... Me love hearin momma laugh.. She snort like big piggy when she laugh... BOL...

Beau beau sit pretty when momma give him's stuff... Make Beau beau say MOE MOE... Puhhhleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaseeee!!!!

Beau beau gotta go, go now.. Bark at ya later.. wit Moe, moe..



Caphus TAGGED.... Ut OH!

May 26th 2007 2:54 am
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Cephus tagged by pretty girl pitty pat, Tinker. Me tinks she a stinker.. bol

See how to play tag in entry below dis one... BOL

7. Me a Chunky monkey
6. I do a hog dog trot for mama
5. Me no like my nails cut.
4. Me had first real bath with soap and not a waterless bath.
3. Not too bad. Still feel weird.
2. Me go a short tail look like a question mark mama said
1. Me love my dogtor. Me lick flavor out of her yummy skin.

Me gonna tag?
Junior Petunior

Phew... Bo bo's paws tired, lot's of typin...


Tagged by Harley bad pitty pat.

May 25th 2007 6:55 am
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Harley bad pitty pat make mama paws tired.. He he

1. Me love any vegetable
2. Me love all fruits
3. Me big couch potato
4. Me lick ya to death
5. Me handsome pitty pat
6. Me play with Doodle bug, him my buddy
7. Me mellow doggy.

Me tag 7 of my buds and they are:

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