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Ruby in 2007!

January 27th 2007 10:23 pm
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This year my little rescue angel will be celebrating her 9th birthday. Now you might be saying, "wow, she's getting to be an old lady" but let me tell you, she isn't growing old gracefully. She's still a little spitfire and can out walk all the other pups. She came to me with a gray muzzle and each year I see a little more gray but she's still running strong on all 12 cylinders. Don't let the gray fool ya.

When I first got her I had a dental done and she lost 14 teeth. 14 teeth at age 5!!!! Bless her heart. She had a dental done the other day and I'm proud to say that she hasn't lost ANY teeth since her first dental. Yippee! That's my Ruby girl!

She has lost weight and is now at a great weight! She still marks in the house on occasions but who happens. Everyone has issues--even my angels--but we don't see them ;)


My middle name

July 29th 2006 6:17 pm
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Since Mom didn't give me my first name and my brother and sister had middle names she felt that I deserved to have a middle name. She wanted it to be unique and something meaningful to me and only me. She came up with Anyanka. Mom says that this is the name of a character off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "Anya" was an ex demon (then referred to as Anyanka) who takes out vengeance on men who mistreat women. So why did mom think this was an appropriate name for me?? She says I'm a great judge of character and every guy that I don't like turns out to be "not so great."
I know I'm protective of mommy even though I know she can handle herself but I just want her to know that I have her back. I want all those men to know that if they even think about being mean or looking at my mom the wrong way that I will run them out of our house. I still don't see her point. Oh well, it sounds cool and I'm stuck with it ;)
Ruby Anyanka


How I found my forever home

March 27th 2006 7:45 pm
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My name is Ruby, I was named by my previous owner. I lived in Georgia. Soon after I turned 5, my birthday is May 28, I was taken by my owner to a shelter. I didn't know why she left me there or why I didn't feel good. I sat in a cage with barking dogs all around not knowing what to do. Some dogs would be taken out of their cage and I never saw them again. I wondered when this was going to happen to me. Then I heard the hard truth. I overheard the people telling someone on the phone that I was sick and that I didn't have a chance if they didn't come get me. I was too expensive to treat. Let me tell you, I was so scared, everytime someone opened my cage I just held my breath...was my time up? Nope, not this time. No one told me if whomever they were talking to on the phone was coming to get me or if my time was almost up. Then, a few days later this nice lady named Heidi from DARE stopped in front of my cage. She took me out, talked with some people at the shelter, and the next thing I know I'm leaving that horrible place! Heidi talked to me and told me that she was going to take care of me and that she was going to help me find my forever home. She told me that the reason I wasn't feeling well was because I was sick but that she was going to make me feel better. So off to this thing called the vet. He told me that I had heartworms, that I needed some surgery to repair something in my stomach, had to have some teeth pulled, and treated for some kind of worms. Heidi never once flinched or complained about the cost of my treatment. She really loved me. Heidi then told me about this girl in Gainesville, Fl that had a little girl just like me and was looking for a friend for her. She called and when Heidi hung up she told me that she'd found my forever home and that I would be going there shortly. First, I had to go through heartworm treatment and my new Mom wanted Heidi to keep me during this time. I spent most of those next 2 months in a cage, Heidi said it was for my safety, something about heart worms and breaking up, but that afterwards I'd be free to run and play for the rest of my life. I met my new Mom during this time and she was nice but I had exploring to do...I mean seriously, this was one of the only times I was out of my cage and had any freedom, I needed to scope the place out. Heidi told me that after the second HW treatment I scared her, she said she thought she was going to lose me. She didn't tell this to my new Mom until AFTER I was in the clear.
THEN, at the end of August of 2003, I came to my forever home and was welcomed by a Mom, sister, and brother! I didn't know I was going to have a brother! Mom says she didn't know either til that very week. She's a sucker :)
I'm very loved and spoiled. I sleep on the big bed with Mom and my sister and brother and haven't seen a cage or crate since the heartworms.
I've come a long way since that fateful experience in the shelter and I owe it all to DARE for loving me, caring for me, and believing in me. My Mom is eternally grateful.

Ruby Anyanka (Mom gave me this middle name--I'll explain in another journal later)

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Ruby Anyanka


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