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According to Daisy

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Daisy is 11 today

March 15th 2014 11:30 am
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Happy Birthday Daisy!!! 11 already??? Time goes so fast these days and I can't believe you're 11. Doesn't seem like I've had you that long already! Your eyes are grey and your hair on your head is faded and white but you're not slowing down too much. You do sleep very soundly these days and it scares me. I can walk up to you, over you, call your name and you don't wake up which you never used to do. You used to be such a light sleeper so I worry when you sleep so soundly. You are still my Daisy girl that answers to George and I hope we have many more years together. Happy Birthday Daisy! I love you so much!!!


Daisy turned 10 today!!!

March 15th 2013 2:27 pm
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My Daisy turned 10 today! I couldn't let this milestone pass without wishing her a Happy Birthday! I can't believe how fast time is going...seems like just a few years ago that she was just a puppy. Happy Birthday Daisy!!! 2201 Dogsters are celebrating a birthday today...Happy Birthday to all!!!


New Year's Resolution

January 9th 2008 4:18 pm
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Well, I've finally done it! I've come up with a New Year's resolution for the first time ever. I decided that I've had enough of coming in last when it comes to getting attention from mom. Now it's all about ME!!! Up until now, I've always taken a back seat to all the furbutts in the house. I've been letting those furbutts walk all over me, push me out of the way, and hog all the mommie time and I never said a word. They have taken me for granted and I've decided that enough is enough!

Normally when mom comes home from work, she lets me out to take care of business. While I'm out, she goes around and greets some of the furbutts. Then I come back in and she's still going around saying hello to them all. It takes awhile. Well today after I came back in, I decided that it was my turn to say hello to mommie. I pushed my way in and kicked the furbutts out. Of course there was some discontent noted from those affected furbutts. Oh well! Get over it!!! Eventually mom sat down to watch the news and Princess climbed in her lap and Tabby was rubbing her head on mom's feet. I came up and stuck my nose in mom's lap, pushed Princess out of the way and stepped on Tabby to make her move. Then I partially climbed up into mom's lap as Princess and Tabby voiced their unhappiness. Whatever!!!

Then mom went to change her clothes and Tabby was right there with her. So what did I do? I trotted my way to mom, pushed Tabby aside and sat my butt down on the floor in between mom and Tabby. Of course I had to wag my tail and whip Tabby in the head and face a time or two just to add insult to injury. Then Tabby decided that she had had enough of me butting in...she swatted at my face and made contact while digging her claws into my nose. I let out a yelp but mom doesn't know if it was because it hurt or maybe it was just the surprise that Tabby actually retaliated! Either way, I retreated.

So now I have to rethink this New Year's resolution thing. Is it worth it? Do I want to run the risk of incurring future bodily harm? If I continue with my resolution, are the furbutts going to gang up on me? If there was just 1 or 2, I'm sure I could handle it but there's like 100 of them. They're everywhere!!!

You know, this shouldn't even be an issue! I'm a dog! I'm bigger than they are, stronger than they are, smarter than they are, and more superior than they are. Of course we can't forget that I'm more loyal than they are! The last time I checked, dogs are humans best friend, not cats! So what's wrong with this picture?

I'm not sure I'll ever make another New Year's resolution. If I do, I'll need some help planning it. I guess I didn't think this one out all the way first before I implemented it. Maybe someone out there can offer some suggestions. You know, I have the rest of this year to perfect the planning of next year's resolution. That may seem like a long time until then, but I'm sure it's right around the corner. I need to start now, don't I? I guess there's no rest for the weary!!!


Annual Vet Visit

June 15th 2007 7:08 pm
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I got to ride in the car again! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! I love going for rides. It was time for my annual vet visit. I love all the attention!!! The tests for heart worms and regular worms both came back negative and mom was happy. I weighed in at 40 pounds which is a little more than last year. I guess it's because I don't get out for walks in this new house like I did when we lived in the apartment. Maybe mom will get off her lazy butt and take me for walks again. We could both really use the exercise. I also have some tarter building up on my back top teeth so mom's going to attempt to start brushing my teeth. It'll be interesting to see what happens! So, I shouldn't have to go back to the vet again until this time next year. Yay!!!


Random Facts

June 6th 2007 5:12 pm
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Well, since all the kitty furbutts in the house got to talk about themselves in their diaries, I think it's only fair that I get to write some random facts about myself! So here goes...

1. My bark is much worse than my bite. I might lick someone to death, but I'd never bite them.

2. I am a true momma's girl. I don't have an independent bone in my body. I follow her around EVERYWHERE!

3. I love to add insult to injury! When the cats get yelled at for something and they take off running, I have to chase them and make sure they don't come back any time soon.

4. I'm a pretty smart puppy when I want something. If I'm not interested in it, a rock is smarter than I am. Mom gets soooooooo mad!

5. I hate to have my nails clipped and my ears cleaned. Mom literally has to sit on me to clip my nails.

6. Mom usually gives me a bath/shower while she's still in the shower. I only like the shower as long as mom is getting wet too. If she tries to give me a bath while she's on the outside of the tub, I sling water all over the place just to make sure she's just as soaked as I am.

7. If mom is anywhere around, I can't sleep unless I'm somewhere near her. If I get put out of the bedroom and can't be by mom, I cry and cry and cry until she gives in. Do I have her wrapped around my paws or what?

8. I think the cats are rubbing off on me. I absolutely love to chase the laser light around. I know it's for the kitty furbutts in the house, but I can't help it. I just run them over and try to bite the dot on the floor. I chase it up and down the hallway and when it stops moving I even try to pounce on it. Mom laughs so hard that she makes the little dot disappear. I think it's a little sensitive. Then I'm looking all over the place for it until something else catches my eye.

9. I like eating the cat treats they leave in the litter boxes so mom has to use big plastic containers as litter boxes. I can't get into them as easy to get the treats.

10. Cat food is the best! Mom has to put the cat food up high so I can't eat it. Of course my food sets on the floor where the kitty furbutts can stick their noses in it. No fair!!!

11. When visitors come over, I have to be the center of attention. I love to be loved on. I'm pretty sure people were put on this earth to pet me, weren't they?

Well, that's enough about me for now. There's a lot more that I could jot down, but I think I've taken up enough of your time. This was fun. Maybe I'll get to continue at a later date. So, stay tuned...


Going and Going and Going!

May 7th 2007 7:27 pm
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Mom came home and opened the door. I flew outside, pushing mom aside because I had to go (and go, and go, and go). Mom put her stuff down and came outside and I was still "going". I stood up, walked around for another 20 seconds and squatted again. Mom was surprised. Then we came inside and that's when mom saw "it". A huge puddle on her brand new carpet. Mom was pretty mad and she had no idea who had done it. She inspected the rest of the house and found a few more "spots". Then she was really pissed. Then she saw blood in one of the spots. Mom put me back outside while she cleaned up the mess and she peeked out the window a few times to watch me. I squatted several times again and all of this happened in less than 10 minutes. Uh oh! Not a good sign. So, we went for a ride to the Emergency Vet Hospital.

I weighed in at 38.4 pounds. Then they wanted to do a urine sample, but since I had "gone" so much, they couldn't really find my bladder. They took an x-ray and they couldn't really see it there either. They made a comment about my colon and showed mom the x-ray. It was full but I seem to be blocked up. They said it was rather impressive. They said I don't have any stones, so that was a good thing. They say I probably have a Urinary Tract Infection and you should see the horse pills they sent home with mom. I'm told it's an antibiotic. Oh joy!

Mom already knows that I don't do pills. She tried to tell the vet that, but they think they know everything. Hide it in a piece of cheese. Paleeeeaaaassse! I'm not stupid! So, they brought out some soft food and stuck the pill inside. You already know what happened. I ate all the food and left the pill. Told ya! Mom says she's going to have to try the pill popper that she uses on the cats. We'll see how that goes tomorrow night.

So, I have to take those stupid pills for 10 days. Then mom is supposed to make an appointment with our regular vet to do another urinalysis. We'll have to keep our paws crossed that everything turns out to be normal. Mom's hoping that she caught it early since I seemed to be fine up until she went to work this morning. Time will tell.


It's My 4th Birthday!!!

March 15th 2007 7:11 am
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Mom sang me and Tigger the Happy Birthday song this morning. This is our day. I'm 4 today and Tigger is 5. Where does the time go? It sure has gone fast. So, Happy Birthday Tigger and the other 506 kitties on Catster with a birthday today and also to the 813 other dogs on Dogster today that have a birthday. Today is a great day, isn't it? Happy Birthday!!!



February 27th 2007 9:40 am
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My favorite word today is CAKE. Can you say it? CAKE! We are feeling pretty special today. Most of us furbutts got a cake today in celebration of our 1 year anniversary on Dogster and Catster. Who knew there'd be cake? That was a sweet surprise. Get it? Sweet. Cake. Oh well. You get the point. Thank you Dogster for my beautiful and yummy cake!!! That was very "sweet" of you!


Thank You Popeye for the Rosette!!!

September 29th 2006 9:42 pm
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I met a beautiful kitty today that actually likes me! Her name is Popeye. She gave me a Rosette today and it's beautiful!!! It's my very first one. I'm so honored!!! Some of my puppy friends are jealous that I got a Rosette from a kitty. I'm special, huh? So, I wanted to give a special Thank You to my kitty friend named Popeye. That was so very thoughtful of her. Thank you so much!!! You're the best!!!


In the Doghouse (again)

August 28th 2006 4:58 pm
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Yup! That Tanner kitty is trouble. I have to blame him, because it can't be my fault. I'm a little angel!

Since the arrival of Tanner, mom has literally shut me out of her room. Mom lets me in there at night to sleep, but I have to make a bee-line for my kennel. If Tanner sees me, he tries to attack me. He's not used to me yet. Anyway, since being banned from my snoozing spot on the bed when mom's not home, I reverted to sleeping on the rest of the furniture. I'm not allowed on the furniture. Mom has caught me on the futon in the spare room 4 times yesterday. I don't understand what the fuss is all about. Oooh she get's mad, yells and yanks me off the furniture. She's tried talking to me, but I just ignore her. Why can't I be on the furniture? The kitties are allowed on it, so why can't I?

So, now I'm in the doghouse. Ok, my kennel. Mom rearranged the living room to accomodate my kennel. So, last night I spent the night in the kennel which is normal, but the door was closed on me. While she's at work, I'm in the kennel. When I'm not in the kennel and mom's home, she puts a baby gate up across the door to the spare bedroom. The kitties jump over it but I have to stay out. Mom's worried that I'm going to start sleeping on the livingroom furniture next. I wonder what she's going to do then. Before I know it, I'll be in my kennel 24/7. I wonder how long this will go on? Any guesses?

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