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Tag- you're it!

January 17th 2009 4:50 pm
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I was tagged by my pal Zoey to tell you 7 things about myself you may not know.Then I'm to tag 7 pups to do the same.I've tagged:
Roxie Doxie,Caffrey,Mingus,Dante,Trixie Bean,Tully and Berry Bubba Gump.
Now on to the 7 amazing facts about me:
1. I don't like those little pretzels that come out of vending machines.
2.When Mom tells me to shake my bump bump (or bumper) I start
wagging my tail really fast.BOL
3. I snore- LOUDLY! (that's what the humans say)
4. I am paper trained and I go and get Mom when they have been
errr, "used" and let her know she needs to change them.
5. I go to doggie daycare once a week.
6. Never met a dog treat I didn't like.
7.Love to have belly rubbed.



May 23rd 2007 5:31 am
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Rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves.Dogs who are tagged need to post in their diary the rules, their 7 pawsome facts .Then choose 7 dogs to tag andtheir names, to read your diary.

7 pawsome facts:

1. I have matching spots on the exact same spot on all four knees

2. I "talk" to the groomer insead of barking.

3. I try slapping my bowl to make Mommy give me more food.(Doesn't work)

4. All my favorite stuffies have the feet chewed off.

5. I go to bed at the same time almost every night.

6. A blankie must be on the floor at all times for me to eat a cookie on.

7. I bark at people at PetSmart if they walk by and don't acknowledge my
Dog tags:
Angel,George Underwood,Rosie, Dixie,Caffrey Trixie and Jebediah


I'm in trouble

January 29th 2007 5:05 am
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I ate Mommy's jacket.Well, not exactly ate it.I chewed the zipper off in at least two places.Here's the story:
Mommy came home from work Friday night.There were ants all over the kitchen floor going to my chow- how dare they.Anyway, Mommy puts me on the couch and sprays the kitchen really heavy with ant spray.Then she says that we're going to Grandma's house for a while.Good.I depend on Grandma not to be as stingy with the snacks as Mommy.
We go to grandma's house and she has soup and rolls.Soup? A dog needs more than soup.I got some roll and doggies snack and played a little.Then Mommy says that it was time to go.Grandma said that it was too cold for little ole me so Mommy turns the heat up in the truck.
We get home and Mommy takes her coat off and wraps me up in it to keep me from getting a chill from the truck to the house.She then sets me on the bed, still wrapped up, with a pegetable.Yum.She leaves me there while she mops and cleans up the dead antsies.This is when I probably ate the jacket.
Mommy didn't need the jacket until this morning-when the wind chill was 17 degrees.Somehow she wasn't happy that she couldn't zip her coat all the way up.I think I'll lie low for a while.



December 29th 2006 8:23 am
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I got bunches and bunches of stuff for Christmas.Santa Paws brought me some cookies, a stuffie squirrell, another stuffie, three rope toys and a new bed.Actually it's like a crate liner but a little different.You can unzip it and put magic stuff in there that keeps the bed cool or warm.Oh and Santa gave me a new bear bear, too.The old one is missing a footsie.I wonder how that happened.BOL
My secret santa pals gave me lots of stuff ,too.I can't even remember everything.I got snacks, squeakie toys,ropes ball and a big plushie pig!I haven't started beating him up, yet.His time will come.


Shopping for my pals

November 25th 2006 2:22 pm
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Today Mommy and I went Christmas shopping for my exchange pals- Romeo, Ranger and Vendetta.Mommy and I were a little nervous.We don't have much experience buying big dog stuff. I think we did ok.Hey ,I even was going to try out some of the stuff but Mommy wouldn't let me.
If any of my three pals are reading this What we got you was ...."What? Mommy, I can't tell them?" I guess you'll have to wait.BOL



November 17th 2006 7:10 am
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Hi everyone.Mommy picked me up after work and took me to the vet.It was a good visit-no shots.I just stopped by to give kisses and cuddles and to get my nails trimmed.I wore my new shirt that says "Santa's little helper".
After the vet we went to petsmart.While there I got a new bear bear and a ropey candy cane with a squeaky reindeer on it.After saying hello to all my friends there ,and giving kisses, we went home.
At home we played with the new toy.Then I took my new bear bear around for twenty minutes showing him the house.I figured he was new so he needed a tour.Then I put him to bed and watched tv with Mommy.
We went to bed and I snuggled with Mommy and snored all night long.


I went to the beach!!!!

November 6th 2006 6:15 am
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I went to the beach for the first time this weekend.We spent the night in Emerald Isle ,NC. Mommy woke up early Sunday morning and took me walking on the beach.I wanted to go in the water but she said that it was too cold and we didn't have my beauty supplies with us.
After we left the beach we went somewhere called a flea mall.It had bunches of people selling all kinds of things.Grandma bought me a new winter coat there.It's fluffy and red.They said that I looked like a little bear in it.BOL
I want to go back to the beach when it's warm and I can stick my paws in the water!


It's been one year!

September 26th 2006 6:55 am
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Sunday, 09-24-06 was the one year annifursary for me and Mommy.Who could believe that she's been Bella -blessed for a whole year.I've learned and grown so much in that time.I was only 1.5lbs. when I first came here.Now I'm around 8 pounds!
Mommy had to work that day but I still got to celebrate.I got belly rubs and special treats whenever she was home.And I ,of course, gave sweet tzu kisses in return.I also got a kong filled with peanut butter and peanut butter dog cookies.What a wonderful day!


It's raining, it's pouring

July 25th 2006 5:47 am
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I woke Mommy up snoring.She had to get up and go to work.I went back to snoring.haha


Happy birthday to me!!!!

July 21st 2006 5:04 pm
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Today was my birthday.I was spoiled all day long.Mommy baked me a birthday cake that had carrots and peanut butter.Yummy!Then we went to grandma's house.We rode with her to visit my great grandma.Then we went to PetSmart.I got 4 toys, a box of animal crackers and a barrell of pup corn.It was almost bigger than me.And I got to go to Sonic and get some water.
After shopping we went back to grandma's house and I had a piece of birthday cake and took some pictures.Then Mommy took me home and I took a long nap.It's just as hard being 1 as being a puppy.BOL

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