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Saying Good bye to Dogster

January 31st 2014 5:12 am
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This is incredibly hard. I have grown up on dogster...I have been here for almost 8 years....6 1/2 years as a PLUS member. My journey started when mom was looking for support for me. I had a couple of a couple of health issues and a couple of behavioral issues and mom was hoping she could get some help. I think that's how many of us end up here :-)

Mom began exploring and it was almost right away when she began to realize that there were other doggie lovers out there. The weirdest part was that the dogs were talking for themselves BOL! Mom decided I would be a sweet, loving food hound since that pretty much fit who I was. I didn't know about groups yet, only the forums and my first friendships were made in Crushes. I know many didn't like crushes but honestly...I made some of the furever friends there. I know I'll miss them all but to name a few: Biscuit and Dylan, Jovi, Buddy, Murphy, Levi, Super Tuck, Kasey, and Champ. And nooooo, I didn't forget, but one of the very first was Oz. My ozzy :-) I was pretty new and I didn't know what to think when he struck up a conversation with me BOL! We all hung out at Fly Away Beach and Moosehead Bar. Yesssss there was some drama but I never got into it. I would just leave.

Fast forward a bit and sometime in the fall of 2006, I found Snoop Dog Beagleys. This is going to be really hard because this is without a doubt my family on dogster. The friendships, the support, the love of beagles. It all started right there. It started with Eddie Essig. I can't begin to describe what this group has meant to me. They know...because they feel it too. My first real experience at loss came in Snoops. We lost our friend Austin, the beagleweiler. That's when I realized snoops really was a family. It hasn't been without family feuds, but I never felt so much support in one place before. Everyone who is a part of the group feels it too. I'll miss the RXN, the trips, the parties...all of it. Trust me, we really are a family.

During this time, I discovered Downtown Dogster which became a fun place to be and a fun place to hang out. I also discovered the Dogster mafia and the B and A groups. Without going into detail, both groups were sort of at odds with each other. Again, not going into detail here. I felt really lucky that I was able to be a part of both groups. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure either group knew that. I loved both groups though. Some really good pups there. As time went on, I didn't visit the mafia as much and in some ways I regret it. It just got more quiet there.

I continued on in the B and A group and again, I gotta tell you, this group became like my second family. I reallllllly love this group. It's hard to type without wanting to cry. How lucky was I....I had my snoops and I had my B and A. The friendships were lasting...again, a real family. Sassy invited me and I never looked back. I do want to mention a couple of names because though many have left, a few have remained: Dusty the Pupcat, River, Sara, Georgie/Jackson/Camille, Webster/Ringo, and Bailey. I have to mention Rudy Patudy because his mama passed away last year. I have no doubts that Rudy would still be with us if his mama was still alive. I still visit this group often. I really love these guys.

Along the way, I helped create PAWS angels WAG for kindness. The idea came from Dezi and I and we ran with it. The group was created to give love, kindness and support to those who needed it. It began to grow and soon after Dezi left. The group blossomed under myself, Jazzi, and Pie. My first two kitty friends. BOL! I met a lot of cat friends at that time!

Another forum group was the Mitey Buh-ens group that my friend Levi introduced me too. That was a special group for quite a while and I made some lasting friendships there. Honestly...some of the nicest, most supportive friends were made in that group.

As time went on, it became more and more quiet on dogster. I refused to let go. I know many of my friends left for facebook. Mom made new friends there too. Dogster was really a place for me to grow up. The love, the friendships, the support...I just can't explain what it all means. For those who were a part of it, you get it. It makes me incredible sad that Say Media is taking it all away. They were obviously never a part of it. I love what Fa La Luce, Lori Malm, did for us. I know it wasn't easy for her and yet I was lucky enough to be her friend and I hope at times, a friend of support for her.

I always thought I would go to doggie heaven, to the bridge, and still be here on dogster. That's not going to happen now. For all my friends out there, you gotta know how much I adore you much I love you. Through the ups and downs, you were all there for me and my family. Dogster will always be in my heart...always. I love you!


Scooter's Tail of Devotion

January 17th 2014 5:17 am
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I always assumed I would have plenty of time to do this. Now Dogster is going away. Scooter and the rest of the family pack will no longer have their very own profile pages.

I wanted to take the time to write about Scooter and what she has meant to me. She came into my life when I was grieving the loss of Floppy. It was the first time in my life I didn't have a dog and I wanted a puppy who could occupy my time, a puppy I could raise and love. I never considered a beagle before, but after doing research, a beagle seemed like the right breed for me.

Scooter was in a litter of three. In fact she looks a lot like her mom Jeter. She was named after a famous new york yankee baseball player. Scooter has been a handful from day one. From the time she was a puppy, she would play and play and then she would stop really sudden and if you didn't snatch her up and take her out, she would pee right there on the floor. She loved chewing on things and destroying stuffies. She still likes the destroying stuffies part, especially the squeaker.

I wouldn't say Scooter is a perfect dog. There are times I want to strangle her. She is pretty selfish and I am sure my spoiling made her that way. I take full responsibility. She can be food aggressive and she learned to inhale her food and not chew it. Not so smart Scooter! Thankfully it has never gotten her into trouble. She could eat a bowl in 15 seconds. Check her out video if you want to see it.

I believe she does things she knows she's not supposed to do but she does it anyway because she knows after I'm mad for a minute, I end up loving her all over again. Again, my fault.

Scooter has never been affectionate. She never gives kisses. BUT you know she loves you because that tail will wag 100 mph. She bows and barks at ya and she will run over to get those 5 seconds of love before she decides she has better things to do. When she's sick, she wants to be right there with you though. She would never admit but you can tell she loves you.

Anyway, I basically just want to say that I love Scooter with all my heart. She is an amazing little beagle. She has been with us since she was 10 weeks old. She turns 10 in two months. She is and always will be my baby. A lot of people say they can tell Scooter is my favorite. I try not to have favorites because I really do love all my animals. I think it's because I got scooter when she was a puppy. Believe me...she gives me the most headaches, she drives me crazier than anyone and yet somehow she just has this special place with me. I love you Scooter bug....dooter dooter dooter....queen of the world. Always.....


5 months later....

January 29th 2013 4:05 am
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Hi pals Mika and Kai asked about my bells palsy and I figured I should probably do one more update. Here I am 5 months later and althought there was signficant improvement to the bells palsy, I wouldn't say I recovered 100%....maybe 75-80%? I don't droop anymore which is good :-). My right eye does close now when I sleep, but when I yawn, you can see my eye roll before the blink happens. Not sure if that makes sense. It's almost as though the blink is slow, but it gets there BOL!

Hey...I'm just grateful that it wasn't something else. I'm also grateful I didn't develop dry eye from it.

This will be the last entry on the bells palsy. Ususally recovery happens within the first 3-4 months and it's been 5 months. I would say I haven't seen any changes since mid November? End of November?

Thanks for all my pals who supported me. I sure hope this helps someone else one day. It's scary as heck when it first comes up. Thanks all!


11 weeks and....

November 16th 2012 11:10 am
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Hi Friends....first, thanks to everyone for following along and for keeping up on the status of my Bells Palsy. The good news is mom is absolutely sure there has been improvement. Am I 100%? The short answer is no. But there is definitely improvement. I don't drool anymore at all. The right side of my face only droops slightly if I pant. It's pretty rare where the food gets caught in the corner of my mouth. The one thing there is only a little improvement with is the blinking. The right eye is definitely reacting, but not all the way. Maybe 50% or so? There is a reaction now when mom taps around the eye. In fact she thinks she may have seen one or two full blinks? I'm not sure though because just like in the beginning, mom wondered if she was imagining things BOL!

So, I will update again in two to three weeks and I am hoping for even more improvement. Thanks to all my pals!


8 weeks and....

October 31st 2012 12:02 pm
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Well, first just wanna say sorry for not updating the diary. Mom was trying not to think about it too much; to the point where she was imaging things...sound familiar? BOL!

Anyhoo, mom can't deny that there are very subtle changes. It's hard to describe it though. Mom sees the eye flinch a little when she pokes around it. She noticed the right side doesn't hang down as much. She noticed food isn't getting trapped anymore in between the gum and teeth like it was before. Still no blinking but she does see little subtle changes. The neurologist did say if there were going to be changes, we would see them between 8 and 12 weeks so I'm still going to be hopeful and HOPE to continue to see the changes even if they are subtle. Thanks everyone!


5 weeks facial mom imagining things?

October 8th 2012 6:34 am
[ View A Comments (6) ] we knew if there were changes, they would be slight. Well, yesterday morning mom did the hand to eye test. If you do that I should blink. Well, my eye blinked was slight and quick! She did it again and nothing...a couple of more tries and I blinked! Mom got my other mommy. It took a few tries but there was a blink. Mom said, "are we imagining that? Did you see it"? and my other mom smiled and said YES.

Soooooo, one thing to keep in mind is that could be it...we don't know if it will get back to normal, where my progress starts. It's only been 5 weeks, so mom is happy. Mom also poked around the top of the eye and she thinks there is a little reflex.

Why does mom hesitate? Well, what if she WANTS to see it and it's not. Soooo, i'm glad she's writing this. We knew progress would be slow and slight. Let's keep hoping and praying we see it a little more!


Facial Paralysis...4 1/2 weeks

October 4th 2012 10:11 am
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Sooooo, mom came back from vacation. No noticeable changes. I don't know...i can tell you mom prays every day...every day she picks me up, hugs me and gives me a kiss and says "Scooter, i'm praying you get better".

Mom tries to tap around my see if there is any response or reaction. She noticed when she taps below my eye, my eye pupil flickers a little; if that makes any sense. Almost like my eye rolls a little. Then she looked at me yesterday while I was panting and said " the right side of your mouth not drooping as much"? "maybe...maybe not".

It's so hard to say. I do know that changes comes slowly. Mom remembers the neurologist poked at my cheek to see if I reacted. She can't remember how he did it. The top of my lip near my cheek twitches, but she doesn't remember how to get it to do that so that she can compare with the other side.

anyhoo, keep the PoP going...praying...the good news is I'm not any worse, and I'm still producing teas which is awesome. Mom would hate to have to give me drops every day.


Facial Paralysis...three weeks

September 20th 2012 5:09 am
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So it's been about 3 weeks since i experienced the facial paralysis. No changes and honestly, mom doesn't expect em yet. She thinks it's possible that I am a little more droopy on the right side of my face, but that's to be expected since am not able to use those muscles.

I'm still producing tears which is GREAT because one of the common problems is dry eye since I can't blink. I have had tear stains and mom is glad I have em. The doc said since i'm still producing tears, it probably means not every nerve was affected.

I'm not sure if I told ya, but one of the other problems could be developing mouth ulcers. Since I can't use the right side, sometimes food can get stuck between my gums and teeth. It's like I don't even know it's there. Dr. Gainsburg suggested a turkey baster BOL! Squirt some water in there. But mom doesn't do that. After each meal, she cleans off the right side of my face, sticks her finger in there to see if I have something. half the time I do, half the time I don't. May be a little disgusting, but it's quick and fast hehehehehe. Better than sticking a turkey baster in there BOL!

I also wanted to report that I didn't hear back from any of those who may have had previous experience with facial paralysis or bells palsy. It's a little disappointing, but I think in my own way, I didn't expect to hear anything since they don't appear to be active.

Anyhoo, I'm doing good. Mom goes on vacation next week, so my next update won't be for least 10 days or so. Let's hope and pray mom has a little bit of good news, but again, she doesn't want to get her hopes up since the doc did say 8-12 weeks.

Thanks everyone for your means more than you can know. I feel kind of alone here since I don't know anyone else who has been through this, but my pals are right there for me. Thank you!


oooooh so i'm a diary pick!

September 17th 2012 5:12 am
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So today, instead of talking about my facial paralysis, let's talk about my obsession with food and ice. Oh and the tendon sitting on the kitchen counter.

Everyone knows I love got it? I want it. My ice obsession comes from the sound of the rrrrrrrrrrr sound coming from the freezer. I'll be dead asleep and I hear that sound and I come a running! I'll take cubes, I'll take crushed ice, doesn't matter...I'll take em!

Or maybe Billy doesn't chew his tendon and mom puts it on the kitchen island. What do I do? I sit for about a half hour, staring at it. Keep in mind, mom is ignoring me grrrrrrr. Then I jump up on the crate thinking maybe, just maybe I'll get closer. That doesn't work so back down I go...staring at the kitchen island.

Mom says it's not healthy to be that obessed so she picked it up and threw it in the trash. Why in the world would she let that go to waste! She says, "Scooter, it's for your own already had can't always have everyone elses".

Patooey! That's what I say!

Thanks for making me a diary pick today Dogster!


Facial Paralysis Part 4

September 15th 2012 7:04 pm
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So, here I am...on a Saturday night BOL! I sent messages to a couple of dogsters that were suggested in my Bell Palsy thread in the health forum: 4561

I reached out to a couple of them and so far no luck in the last few days so I'm now reaching out to the rest. It didn't appear any of them were active by looking at their pages, but I'll give it a shot.

No changes here, but I don't expect any. I just want to say thanks to my pals. I don't want anyone to worry. I was hoping to find other dogs who have gone through this. I'm keeping the diary up because one day, you will have a pal who goes through it and they will say, "I wonder if anyone else can offer insight or feedback". You will say, "hey, scooter! she went through this!". So, that's really the main reason for the diary. I do hope to come back in a few weeks to several weeks and say guess what?! The paralysis went away! Either way, I'm still my same spunky, nutty, scootie doody BOL! Thanks pals!

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