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Scooter's Diary

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Scooter's Final Diary Entry

August 8th 2016 5:09 am
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In two days, a place I called home will be gone furever. I pretty much grew up here and when I took my final journey to heaven, it was all my Dogster/Catster friends who were there to support mom.

I arrived here just under two years of age. Mom found a place of support for her adolescent beagle who had some behavior and sometimes health issues. Yup, that was me BOL! Mom began checking out other forums besides health, behavior, and nutrition. I found this crazy place called Crushes. I began seeing chats and friendships here. Pretty soon after, there was another beagle pal named Oz. Oz began chatting with me and we quickly hit it off. Yup, we joined the crazy Dogster/Catster wedding wagon. Oz and I had a great time playing together! I have met Oz a few times in person and we just love him to pieces. His mom and my mom got along great.

Within a few months of being on Dogster, I found groups. Lots and lots of groups! I didn't really get them at first because I didn't know what they meant. It took me a little time to realize how special they were. I made lots of friendships in these groups.

Snoop Dog Beagleys was and is still home for our family. You just can't describe the friendships, the caring, the support. I found out just how special this group was when one of our members passed away. I cried and cried as we said good bye to Austin. That's when it hit me. Snoops was a special place. We visited snoops every single day. We chatted on a ship called the RXN, we had parties, fun and games. We played Rumblemuck. It was just a place to hang out and enjoy friends! My sister Trudy ended up "marrying" the founder of Snoops, Eddie Essig. Those two were a trip and they had lots of fun. Unfortunately, Eddie died suddenly and Snoops was never the same. We all stayed together, but a part of snoops died with him. I'm thankful there is a place on Facebook for our pawrents, but our place together here pretty much ended a couple of years ago.

There are other very special groups too. My B and A really was a family. Every Friday night we joined together and laughed and carried on. Dogster Mafia, a place to just show up and chat and talk about your day. PAWS angels, a way to let others know we were thinking about them. Downtown Dogster where all my beagley and non beagley friends could show up and play. After being on Dogster for a few years, I found the The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party (P.S. I just went in and found they still post there! BOL!).

Anyhooooo, it's hard saying good bye to a place you grew up, a place you called home. I know the corporate folks don't understand that. Mom says it's all about business, but for us, it's so very personal.

I love this place. Thank you for giving me over ten years of friendship, fun, and magic. I will never forget what this place meant to us. I love you friends, I love you Dogster.


Again...Dogster is closing again

July 6th 2016 8:31 am
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I just found out that Dogster/Catster is closing AGAIN. This time it sounds pretty permanent. I can't imagine not having this place. It's been quiet for a while, but it was always home.

I left for the bridge three weeks ago and yet I still find myself coming here...for something familiar. This feels like such a big loss. Mom says I grew up on dogster and right before the end, I passed on to the bridge.

Only those who were here know what it feels like to lose it again. Some mourned the last time we thought we were losing Dogster/Catster and some of us are mourning again. I never stopped coming. I'm going to really miss it. This is going to sound corny, but Dogster/Catster changed my life. The friendships, the relationships....did I say I'm going to mourn again?

Thank you for all the wonderful memories here. The happy times, the smiles, the laughs. Thank you for the friendships that we still have. Dogster/Catster will always be special and will always have a special place in our hearts. Arrrrrrroooooooooooooooo


My time here on earth has come to an END

June 14th 2016 5:11 pm
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Mom was not expecting this...well she sort of was. As you know from yesterday's post, I wasn't feeling great. Moms actually had a talk last night about letting me go in a few days. I was beginning to become more uncomfortable and Moms didn't want me to be in pain.

Today, mom touched base with the specialist because she wanted to know how my blood work looked from Sunday's visit. She also told the doctor I was feeling worse. Well, the specialist told mom that the blood work results that were sent over was not what she was looking for. She started talking about medical jargon, white blood cell count differentials and mom got lost. Mom asked if she could pick up some prescription pain medication so I would be comfy and the doctor asked if we could do blood work. So my other mama took me in.

The news was shocking. The doctor called mom to say I was very sick. She explained that I was hemorrhaging and bleeding a lot most likely from inside my bladder. We were not expecting that. The doctor told mom, "Scooter is not going to make it Thursday". Mom couldn't believe it because though I was uncomfortable, I ate my breakfast and treats. I was resting a bit but mom didn't think i was THAT sick.

Mom decided to call good ol Dr. Myers. See Dr. Myers is my very favorite the whole wide world. She made my tail wag because she always gave me treats. I always ran in to see her. I many run into the vet BOL!

Mom asked Dr. Myers to help me go to the bridge. She was off work but she came in...just for me...that meant more than you can know.

At 4:37pm, I left this world and I am in heaven. My passing was very peaceful and both my mommies and Dr. Myers were right there to see me go. They were all holding on to me.

I have so many dogster friends. I have catster friends too. Never have I found a place where so many people love me. I have made many friendships here. So many of my friends have left for the bridge before me and I have no doubt they were all there when I crossed over.

Thank you all for your love and support. Just as I will, please watch over my mommies for me


I wish I had better news

June 13th 2016 5:26 am
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Hey friends...well, I went to the doctor yesterday. I sure was glad to see Dr. Myers. I can tell she loves me and she tells me so. I could see moms talking to her and my other mama started crying. I know they were talking about me but I'm not sure what they could possibly say that would make my mom cry. I'm peeing more and now peeing clots quite a bit. Mom told Dr. Myers I seem more uncomfortable, but when it comes to meal times, bully sticks, snack times, and walks, I'm good to go.

Doc said I looked bright and alert. The bloodwork was just so so. My white blood cell count is still a little didn't get worse, but it hasn't gotten better either. We also noticed I have a low red blood cell count. Dr. Myers is pretty sure it's the tumor in my bladder bleeding and there isn't really anything we can do. I'm a little anemic right now so doc said I shouldn't do anything too strenuous. They will also check my urine to see if I still have a UTI or if it's gone away.

Dr. Myers is going to talk to Dr. Arrington (spec-ia-list) to consult on what next steps might be. Mom really thinks it's may be too late for the palladia (chemo pill) to help me, but Dr. Arrington would be the one to know. I'm not even sure she will let me stay on it because of my white blood cell count either.

Moms are preparing themselves. I can see my mom is trying to be strong. She's kissing me a lot. She already kisses me a lot, but she seems to be throwing in extra kisses. I don't mind because I know she needs to do that. Thanks for all your POP and prayers.


I'm hanging in there

June 7th 2016 5:06 am
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So, it hasn't been the best week and a half. As you all know mom fessed up to messing up my meds. I was never getting enough of a dose to shrink the tumor. Well now we have increased the dose and it's pretty much a waiting game to see if the chemo pill works.

However, I'm peeing more and have more blood. Mom is pretty sure it's not the palladia because this started before my dose was increased. I had one pretty bad day where I peed quite a bit and now I'm going every half hour or so. Mom wonders if the UTI hasn't gone away. I took my last antibiotic last night so now we have to wait a few days before we can test my urine to see if the UTI is gone and if this is the tumor rearing it's ugly head.

Mom has started preparing herself. As for me, I'm just not done fighting. I'm not panting or acting restless. I'm still telling mom that I want to fight. I'm barking and wagging when it's meal time and going on walks. Mom gets me riled up and gets me happy pretty easily.

We will see where we are on Sunday. One concern is my white blood cell count has been low the last couple of times. I could see the specialist was a little concerned about it and said we needed to recheck it in two weeks. We'll see where we are. Mom is wondering if we are heading towards the finish line

POP for our family is appreciated


Don't think I'm being silly

May 18th 2016 11:44 am
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So mom had one of those moments with me the other day. The ones you say will last forever. She wants me to put it in my diary.

A couple of days ago, after dinner, and during our evening walks, we were walking through a small field. Well all the sudden all three of us (me, Trudy, and Billy)stopped. We decided to grass dive and plop on the ground BOL!

I rolled over on my back and started doing the rubbies. Mom sat down in the grass with me and started rubbing my belly. Now here's something you gotta know about me. I'm not a belly rubbing kind of gal. But here we this was rubbing my belly and fur and I was really happy. I stopped rubbing my back in the grass for a minute. I let mom rub my belly and chest and then she pet my face. Just for a minute...then I started smiling again and started doing the rubbies (rubbing my back in the grass) again. She kept rubbing my belly the whole time.

After a few minutes it was over, we headed home and when mom got in the house, she started crying. It was a good kind of cry because those are the moments you cherish...always. Mom, just want to say that I realllllly loved those belly rubs


Hmmmm could it be?

May 18th 2016 9:35 am
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That is was a nasty UTI? Mom says it's only been a couple of days since being back on the antibiotics but guess who stopped bleeding and isn't peeing as much as she was? Guess?!

hehehehehe....yup me! Mom isn't ready to call and update the doctor yet. She will do that tomorrow if I have another improved day.


Is it just a nasty UTI?

May 17th 2016 6:19 am
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Soooo, a couple of weeks ago before I saw Dr A (my cancer doc), we found out I had a pretty nasty UTI (ecoli and strep!). Doc said that when I had those extreme frequent urination with blood, it could have been from one of three things: the UTI was irritating the tumor, the tumor it self was just being nasty, or I had low platelets (highly unlikely because I wasn't on the palladia long).

I have been on antibiotics and the palladia for a couple of weeks now. All has been good....except my last antibiotic was last Friday. Well, by Saturday I was peeing more and by Sunday, we saw blood for the first time in weeks.

Mom called Dr. A and she said it's one of two things...the UTI did not go away or the tumor is acting up. Doc decided to keep me on the antibiotics for another two weeks. She said ecoli and strep are pretty nasty and it can some times take a couple of cycles to get rid of it. Oh and on Sunday, I had bloodwork done and it was perfect! Soooo, it's not low platelets. Doc said hopefully we see improvement in the next couple of days now that I'm back on the antibiotics. If not, it could be the tumor rearing it's ugly head again...sigh.

Mom is watching me closely. When I saw my regular doctor on Sunday, I peed several times in the office. She was a bit concerned and we talked again about quality of life. She said I'm sooooo food motivated and she sees TCC dogs whose quality of life is pretty bad and we still eat. She wanted to prepare mom for that. Many times we watch for when someone isn't eating. She said I'm still wagging my tail, loving walks, eating well so those are good signs. We just need to watch for me being uncomfortable which I am a little bit. I have gone into my crate a couple of times the last couple of days which is a sign for mom. I go there when I don't feel so great.

Mom had a good cry yesterday. She said it was a happy cry. She took us for a walk and I decided to stop in the grass to roll on my back. Mom started giving me belly rubs and petting my chest and face. She said I was smiling and I was content. She took a moment to savor it because that was a special moment. I'm not usually a belly rub kind of gal but it sure felt nice. :-)


Just over a week....

May 10th 2016 5:20 am
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I started the chemo pill again...the palladia. So far so good and it's been a little over a week. I think the difference may have been reducing my piroxicam (NSAID) to only three days a week and maybe even the really nasty UTI I am fighting? I'm now taking it 7 days a week and my bladder likes that. The reason you reduce it is to try and avoid any GI issues between the piroxicam and the palladia. I have never had issues with the piroxiam, but the doctor did say that could change.

Mom is watching me like a HAWK to watch for any changes. No GI issues at all. Mom noticed I was peeing a little more for a couple of days but that seems to have stopped. That's going to happen with this cancer. I'll have good days and bad days. I only went to the bathroom once the last couple of nights!

She called the doctor and she's glad to hear it's going well. If there are any changes, I'll give them a call. I get bloodwork done on Sunday to see if there are any changes or concerns there.

Keep your POP and/or prayers coming!


Take 2

May 3rd 2016 11:31 am
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Sooooo since last week, I'm doing better. I saw the doc who told mom, "tumor or not, I would take Scooter home in a heartbeat; she is so cute" hehehehehehe. I guess I won Dr. Arrington over too BOL!

I started taking one of my daily meds (piroxicam) again and mom noticed I felt better right away. When I was taking the chemo meds and this other med, I was taking them every other day. Doc wonders if reducing my one medication (NSAID) made my tumor angry. I also found out I had a nasty UTI with strep and ecoli! Yeesh! I'm being treated for that now.

We agreed to try again with the chemo med which is every other day but the other medication, piroxicam, take it every day since it makes me feel better.

Here's hoping I do better in the second round! We agreed to monitor VERY closely and if any changes to let the doc know. Keep your paws crossed!

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