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Scooter's Diary

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Don't think I'm being silly

May 18th 2016 11:44 am
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So mom had one of those moments with me the other day. The ones you say will last forever. She wants me to put it in my diary.

A couple of days ago, after dinner, and during our evening walks, we were walking through a small field. Well all the sudden all three of us (me, Trudy, and Billy)stopped. We decided to grass dive and plop on the ground BOL!

I rolled over on my back and started doing the rubbies. Mom sat down in the grass with me and started rubbing my belly. Now here's something you gotta know about me. I'm not a belly rubbing kind of gal. But here we this was rubbing my belly and fur and I was really happy. I stopped rubbing my back in the grass for a minute. I let mom rub my belly and chest and then she pet my face. Just for a minute...then I started smiling again and started doing the rubbies (rubbing my back in the grass) again. She kept rubbing my belly the whole time.

After a few minutes it was over, we headed home and when mom got in the house, she started crying. It was a good kind of cry because those are the moments you cherish...always. Mom, just want to say that I realllllly loved those belly rubs


Hmmmm could it be?

May 18th 2016 9:35 am
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That is was a nasty UTI? Mom says it's only been a couple of days since being back on the antibiotics but guess who stopped bleeding and isn't peeing as much as she was? Guess?!

hehehehehe....yup me! Mom isn't ready to call and update the doctor yet. She will do that tomorrow if I have another improved day.


Is it just a nasty UTI?

May 17th 2016 6:19 am
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Soooo, a couple of weeks ago before I saw Dr A (my cancer doc), we found out I had a pretty nasty UTI (ecoli and strep!). Doc said that when I had those extreme frequent urination with blood, it could have been from one of three things: the UTI was irritating the tumor, the tumor it self was just being nasty, or I had low platelets (highly unlikely because I wasn't on the palladia long).

I have been on antibiotics and the palladia for a couple of weeks now. All has been good....except my last antibiotic was last Friday. Well, by Saturday I was peeing more and by Sunday, we saw blood for the first time in weeks.

Mom called Dr. A and she said it's one of two things...the UTI did not go away or the tumor is acting up. Doc decided to keep me on the antibiotics for another two weeks. She said ecoli and strep are pretty nasty and it can some times take a couple of cycles to get rid of it. Oh and on Sunday, I had bloodwork done and it was perfect! Soooo, it's not low platelets. Doc said hopefully we see improvement in the next couple of days now that I'm back on the antibiotics. If not, it could be the tumor rearing it's ugly head again...sigh.

Mom is watching me closely. When I saw my regular doctor on Sunday, I peed several times in the office. She was a bit concerned and we talked again about quality of life. She said I'm sooooo food motivated and she sees TCC dogs whose quality of life is pretty bad and we still eat. She wanted to prepare mom for that. Many times we watch for when someone isn't eating. She said I'm still wagging my tail, loving walks, eating well so those are good signs. We just need to watch for me being uncomfortable which I am a little bit. I have gone into my crate a couple of times the last couple of days which is a sign for mom. I go there when I don't feel so great.

Mom had a good cry yesterday. She said it was a happy cry. She took us for a walk and I decided to stop in the grass to roll on my back. Mom started giving me belly rubs and petting my chest and face. She said I was smiling and I was content. She took a moment to savor it because that was a special moment. I'm not usually a belly rub kind of gal but it sure felt nice. :-)


Just over a week....

May 10th 2016 5:20 am
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I started the chemo pill again...the palladia. So far so good and it's been a little over a week. I think the difference may have been reducing my piroxicam (NSAID) to only three days a week and maybe even the really nasty UTI I am fighting? I'm now taking it 7 days a week and my bladder likes that. The reason you reduce it is to try and avoid any GI issues between the piroxicam and the palladia. I have never had issues with the piroxiam, but the doctor did say that could change.

Mom is watching me like a HAWK to watch for any changes. No GI issues at all. Mom noticed I was peeing a little more for a couple of days but that seems to have stopped. That's going to happen with this cancer. I'll have good days and bad days. I only went to the bathroom once the last couple of nights!

She called the doctor and she's glad to hear it's going well. If there are any changes, I'll give them a call. I get bloodwork done on Sunday to see if there are any changes or concerns there.

Keep your POP and/or prayers coming!


Take 2

May 3rd 2016 11:31 am
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Sooooo since last week, I'm doing better. I saw the doc who told mom, "tumor or not, I would take Scooter home in a heartbeat; she is so cute" hehehehehehe. I guess I won Dr. Arrington over too BOL!

I started taking one of my daily meds (piroxicam) again and mom noticed I felt better right away. When I was taking the chemo meds and this other med, I was taking them every other day. Doc wonders if reducing my one medication (NSAID) made my tumor angry. I also found out I had a nasty UTI with strep and ecoli! Yeesh! I'm being treated for that now.

We agreed to try again with the chemo med which is every other day but the other medication, piroxicam, take it every day since it makes me feel better.

Here's hoping I do better in the second round! We agreed to monitor VERY closely and if any changes to let the doc know. Keep your paws crossed!


I'm a fighter!

April 26th 2016 7:43 am
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Well, I am personally surprised that mom was thinking it might be near my time. I mean yea...I'm peeing more...this might be the beginning of the end, but I don't know that yet. I'm definitely feeling better. Not 100% but a heck of a lot better than I was last week!

Mom is still trying to figure out why I got sick last week. The special doctor does not think my new chemo med caused it. She said the only way I would pee urgently/frequently is if the tumor was shedding, breaking apart or if maybe my platelets were low. I haven't been on that medicine for a week now and I'm returning to my normal which is peeing every hour or so.

Thanks for all your POP, good thoughts and prayers. I'll try to keep you updated!


Not doing so hot right now

April 20th 2016 7:21 am
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Hi friends...soooo yesterday was not a good day for me :-(. I started my new medicine (palladia) last week. It's a stronger chemo drug and mom just wonders if it's too much. Really, the first week all was good. Mom did report back that I was peeing more. She wasn't sure if that was because we stopped the old medicine and reduced one of the meds from 7 days to 3 days? Well, yesterday, I threw up and had diarrhea. Mom found a couple of pieces of wood/bark and feces in my vomit. Sorry for the graphic description. Soon after, I started peeing...a LOT...with blood. I was going every minute and I was sitting there panting. Mom took me in and they decided to treat the vomiting and diarrhea and told mom to stop my meds. Mom doesn't have me wear a diaper at night and boy when she woke up this morning, I had peed a lot...probably over 20 times :-(

Mom started thinking maybe this is the end. That's too much for me to go through. Thankfully today I'm resting, not anxious and uncomfortable like I was yesterday. However, when I do get up, I'm peeing frequently. She's gonna talk to my Dr. Myers. We loves her...and she loves me.

We aren't sure if this is the end for me or if mom and the doctors need to figure out what's going on. Thanks for your thoughts, PoP, and/or prayers.


Giving a new medicine a try

April 15th 2016 7:05 pm
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Soooo, last I reported, I mentioned a couple of blood clots. Things actually got a little better in terms of no more clots and less blood. Our doctor decided to talk to us about other options. She wanted me to try chemo intravenously, but mom just doesn't want to go down that road with me.

Mom told the doctor she doesn't want me to go through the ups and downs of chemo. Once you go down that road, it's trying one thing after another. The doctor reminded mom that I don't go through the ups and downs, she does BOL. Point taken doc! I guess mom feels since I was diagnosed with no symptoms, the goal is just to make me as comfortable as possible for as long as possible.

The doctor offered another alternative. She heard that Palladia, a well documented chemo drug for mast cell tumors and other cancers were being used for TCC. She asked mom if we wanted to give it a try. See if it would stop the tumor from growing and possibly shrink it a bit. Mom figures it was worth a shot because it seems the other medication i was taken isn't as effective as it was in the first few months. This medication has a strict protocol and doc says I have to do bloodwork more often and check in more often. Moms and I are up for it!

Mom is asking for POP and prayers for me. I just started taking it and mom noticed I'm peeing more. She wonders if it's because I stopped the other medicine and it takes some time to see if this medicine will help? She checks in with the doc next Monday. We'll see how these next few weeks ago. Thanks friends!


Oh boy...this darn cancer

March 3rd 2016 12:05 pm
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So, a few days ago, mom saw something different for the first time. Before I mention it, I wanted to say that mom is part of a TCC group on facebook. She's very grateful to have support from other moms and dads whose dogs are going through the same cancer I am. Mom has been preparing for what is coming and what may happen. One thing mom has noticed is this cancer can be ugly. It makes me pee and makes me have accidents. I'll just be sitting there staring and mom or playing and I'll turn around to pee. I can't help it.

Well, for the first time, mom saw a couple of blood clots. That was totally new for me. I also urinated blood. I have had urine with some blood in it, but mom could actually see me peeing blood. I am sorry I sound graphic, but I want to share with others that this might help. It scared her a bit to see it, but this was one of the things that mom was warned about; the clots :-( Most report you see one or two, perhaps more bleeding, and then it goes away after a day or two. So far, that's true. Within a day or so, mom didn't see any more clots or the heavier bleeding.

And you know what? The whole time mom is fretting and worrying, know what I was doing? Nothing, nada...just being my regular old scooter bug self ;-). Mom says this keeps her sane to see me happy and playful like nothing is wrong. She says it makes me special. Going through what I'm going through and yet, I don't miss a beat. Guess that's what makes me the scooter bug hehehehehe.....


Update from my doctor visit on 2/19/16

February 22nd 2016 4:37 am
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Howdy pals and friends! So last Friday I went to go see Dr. Arrington. She's the cancer doc who has been treating me for the last several months.

As soon as I got into a room, I peed...and it was tinted with blood. They moved me to another room and I peed a couple of spots with blood :-( Mom hadn't seen that before. She cleaned it up but took a couple of pictures to show the doctor.

Doc Arrington is always really nice to me. She says I'm soft and always seem so happy BOL! She felt inside and said my bladder is a bit enlarged. I had my blood work done and the good news is the blood work was perfect. One thing we always have a problem with is the ultrasound. It's best to get a picture of the bladder when it's more full, but the last two times I have peed on the floor :-(

After getting me to drink a little water, they were able to get the ultrasound. What was interesting is the doctor said the measurements show the tumor seems to be the same size. However, the doctor said the images can be subjective if the bladder isn't full. From what she could tell, my bladder is now full of the tumor :-( She said eventually my ureters will become blocked and then my kidneys.

She asked how I was doing at home and mom told her I'm definitely peeing more. The important thing is I am still happy and full of spirit. The doctor said she noticed how bright eyed I am. She said that's important and if I'm okay going to the bathroom more often and I'm still happy, that's what counts.

We made an appointment for 3 months from now. I'll be honest, mom wonders if I will make it 3 more months. I think mom is beginning to prepare herself. She just says, "Scooter we will continue to love and spoil you as long as you are happy". We take it one day and a time and in the meantime, I'm getting extra treats, extra loving, and getting spoiled rotten!

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