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Cory Jo's Summer

September 27th 2009 5:34 pm
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It's been awhile since me and mom updated my diary. Summer is over and it's starting to get colder out. In June something really bad happened, we lost our brother Sammy Jo. The whole family was so sad. I don't really know what happened but mom says Sammy Jo was real sick and he went to a place called the rainbow bridge. We all miss Sammy, especially Toby Jo, one of my other brothers. Also in June, after Sammy was gone, we got another brother. He looks a lot like Sammy and he's a Japanese Chin like Sammy was. His name is Sarge. My other brothers and I have decided we'll let him stay, we all like him and he likes all of us. Him and JoJo get along the best but we all play with him. We went camping twice with mom and dad, and took lots and lots of walks! After Sammy was gone mom and dad decided that I could have Sammys dog park membership. Well, I went to the dog park with Toby and Tinker but I didn't like it like they do. I wouldn't leave mom and dad and go play, I hid from the other dogs and people and my tail was stuck between my legs, the hair on my back was standing up and I was so SCARED! I just wanted to go home. I don't know why Toby and Tinker get so excited when dad says lets go to the doggie park! After Sarge came to live with us, I told him about the doggie park and how scary it is. Well, mom and dad decided that since I don't have any fun going to the dog park that Sarge could have my membership. Now I don't have to go anymore and Sarge loves it there so that worked out well. Mom and dad take me and JoJo to different parks and they keep us away from people and other dogs so that works out well too. Another thing we did was go to the Dachshund Fest and this year mom and dad only took me. I didn't really like being around all those other dogs and strangers but mom and dad stayed with me all the time so it wasn't so bad. I tried the "weiner race" but got scared and ran back to dad at the starting line instead of going to mom at the finish line. They didn't care, they just laughed and hugged me. I tried bobbing for weiners too but I didn't want that weiner bad enough to stick my face in the water so I didn't do good at that either. I wore my tootsie roll costume and was in the costume contest and costume parade, but I didn't win at that either. Mom says she had a good time anyway, just spending the day with dad and me. Well, that's all I can think of right now, so I think it's time to go watch tv with mom, good night everyone!.......Cory Jo


The Costume Contest

October 12th 2008 2:21 pm
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Mom and Dad took me and my brothers to a Pet Fest yesterday. They had games for us to play. I loved the one where we got to look for cookies and when we found them we got to eat them! It was easy for me, I can find food anywhere, anytime! Mom dragged me away from there, she said I'm on a diet. We played musical chairs and some other fun games, and we got LOTS of treats, there were treats everywhere and people were just handing them out to us, that was so PAWSOME! Except mom started putting ours in her bag and told us we had enough, mom always spoils the fun. Mom said I was going to be in a costume contest, she got me a new costume, I'm going to be a Tootsie Roll. Mom said I already look like a tootsie roll, all I need is a wrapper. Very Funny, mom. Anyway, I won 1st place in the costume contest, I don't know what exactly I did but mom was so happy, she hugged me and kissed me and gave me a treat! I was so glad to get my costume off, I was hot and getting thirsty and crabby. I even growled at mom, hee hee. But we had fun and there were lots and lots of other dogs to sniff (and be sniffed by), we were all pretty tired when we got home. Now mom's talking about another costume contest, I think I'll let my brothers wear my costume and I'll stay home.


My Fun Weekend

August 24th 2008 4:51 pm
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I'm pretty tired out but thought I'd write in my diary before I head for the big bed. We had a really fun weekend. On Saturday mom and dad took me to the Dachshund fest. I was kind of scared, there were hundreds of dogs there, including my 2 brothers Sammy and Toby. Remember I told you how mom and dad said I was the only one going? I was so excited to get to be alone all day with mom and dad but good ol' Sam gave mom that sad eye routine and she gave in and said he could go. Well, Toby decided if Sam was going he was going too. When mom and dad tried to get out the door with me and Sam Toby did the "I'm excited to go bye bye in the car" routine and looked up at dad with his happy eyes and that did it, Toby got to go too. Either those two are really good or mom and dad are push overs. Anyway, it was a long ride in the car and Toby and I were getting restless but finally we got there. We were at a park with lots and lots of other dachshunds, all sizes and colors, wired haired ones and long haired ones and a lot of them just like me with short hair. Mom and dad put their chairs in the shade by a river and we just sat around awhile. Then mom took me over to be in a "Weiners bobbing for weiners" contest which I quickly lost. I was not putting my face in the water for a tiny little piece of meat and anyway, after I lost the man got my weiner out of the water and let me eat it, I knew he would. Then I was supposed to be in a weiner race but dad said he didn't want to leave his chair in the shade to go back out into the hot sun. Mom told him that for me to be in the race they needed to have two people, one to hold me at the starting line and one at the end so if dad didn't help I couldn't be in the race. He said he really couldn't take any more sun so mom said ok, then me and Cory will go over to the booths and do some shopping. We came to a booth that had harness vests and mom told me lets pick one out for you. I liked a blue one with flames on it so mom said ok lets get you one. The lady measured me and I tryed one on, it fit good so mom got it for me, and said just leave it on him he'll wear it now. Then we watched the weiner race for awhile, I was so glad dad didn't feel like going out into the sun! Next was a costume parade. Mom said I better go to the car and get Corys costume but she kept sitting in her chair and finally the parade started without me. After the parade they had a costume contest but mom said lets skip it this time, she didn't feel like walking all the way to the car so I got out of that! It was a fun day being with mom and dad in the park. Today is Sunday and we all went on a picnic at another park and went walking in the woods. Mom and dad let my brothers and me run off leash in the woods, it was fun, I love to explore! Then JoJo saw a lady walking her dog and went running over there barking at her. I went over there to bring JoJo back but he wouldn't come so I helped him a little with the barking. Mom and dad were pretty mad at us and made us both walk with our leashes on. It was all JoJos fault. All in all though we had a great time up until JoJo got us in trouble. Well, I think I'm going off to the big bed now.....good night everypup!


I won a prize!

August 21st 2008 12:40 pm
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OK, I know I keep saying how much I don't like mom and dad taking me to those meet ups but at the one we went to this month there was a game called "a raffle". It was really easy, mom and dad bought me some pieces of paper called tickets, I got 7 of them. Then a man called the name on the tickets and guess what? He called my name 6 times! I won lots of prizes! My favorite is a little blue puppy, when I got it, it could make noise....squeek squeek.....but I fixed it, I put a hole in it's back and took out the thing that made it go squeek. I won some other prizes too, I got some treats shaped like stars, and a new coat for winter, I got a coupon for a free nail trim, and a massage brush for mom to brush me with. There weren't many prizes left when the man called my name the last time so I picked a book for mom to read, it's a book with stories about dachshunds, I think mom liked it. In between picking my prizes I had to keep all the other dogs away from my mom and dad, that was a lot of work, there were a lot of dogs there and mom kept walking around so I had a hard time keeping track of her. Now I think I'm going somewhere with mom and dad in a couple of days. Mom said they are taking me to something called a Bavarian Dachshund Fest. I don't know what that is but mom said I am the only one going, my brothers are going to stay home. I think it might have something to do with me being a dachshund. I hope it's fun, I love going places with mom and dad. Maybe I will get some treats! I'll let you know all about it when I get home.


I Don't Like Meet Ups

February 17th 2008 11:51 am
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Dear Diary, Mom and Dad are kind of upset with me. Last month we went to the January Dachshund Meet Up. It was in a church because it's so cold out in the winter. When we got there, I saw lots of other Dachshunds, I was so scared. Mom and Dad told me to go play but I am scared of the weiner dogs. I stayed by my mom and dad and watched the other dogs playing. they were playing fetch and chasing each other. It looked like fun. Mom walked around and told me to come with her. I followed her and she took me to see the other dogs. I was scared and ran back to dad. Yesterday was the February Meet Up so mom and dad brought two of my brothers along. They said it would give me more confidence, I don't know what that means but we all went in and there were lots of weiner dogs there. Mom and Dad found chairs to sit in and told us to go play. Sammy is scared like me, he sat behind the chairs and hid there almost the whole time. Toby didn't want to play with the other dogs either and sat by dad. It was my job to keep all the weiners away so I barked and barked the whole time we were there. A few times I had to get up my courage and chase the weiners away from us, then I had to go back and find my family. I don't like to go to the Meet Ups, I am very scared of weiner dogs. Mom and Dad said they will keep taking me until I finally give up and start playing. Well that is not going to happen! What am I going to do Diary?
Cory Jo


Don't Like Meet Ups!!

January 20th 2008 7:39 am
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Yesterday my mom and dad took me to the dachshund meet up. My brothers didn't get to go because it wasn't held at the dog park like usual. It is too cold out so we went to a church instead. I don't like being without my brothers and I was so scared. Mom made me go around the room and visit all the other dogs. They wanted me to play but I didn't want to. I ran back to my dad and hid from all those dogs. I was very mad at my mom, I didn't want her to hold me on the way home I wanted my dad. When we got home I showed mom, I ignored her, if she called me, I didn't come to her or even look at her. She was mean to make me go around the room to see the other dogs. You know what she did? She put my leash on so I had to go where ever she pulled me. That really made me mad. When we left mom and dad said "see you all next month". Well mom and dad can go but I'm staying home! I've decided to forgive my mom for now but if she calls me chicken dog anymore I'll have to take back my forgivness.


September 3rd 2007 11:55 am
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My friend Earl tagged me!

Here are the rules of the game. Make a diary entry giving 5 pawsome facts about yourself! Choose 5 pals to tag and list them last. Post the rules of the game. Send your pals a pawmail or rosette telling them they have been tagged to play the game. Write 5 facts and tag 5 friends.

My five facts:
1. I get to sleep in the big bed with mom and dad and cuddle up with mom
2. I have to lose 6 pounds so I am on a diet and I HATE IT!!
3. Mom and dad had to hire "Bark Busters" for me because I am very bad at the dog park.
4. When no one is home I look out the bedroom window and bark and bark and bark. Now mom and dad shut the window when they leave.
5. When mom feeds us, I wait until she isn't watching and I sneek my brothers food, hee hee!

Here's who I'm going to tag: My friends Tinker, Lilly, Gage, Winnie and Lexy


Cory's Vacation

September 3rd 2007 10:48 am
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Well, our camping trip is over, I am glad to be home. I missed our big bed so much. I had to sleep in my cage with my brother JoJo, I missed cuddling next to my mom. OK, there were some nice things about camping, like going for lots of walks with mom and dad, and I love to go for boat rides. Dad took us for a boat ride and I got to stand up on the seat and look out at the water! I don't know why mom gets so scared when we do that, she only let me stand on the seat as long as she had my leash in her hand. That's all I can think of that is good about camping. I can tell you lots that is bad though, eating from paper bowls instead of our nice dishes at home. You have to follow that paper bowl all over, it keeps moving around, I hate that! Another thing is being on a tie out all the time and getting tangled with my brothers, oh yes and laying on the hard ground all day. Oh well, at least I got to spend lots of time with mom and dad and that is my favorite and bestest thing to do! Cory Jo


A New Ouchie!

August 8th 2007 10:54 am
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Hello Diary, once again Skyanne hurt me. It's the second time now she hurt me and I had to go see my doctor to get fixed. First she stepped on my head and I had to go get stapled and now Sunday she did it again. No not my head, this time she bit my neck. Here's how it happened. Mom and Dad and my human sister Amy and her family all went away last Sunday. Mom said no dogs were invited so we had to stay home alone. Mom and Amy took all of us to the dog park before they went away so we wouldn't feel bad about being left home. Well, after coming home from the park they all left and that Skyanne attacked me, she bit me right in my neck! When mom and dad came home mom noticed a little blood on the floor. She thought her foot must be bleeding and was looking at her feet to see where the blood came from. I was sitting on the floor next to her and when she couldn't find any blood on her foot she started looking me over. When she lifted my head up she didn't see the bite mark but her hand was covered with blood. Mom got real upset and called dad upstairs yelling "Cory is bleeding". Dad came up and they looked me over good and found the two bite marks. They discussed what to do and decided to call my doctor. Since it was Sunday night my doctor wasn't there so they tried an emergency vet. The doctor there said it's $145 just to get examined. They didn't know what to do, it was a long drive to that place and a lot of money too. I wasn't bleeding bad so mom and Amy bandaged me up and mom put me to bed to wait until morning to see my own doctor. Mom checked on me all night to make sure I wasn't bleeding worse. In the morning we went to see my doctor, and they made mom wait in a room while they took me and shaved around my sores and cleaned them up. they said I would have to be put to be put out if I wouldn't let them clean me up and examine me and then I would have to stay there all day and maybe over night. Well I didn't want to stay there alone so I tried real hard to be a good boy. I let them work on my ouches and I didn't move a bit. After that they took me back to mom and said I can get by without stitches but mom has to keep my sores clean and put compresses on them and the doctor gave me two perscriptions. I was so glad to be able to go home with mom. It's two days later now and I'm doing really good. I try to be good and take my medicine but I don't like it. I'm feeling much better and Mom says I'm gonna be OK! But you remember how that doctor told mom I have to lose weight? Well, as if I didn't feel bad enough already, they made me get on that thing that tells them how much I weigh and I'm back up to 22 lbs, 5 ounces. Boy mom and the doctor are not happy about that! I'm not too happy either because the doctor told mom it will be $5,000 if I get a ruptured disk and need surgery. Looks like I'm back on a diet. Oh oh, moms calling, it's time for my medicine, gotta go diary!
Cory Jo


Cory's update

July 26th 2007 4:40 pm
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Dear Diary, We've been having so much fun, I just love the summer! We had another Dachshund meet up. The moms and dads got to have hot dogs and lots of yummy looking food. My mom and dad wouldn't let me have any, something about me being over weight. Boy am I tired of hearing that! I like going to the meetups, mom and dad joined another meetup group for small dogs. We met two cute little Poms and a Bichon. They are our new friends. We also had a visit from Dante and Casey, our cousins that used to live here with us, we had so much fun playing together again! Mom and dad take us to the dog park a lot and they say I'm doing much better since the bark buster guy came over and taught mom how to work with me. I did very good at the doggie beach we went to last weekend too, mom says she's very proud of me! This week mom is on vacation, that means she gets to stay home with us and not go to work. She took us to the dog park a couple times but she says she can't handle the four of us and Tinker by her self anymore because we get too excited and pull her and she trips over our leashes. We just can't help it, we see the parking lot and we just can't wait to get in that park! Mom and dad have more things planned for us this summer, I heard we're going camping next month! I'll tell you all about that after we go. Nap time again, bye bye!
Cory Jo

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