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My first camping trip

July 19th 2006 5:30 pm
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Last weekend mom, dad, and my brothers Sammy Jo and Toby Jo went to a place called "camping". Dante and Casey had to stay home with our aunt Gale. We had to sleep in a house made out of cloth called a tent. Sammy and Toby got to sleep on the bed with air inside it but I had to sleep in my cage. I was scared at first and I started to cry but mom said "we're right here, Cory". I looked out of my cage and sure enough there was mom and dad and my two brothers right next to my cage so I closed my eyes and went to sleep. The next day mom took us on lots of walks, my favorite walk was on a trail through the woods. Mom took our leashes off and let us run and play in the woods, it was great fun! Our two cousins Skyanne and Tinker came to this place called camping too, I like Tinker, she's little like me but I'm a little scared of Skyanne, she is BIG! One thing I don't like about camping is that we had to be tied up all the time. Mom said it's the rules, all dogs have to be tied up. I kept getting tangled up with Sammy and Toby. I couldn't reach my cousin Tinker, she had to be tied up too. One night mom and dad took me and Sammy, Toby, and Tinker on a boat ride. We got in this thing that floats in the water, it's called a boat. It was fun until dad started it up. It made a loud noise and started moving in the water, I was scared! We went fast through the water but after a few minutes I calmed down and wanted to see the water. I guess camping is kind of fun but I was sooo glad to get home. Mom and dad says we're going again next month, I'm not sure I like it enough to go again so I'm going to see if I can just stay home.


I'm Hungry!

August 13th 2006 8:56 pm
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Hi Diary, I went to see my new vet and I don't think I like her. First of all she gave me three shots. She tricked me by giving me a treat and then when I was busy eating....she got me! OUCH! Now if that wasn't bad enough she made me stand on a thing that tells how much I weigh. She told mom I weigh twenty one point three pounds. She said this guy has a serious weight problem. I listened to her and mom talk about what to do about my weight and it wasn't sounding good. First of all, no food to be left in the dish so I can eat whenever I want. second, limit treats. Mom knows how much I love my Charlee bear treats, how can she do this to me? For treats I'm supposed to have apples or carrots. Carrots are ok but I don't like the apples. And the worst thing of all is perscription dog food. I don't like that new kind of food, I want my old food back. Mom says I have to get down to fifteen pounds and then she will give me back my old food, I'm trying so hard to be good and stay on my diet but it's hard, especially when I see my brothers eating the good kind of food. Today I found a dish with some of the good food in it and I took a couple of bites. It was sooo good! But then mom saw me and came running, she took the dish away and gave me the yucky diet food. Well diary, I think I'll go take a nap and see if I can at least dream about the yummy good food. bye till next time.


The first month of my diet

August 30th 2006 7:57 pm
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Well Diary, I've been on my yucky diet for almost a month now. Today mom took me to that vet that made me go on a diet, they made me stand on that thing that tells how much you weigh. The lady told mom I weigh 20 pounds and 4 ounces. I have lost 15 ounces! that's almost one pound. Ok. I admit I sneeked downstairs a few times and got some food out of the dish down there but it's hard to stay on a diet all the time. Well, the lady and mom were smiling and they said good job Cory! I guess that means they don't know that I've been sneeking downstairs, hee hee. Mom took us to the dog park this morning and she said if I lost one pound that her and dad would take us back tonight for awhile to celebrate. I didn't quite lose one whole pound but mom said it was close enough so today we got to go to the dog park two times! Mom said if I lose one more pound in one month that she will get me a new toy! I'm gonna try hard, but you know how it is with diets. That's all for now, I gotta go think about what toy I want mom to get me.


The Dark Scary Closet

September 12th 2006 9:37 am
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Hi again Diary, guess what happened to me. Last Sunday mom said "come on Cory, it's time to take you out for your exercise". I was excited because that means I get to run along side of moms bike. Just me and mom together. Well I was following mom and she went to get her jacket from the closet. While she put her jacket on I went in the closet, I was never in there before and I wondered if there might be some food in there. I guess mom didn't see me because she shut the closet door. There I was all alone, it was soooo dark. After a few minutes I heard mom telling dad and aunt Gale that she couldn't find me. I was crying and scratching on the closet door but no one heard me. Then I heard mom and dad and aunt Gale calling and calling me, I could hear that they were outside calling me and mom sounded really worried. For a long time they kept calling me and I kept crying and trying to tell them I was right here, come and get me out of here! Mom and dad were still outside looking for me and aunt Gale came back in the house, that's when it happened, my aunt Gale heard me crying and started to look for me in the house. I was so happy when she opened that closet door! I ran out of there as fast as I could, and I have no plans of going back in there. I couldn't wait to see my mom and let her know I'm fine so she won't be worried about me anymore. Boy when mom saw me she was so happy she hugged me and hugged me. Well, after all the excitement mom and me finally went out for my exercise. Take my advice and learn from my story, don't go in closets! There is probably no food in there anyway.


Update On My Diet.......

October 10th 2006 8:51 am
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Hi Diary, Mom took me to get weighed this morning and guess what!! I am down to 19 lbs. 7oz.! Mom is so proud of me, even though I've been caught getting into the food downstairs. I don't mean to go down there, I know I'm not supposed to eat anything mom or dad doesn't give me but it's kind of like it calls me and I have to go. I still have to lose about 4 lbs before I can get the yummy good food back. I'm going to try very hard. And in the meantime, mom said she'd buy me a new toy if I lost one more pound in a month. Well, it took a little more than a month but I think I deserve it anyway. I've gotta go now diary and talk to mom about that new toy.


Halloween Party!

October 29th 2006 8:54 pm
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Dear Diary, we went to the dog park and guess what? there was a party there. I love parties at the dog park because we always get treats and you know how much I LOVE TREATS!!! This was a special party called a halloween party. We had to wear funny clothes. Mom got me a brand new costume to wear to the party, I was a hot dog. Everyone loved my costume and laughed at me. I didn't like it though, I kept taking it off but mom and dad kept putting it back on me. We got go bobbing for hotdogs, I couldn't get my hotdog from the bucket of water but a lady helped me and mom and dad let me eat it even though I'm still on my diet. And we all got special treats shaped like ghosts and pumpkins and mom and dad even let me eat my special treat! I had a really good time. Except for wearing a hot dog costume, I think I love halloween.


Corys Diet Update

November 9th 2006 9:25 pm
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Hi Diary, guess what! mom took me to get weighed and I am down to 18 lbs, 6 ounces. I have lost almost 3 pounds now! Mom and Dad said they are very proud of me. Mom says I can have a new toy as soon as she has time! Dad said when I get down to 14 pounds I can start having the yummy good food again, I can hardly wait, I don't care too much for my diet food. My aunt Gale moved out so now there is no food downstairs for me to sneek down and get. I miss that food, it was the yummy kind. well, Diary, that's all the news I have for now and it's time for bed so, good night..........................Cory


Corys Headache

December 21st 2006 8:22 pm
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Hi Diary, yesterday was a bad day for me. A couple of months ago my human sister and her family moved in with us. They have two dogs, one little, like my brothers and me, and one BIG one. Well, yesterday I was laying under the kitchen table, minding my own business and that big dog came and stepped on my head. She had long nails and her nail cut my head all the way to the bone. I cryed and cryed, it hurt so bad. Mom picked me up and held me and gave me kisses. She said dad will be right back and we'll see if he thinks I should maybe go to the doctor. He came back and said it looks pretty bad so he took me to my vet. Dad and the doctor talked it over and I had to stay there and dad had to leave. I didn't want him to leave me there, I was so scared and my head hurt so bad. The doctor made me go to sleep and when I woke up dad came back to take me home. Now I have to wear this lampshade around my neck. Dad said the doctor put staples in my head and they are worried I will get them out. And to make matters worse, they put me on that thing that tells them how much I weigh and the doctor told dad I gained one pound. Now I keep hearing that word I Let me warn all you little guys, watch out for big dogs, do not let them step on your head!! Believe me, I know about this, you will have one very bad day!


Shopping Day

January 22nd 2007 9:02 am
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Hi Diary, Mom and dad hasn't taken us to many fun places lately. It's very cold out and mom hates to be out in the cold so we have to stay home most of the time. Last Saturday they got our leashes out and guess what? They said we're going shopping! We all got in the car and went to a brand new pet supply store. They were having something called a grand opening and it was fun! When we came in the door a man was there with a bag of dog food samples for us, the good kind of food that is so yummy. After that mom and dad filled out little pieces of paper and said that maybe they will win a prize. There was a prize for free self serve dog washes, I'm hoping they don't win that. My brothers always go away and get their baths and hair cuts so I know who will get the free dog wash. Then it was time to walk around the store, there were two men passing out treats and they gave us all some. Dad said lets go get some raw hides, they are half price, boy did my ears perk up when I heard that! They picked out four of them, boy I couldn't wait to get those bones home. Our dog food was on sale so they got some of that but not the real yummy kind, we always get reduced fat, what ever that means. Oh and guess what else they got for me? A brand new red sweater! It's my very first sweater. Actually, I don't like wearing sweaters but it makes mom happy. After all the shopping, (and me barking at all the other dogs) we went to the check out where there were bowls of treats waiting for us. Dad gave us each a couple. I was kind of getting full but how often do you get so many treats all at once? Finally we went to the car and guess what happened? My brother Toby threw up. Guess he can't handle all those treats. Well, that's about it for now diary. I'll let you know if we do anything exciting....


Our New Brother

March 20th 2007 2:54 pm
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Hi diary, we have a new brother, his name is Joey Jo. The day he came to live here I decided I will NOT be nice to him, I don't need any more competition around here, I already had two brothers, now a third. What could mom and dad be thinking of? Well, he's been here a few weeks now and I guess I'll let him stay. He's kind of nice I guess, I have even decided to play with him now and then. Oh yeah and there's something new going on around here too. A man and a lady came to our house one day. Mom and dad called them Bark Busters. They are teaching mom and dad and my human sister and her husband how to teach us not to bark when someone comes to the door. We are learning how to sit and stay, let me tell you diary, this is not fun. Mom says I have to learn how to walk on my leash. I already know how to do that, I've been doing that since I was just a little puppy. But this is a new way to walk, I am not allowed to pull, I have to walk beside mom or dad. And another thing, when I am in the car, I am not allowed to bark at people outside, now how can I protect my family if I can't even bark? I just don't like this diary, when mom comes home from work at night she just ignores us. We are so happy to see her but she doesn't pay any attention to us jumping all over her. Then....finally after we give up and quit, she decides to call us so she can give us hugs, what do you think of that? that's about all the news I have today diary, I'll let you know more about this training thing later.....

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