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Sammi's Diary

Sammi 1991-2006

November 25th 2006 3:35 am
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We had to have Sammi put to sleep in August 2006. She had been diagnosed with Cushing's disease a few years ago but was still relatively healthy. One night, she woke up from a nap and had trouble walking straight. A trip to the emergency vet clinic left us with the news she might have a brain tumor. She spent hours and hours circling in one direction and trying to walk. Tests by the vet showed she was also in kidney failure so it was time to let her go.

Sammi had been purchased from a pet store and was born in Nebraska so there isn't much doubt she was a puppy mill dog. She did not not meet the Shih Tzu breed standard at all but she was a total sweetheart. I really miss my little Pupperoni addict very much and always will. I love you, Samantha.


How Much Longer Do We Need To Do This?

September 28th 2004 6:46 am
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Sammi goes back to the eye doctor on Wednesday morning. Her eye is looking pretty good so hopefully, we can stop putting the drops and ointments in. She has gotten much more used to it. She now knows that when I am done squirting stuff on her eye, she will get a treat. Maggie has figured this out too. She now sits beside me as I am putting the goop in Sammi's eye. Maggie is a smart cookie.


I Hate When You Put That Crap In My Eye

September 20th 2004 7:05 am
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(I refuse to write this as if Sammi the dog were writing it, although I bet she wouldn't make as many typos as I do.)

The other day, Sammi had to go an eye specialist because the vet thought she could have an infection and might lose her eye. It turned out to be an ulcer, and fortunately, it can be treated. So, in addition to taking anti-biotics, Sammi gets drops and two kinds of ointment in her eye, four times a day. She absolutely hates it and squeezes her eye shut when I attempt to squirt the goop in, but after I'm successful at it, she sits up straight and waits for the treat she knows is coming. This dog will do anything for a Pupperoni.

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Sammi 1991-2006


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