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June 23rd 2008 4:46 am
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Jake hasn't posted for a long time because I (this is Lela) don't let him near MY computer. Mine. Back off, Jake.

Now he's gone and broken a toe. He has this huge wrap over his whole leg with a spoon splint and is having problems dragging it around and getting settled comfortably in bed (although he can still jump on the couch?? What is this game he is playing??) He keeps getting his splint "caught" behind him so his leg is twisted at a weird angle and the humans have to be right there with him 24x7 to make sure he doesn't break his leg as well as his toe.

So once again he gets all of the attention. *glares*

I need a tooth out myself, and yet he still manages to get hurt so that the focus is all on him. *drums nails on floor*


Post TPLO checkup

March 15th 2007 11:11 am
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The vet said Jake's leg was looking well, he manipulated it a bit and noted how smooth it was. Our last appointment for x-rays will be four weeks from today.



March 5th 2007 11:16 am
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Jake made it through his TPLO and was glad to get home!!

He wasn't as zonked out this time; much more alert. He did his time on meds and being confined to bed for a week (well, he is still pretty much confined but now it's a little more lax.)

I have x-ray photos and more on my flickr page.

Saturday afternoon (March 3rd) I noticed around 9pm that his leg was looking very red underneath. Sunday was more swelling and a lot of edema so back to the hospital we went. Everything checked out ok, but better safe than sorry!



March 1st 2007 11:08 am
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Jake is at the surgeon's now for his TPLO. Please please please wish good thoughts for him and send good karma his way!



February 22nd 2007 3:53 pm
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Well, the visit to our vet friend (mom says he's a surgeon) is coming up fast. Mom said something about how I'll have to March First? That's weird, I figured she'd take me in the car! Especially since my leg is hurt! She also said something about it being good it wasn't a leap year since I can't leap very well on three legs. She says by the time that comes around next year, I should be leaping and dancing though!

Dad has been selling a bunch of inherited WWII items to pay for my leg. We're only halfway there (well, if all of the money orders ever show up anyway) but Mom says she won't have to abandon me at the surgeons and that it's covered. Whew! I don't want to live there!

I wonder what that weird metal fencing is that Mom brought home from Eastern Washington. I hope she didn't get any ideas about fencing me in with my bed and food dishes! *eyes the fencing*


Another TPLO?!?!

January 1st 2007 1:55 pm
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It was a long road to recovery and I was very unhappy for many months while I couldn't walk, or run, or play. I was just starting to get back to top form... when my other leg started hurting. Mom says I probably blew the other knee and I'll have to visit our "Vet friends" again... but there is not only a waiting list, cash is needed up front.

Mom says she's going to have to sell all of her ultima online items on eBay and get a full time job somewhere, even if it's as a barista, so she can save the money for me ASAP.

She used to be a unix and digital switch system administrator and has done ISP and various windows proprietary program technical support and training. If you know anyone hiring, please feel free to bark me a message and I'll pass it on.

Computer jobs have been few and far between since 2000, so she has been working odd seasonal jobs, selling things on eBay for friends and family, doing work exchanges, and making bath salt, candles, lip balm, and soap for selling at Renaissance faires and holiday or vendor bazaars. If you want some soap custom made for you (all vegetable oil with a goat's milk hand milled option) or some lip balm, bark me a note!! She has many wonderful, high quality perfume and essential oils and some lovely lip balm flavors (chai, chocolate mint, rose, french vanilla, honey, etc.)


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!!

December 29th 2006 2:35 pm
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Mom let me open my own presents (and hers) this year!!! She says I did a really good job, although she thinks I got carried away when I tried to open the cardboard boxes too...


*limp* *limp*

September 3rd 2005 5:49 pm
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My right rear leg HURTS! I had a big bandage covering my whole knee but I decided I was going to shred it on the third day so mom took it off. Taking it off was pretty painful too, it took her a long time because she had to go slow in the really sticky parts.

They shaved my leg all the way to the hip -- my skin really is blue! well, I have some brindle fawn stripes. I feel naked on that leg.

Mom is making me stay in the crate whenever she has to leave the computer room; otherwise I can sleep on the bed by her feet all day. She has to crate me because otherwise I want to jump up on the recliners or follow her out of the room (no doors.)

Otherwise my leg seems to be ok. It hurt when I tried to jump up on mom to give her a kiss, I yelped. She scolded me for jumping (as always) and made me go to my bed. I'm getting really sick of the words "Bed" and "Crate". I am learning to run on three legs! Or I try, when she takes me outside on a leash. She has to jog to keep up with me. At least, she says, I'm not putting weight on my leg when I run on the other three. Otherwise I limp around and try to use the back leg.

I start my physical therapy on Monday -- ice packs twice a day and mom stretching my leg out twice a day. Sounds great! I think...



July 15th 2005 9:57 am
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Mom won't let me play with the ball outside anymore and we've stopped going to Agility. I don't understand why.

I also don't understand why my leg hurts, especially if I try to run around too much, and I'm walking around on tippy toe.

Mom took me to a new friend's place last Friday (vet means friend, right?) and I don't know what they did but they turned out not to be very good friends. I could barely walk on my way out because they gave me some kind of nasty drug to make me calm while they took x-rays and poked at my leg. They said a ligament in my knee has a partial tear.

Mom says I have to go back on the 29th of August to have "TPLO" surgery, whatever that is. She keeps saying something about having a metal plate with six screws put onto my leg after they cut and reshape the bone. OUCH?

She is spoiling me so much because she says I'm going to be miserable after my surgery -- I have to be confined to a small room and taken out on a leash only for SIX WEEKS. No jumping on the couch or the bed either.

Guess I'd better enjoy the couch and going outside without a leash while I can!


Summer Agilympics 2005

June 8th 2005 10:26 pm
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So mom and I started doing agility again this May in preparation for the summer Agilympics. We took a break over the winter because mom had to sell the house and she had to spend a lot of time packing and moving. We moved into a smaller MIL apartment but at least I still have a big yard!!

So anyway, once we were settled in the agility started back up. I was so happy to see the arena when our vehicle pulled into the driveway!!! I really missed doing my runs!!

The whole day of Agilympics wasn't so great though. I'm not used to being stuck in a crate while mom goes off to do something else so I pouted a lot.

Mom is going to take over my journal for a minute:

Jake's placing, out of 55 dogs in the pre-novice division by event, is as follows.

Brainfreeze (tunnels game): 18
Double Dog Dare Ya: 22
Snookelers: 26
Goose & Gander: 25
Head to Head: 25

The hilarious thing to me is that Brainfreeze is my LEAST FAVORITE and yet it's the one we did the best in. How does that work??? I guess it's everyone else's least favorite too! Jake doesn't really care for tunnels but at least he obeyed me and ran. Mostly into the tunnels but he did try to go around one.

Jake's individual score by division (pre-novice) overall is 18 out of 55. The other people on my team were 20, 27, and 44. His score out of ALL the dogs (including all of the elites, opens, novices, pre-novices) was 70/144. Not bad!! He beat a lot of dogs more suited to agility who were more experienced.

Our Team, Pitties of the Caribbean, was 7 out of 11. :/ It's tough having a whole pitbull team!! We did have fun with the pirate theme and each dog got to have a pirate name on their handler's shirt. Jake was "Cap'n Jake Sparrow" since I was captain of our team. We also had Pegleg Piper, Deadeye Duce, Jolly J, Itsy the Red and Deadeye Slugger.

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