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My Wonderful Life

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October 9th 2011 11:41 am
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My darling boy went to Rainbow Bridge on the 21st March 2011
my heart is broken


Jan 26th

January 26th 2005 12:07 pm
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We have actually had a couple of dry days here in the UK..My mum is pleased...We dont get soooooooooooo dirty.
We all went for a trip in the car today.I love to look out of the window, I have my own place in the back seat, I get lots of looks from other car drivers . My sister Misty sits in the front .
We went to one of our big parks and had sooooooo much fun...we zoomed and zoomed..
My mum reckons we got to get lots of exersize to work off all the xmas goodies....
Now its time for a nap. see you soon
Laddie xx


Jan 15th

January 15th 2005 3:57 pm
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Gee dont time fly!!! I have had a real busy time. Xmas was a blast,I had lots of new toye..Ive killed most of them tho...Mum says Im good at de-squeaking toys...
We still have our puppy guest, shes a fast learner me and my sister Misty have taught her to chase squirrels....shes having the same trouble as us tho...she cant get the varmints to come down from the trees.
Misty was in the dog house today..she rolled in Fox poo...mum was NOT amused...I just grinned...nice to see her get a telling off...made me look Perfect woof woof.
Well its nap time now...busy day needs a nice long nap ready for the morning.
Happy New Year doggie Pals
Laddie xx


Dec 22nd

December 22nd 2004 9:14 am
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Hi all its been awhile since I wrote...its been a busy time in our house..We have a little guest staying... a 4 month old Westie...oh boy is she giving us a run...
I heard mum telling her friend that shes staying till March next year grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....
Me and Misty want to wish all our pals here a very merry xmas, and we hope you all get lots of lovely treats.
Laddie xx


November 8th

November 8th 2004 4:07 pm
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Hi everyone. been a busy day today.. I have walked MILES... eat your heart out .... I did wear my mum out ...well thats what she told me.
My poor sister Misty has been soooooooo upset... we had Fireworks over the weekend, and she really was scared... I was OK but then Im a man, not much fightens me..
Well here in the UK we are hoping they will ban them... but guess it will be a long wait.
Hope ya all have a good day... Time for bed now.
Laddie ....


November 4th

November 4th 2004 6:29 am
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Hi Guys.. been a little while since I wrote.... to be honest mum has been so busy, so I havent got on the PC.
I got my haircut.... mum says I look handsome again... hey I thought I always looked great...
We got some sun today first in ages... means extra walks yipee....
I got to go shopping with my family they say its something to do with xmas... we went to the pet store and picked up all these lovely toys... I hope they are for me.. Mum wouldnt say.
Misty was dead keen on having a live Rabbit that was in a cage there.. Mum said definately NOOOOOOOOOO......
Well thats all my news , time for a nap now.


Oct 15th

October 15th 2004 2:05 pm
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Hi Everyone..we have had a busy week.. lots of Park walks and lots of squirrels to chase.
My Mum has been extra nice to me....I know what that means... hey Im due to be groomed, she thinks I dont know ,but I do... OK I will be a patient guy and accept my fate.
Today I went in some mud puddles and she just sighed..... well I better make the most of being dirty woof woof....
Tell you more soon.


October 6th

October 6th 2004 4:45 pm
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We have had some awful weather here in the UK.. means me and my sis Misty have had some real bad soakings.... We have fun tho. today at the park all the leaves were falling from the trees..NOW let those darn Squirrels hide hehe....I bark at them but Misty just sits under the tree VERY quiet.... I think I annoy her when I start. Because the Squirrels run up the tree.. But One day when I did bark one lost its footing and fell out of the tree... what fun that was..not today however..
I will keep you fellow doggies informed.


sept 29th

September 29th 2004 10:55 am
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Wow what a good vacation we had... We had so much fun.Everyday we went for long walks. Some real good forest trails.
We even visited the beach , I love to paddle... We met up with a very young Westie pup, we showed him how to have a good time with a tennis all.
I was in the doghouse one day..I must say I didnt mean to roll in Cows Poo...but I mum wasnt very happy as I was VERY grubby and smelly. I suffered the indignities of a water hose... I wont do that again in a hurry.
We went in the rivers too...that was fun. I have a picture showing me on a rock.. I love to stand on a rock.. Well our adventure is over for awhile, Now I nap and dream of the next vacation.


sept 17th

September 17th 2004 6:38 am
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Hi everyone, todays a bit special. we are all going on vacation.. Mum and Dad have booked a cottage in the country and we will be there for a whole week.. Me and Misty cant wait "all those new smells" We hear there are plenty of rabbits to chase..and a lake or two.. so we should have heaps of fun.
I will tell you all about it on my return.

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