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One Smart Pup

March 24th 2012 8:35 am
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Woof! Exciting news...I earned my USDAA MPD this month! Mom is so proud of me and says we gotta go for gold with our PDCH. I'm not too sure what that means but I really don't care as long as I continue to get yummy treats when I run. :)


Moving up the ladder!

August 31st 2011 9:32 am
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I recently earned my Advanced Performance Agility Dog title...not sure what that means but mom says it's HUGE! My life of leisure now includes more tummy rubs and a spot on the couch. :)


Super Q-ty!

May 10th 2011 9:54 am
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So, I have earned my first super Q in Snooker! Mom is so very proud of me, especially since I blew off my weaves during other runs before pulling out an epic performance. Now, if I can only convince her that terriers aren't weaving machines...


I have titles!

November 2nd 2009 3:45 pm
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Once again, it has been a pawfectly busy year for me. I have made my momma very proud by earning my agility dog title. I even managed to move into the PIII ring in Jumpers and am one leg away from my PII Snooker title. Agility is sooo much fun!


I'm a Q-tie Pie!

January 9th 2009 8:33 pm
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This fall was quite eventful, in the agility sense. I got to travel to 3 different agility trials. The very first trial was not my most promising. In my defense, it was outdoors and there was oh-so-much to smell. However, I did grrreat at the other trials. I managed to Q in 4 separate classes and am 1 leg away from my P1 jumpers title. Yipeee!


Quick like a bunny

July 15th 2008 7:10 pm
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Well, summer has finally arrived and I love it! It's hot, hot, HOT! Mom keeps insisting that I go swimming when we are out for a walk. She seems to think that I am a poodle or some other water dog. I can be cajoled into the water only if treats are floating within reach. No water past my elbows! Maybe if Mom would come in the water with me...

In other news, it's All-Star week and I am back into my favorite sport, agility! Class is so much fun and I have lots of other good agility doggies to look up to. We are working to refine my attention skills; I tend to make up my own course if Mom does not tell me soon enough what I need to do. What can I say, I am a terrier and I LOVE to be in charge!


The Cold

February 14th 2008 11:59 am
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Well, winter is officially hanging on entirely too long for my sensible tastes. Last week, we didn't see temperatures above freezing. Mom brought home a jacket for me last year but I really do hate dressing up. I am quite the tomdog. What's worse, the stupid ground hog predicted that winter would continue for another 6 weeks! Let's hope he is wrong this year. Doesn't he know that my terrier coat is not exactly warm?!?!? Boy, what I wouldn't do to give the ground hog a good, old fashioned terrier shake! Grrrrr.


Injured Reserve

October 16th 2007 1:30 pm
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Hi all,

I've been a really busy pup this summer. The first part of summer was not knee started to hurt and eventually required surgery. I was back to my bouncy active self in no time but mom kept me locked up for 6 whole weeks while I healed. ICK! Then, we moved (again) although mom says that this is our permanent home. Wouldn't you know it, I recognize my new home. This is the same area where mom adpoted me from! I like it better out here now that I have a warm bed to sleep on and plenty of treats and toys. Finally, I have a new brother! He's really cute but sometimes he gets on my very last nerve. All the barking aside, it is soooo nice to have someone to play with in the evenings when mom is busy working. We play tug and chase and wrestle and all the other fun doggy games that I enjoy! He even lets me curl up beside him when we finally tire out...


I'm a mean running machine!

February 9th 2007 5:35 am
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Hi all!

My mom decided it was time to channel my energy into something positive and fun so she enrolled me in an agility program. Boy do I get a good workout! There are all sorts of fun obstacles like tunnels and ramps. At first I wasn't too sure about the teeter, but then mom started to bring doggy deserts to class. Now, it is my favorite thing to do! I can't wait until my next class!


Park Doggies!

June 13th 2006 7:31 am
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I am now living near a grrrrreat park. I have made many new friends over the past several months. My favorite doggy game is Keep Away, although I am always up for a good game of Chase. Mom says that all this social interaction makes me a much better doggy when I need to walk quietly on leash!

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