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"Top Dog" HERO 2007


September 17th 2007 4:58 am
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Hi Everyone!

My name is Apples and I am 12 years old. My Daddy is blind, so I was his eyes for over 7 years until I retired due to arthritis where my harness laid across my back. I saved my Daddy's life many times and gave him the freedom and mobility he needed to get to work on the bus, and just enjoy his life!

After my Guide Dog retirement, Mommy was very worried about me because I felt I had to have a job to be happy again! So we contacted the Veterans Administration Hospital in Buffalo, NY, to volunteer as a Therapy Dog. I didn't need any training because of my extensive training as a Guide Dog from The Guide Dog Foundation. I was so excited! I even got my own I.D. card to wear into the hospital with a paw print on it and everything! Mommy and I went every Wednesday for a few years, and volunteered in the Day Care Program. These heros mostly had altzheimers and couldn't remember their own names, but they remembered mine and knew when they were told I was coming, they were in for a treat! So many wonderful people were in that program, but unfortunately, like everything else, that came to an end when I started going blind. Daddy joked and said I could use our Chihuahua for a Guide Dog, and not to worry about a thing.

At this time in our lives, Mommy got very sick. She was having attacks like seizures, but they were different. It took the VA (she is a Vietnam Vet) four months to diagnose her problems. She went through many, many tests, but finally she knew what was wrong. I noticed a change in her heartbeat right before she would have an attack, and pushed her over to the couch or a chair so she wouldn't fall. I never was wrong either! Mommy is in remission now, but I am still considered her Service Dog.

I was voted (last week) as "Top Dog" in the Hero Contest sponsored by Dog Fancy Magazine and Bow Tie Inc. My picture and story will be coming out in a future issue. I have given my entire life helping people and touching lives. Mommy just wanted everyone to celebrate my life with me!
Thanks for reading my Entry! Love and Happiness, Apples

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Apples -Guide Dog-Hero Dog RIP


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