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I'm such a perfect angel.

My first birthday over the rainbow bridge

May 7th 2008 10:42 am
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Less than a year ago, I crossed the rainbow bridge. I left my Mommy and my little brother Patrick behind. I miss them a lot, but, I visit in spirit often. It's great up here. Today I got to eat a huge chocolate cake with all of the best toppings. It's heaven you know, chocolate can't hurt me anymore! I have all of the bones, squeeky toys, fluffy stuffs, and grass that I could ever want! The best thing about it is I get to share it will all of my pals who crossed over with me. I wish I could share it with Mommy and Patrick...I know Mommy's heart hurts for me and my little brother gets super excited whenever he sees a dog that looks like me, but on realization that it isn't me...he gets really sad. My birthday is pretty bitter-sweet today. But, Mommy and Patrick wouldn't want me to be sad for them..well gotta get back to the party!!!


It's my birthday!

May 7th 2006 1:54 am
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So, it's my birthday today! Hooray! Mom gave me a special bone, but, I won't get to have a woofday party until my baby brother turns one on the figured it would be easier to do two woofdays at once. Wish me a happy day!!!


My diary is on the diary central page as pick of the day!

February 3rd 2006 7:43 am
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Okay, so, it's not as pawsome as my brother's being diary of the day, but, hey, it's still pawsome. It also brightened mommy's day a little too! She was very sad this morning because of something work related--I tell you, she can go somewhere else and groom and be happy...anywhoo, she was excited for me and brought me right over to the computer to see! Take that Patriclease!!!!



January 27th 2006 10:43 am
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So, although my mom knows how to groom me, or rather give me a bath, she likes to have other people do it. Especially in the winter time when it's too cold to give me a bath outside. I like to get really dirty too. I love sunbathing out in the dirt, my mom hates it. I only get to sleep in bed with mom one night a month--not because she doesn't like me to sleep in bed with her, it's just that I get so dirty after all of my baths. Mom says she'd like to give me a bath every day but then my skin would dry out and that wouldn't be fun at all. So, today I'm getting a bath and I will get to sleep with mom and my brother in the bed. Mom told me that we are moving in a couple of months, and that our new backyard will have rocks instead of dirt. She said that I'll stay cleaner then and will get to sleep in her bed every night! My dad (mommy's fiancee) doesn't know it yet, but, it's gonna be crowded. Bark!


Early mornings are for me

January 23rd 2006 7:28 am
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Every morning mom wakes me and my brother up so she can get ready for work or college. I'm the only one who listens to her and waits patiently out of the bedroom until she amerges with my lazy brother. He thinks that all blankies are his and that he gets to sleep in later than everyone else. He's so picky about his food too--he can't eat right when he wakes up, mom even bought him a special food because he didn't want to eat the one she already had for him. I'm spoiled too, but not THAT spoiled. I love my brother, but he needs to realize how fun it is to run outside with your ears flopping in the wind and not get too hot like in the summer. Arizona has hot summers, beautiful winters. O well, time to go eat breakfast! BARK!

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