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"Me and my Easter cut!"

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I'm claiming this bed MINE! Thanks Aunt Tracey & the gang!

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"I'm claiming this bed MINE! Thanks Aunt Tracey & the gang!"

See, it is a nice and comfy bed!

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"See, it is a nice and comfy bed!"

Oh no, not the camera ... again!

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"Oh no, not the camera ... again!"

Now I know how celebrities feel ...

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"Now I know how celebrities feel ..."

I think I hear Dr. Perkins coming!

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"I think I hear Dr. Perkins coming!"

Yup, that was Dr. Perkins ... see my needles!

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"Yup, that was Dr. Perkins ... see my needles!"

You would think after the second or third time I would get used to this ...

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"You would think after the second or third time I would get used to this ..."

Mom, why do you always take photos of me with needles in me?

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"Mom, why do you always take photos of me with needles in me?"

Look Mom! All these needles and I'm not even flinching!

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"Look Mom! All these needles and I'm not even flinching!"

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Sweetie Girl, Scarlet, Sweetheart, Princess, Wiggle Butt, Turn-Around Sue

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not playfulvery playful

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December 26th 1998

Sleeping, Belly rubs, Feather pillows, Sun bathing, Being outside on a warm/hot day, wearing her doggie clothes, laying on the kitchen table when no one is home looking out the window

When you make a humming noise, my nephew's friend, the cold, loud kissy type noises, trying to kiss her ANYWHERE BUT her head, Maycee

Favorite Toy:
A red heart with a neon green fuzzy tail, a submarine sandwhich toy, a squirrel with a bushy tail

Favorite Food:
Poultry of any kind (insides and outs), glop, marshmallows, fig newtons

Favorite Walk:
any place without a lot of distractions

Best Tricks:
Scarlet is really good about ringing the bell to let us know she needs to potty, she is also very good at rolling over. She likes to anticipate what we are going to ask of her next and usually never pays attention to what we really want her to do. :)

Arrival Story:
When I went to go see Scarlet I found out her birthday was the same as mine. That was pretty much all I needed to know, she was coming home with me!

After I had got Sophi, my Airedale, my mother decided she wanted a Mini, couldn't live without one. So she saw an add in the paper for Scarlet and called on her, the guy said that he changed his mind and wasn't getting rid of her. About a week later he called and said she wasn't working out. The wife's cat was too stressed out and so it was either her or the dog that goes...lucky for us it was the dog! If you would like to chat with other Schnauzer owners and meet some great people, check out MiniSchnauzeragogo Click to join MiniSchnauzeragogo

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Unique Characteristic:
When Scarlet was teething, one of her ears began to pop up. I didn't know about gluing at the time and so her ears remained, one ear up, one ear down. It looks like she is waving at you with her ear. I think it gives her that much more personality!

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December's Delightful Angel

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Scarlet Elaine - Life as a Princess

Saying goodbye

April 29th 2008 7:35 pm
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It is with the utmost sadness that I say goodbye to my girl, Scarlet.

Scarlet came into my life by accident, after 7 years had passed when my childhood dog Samantha passed away, I got Sophi, my Airedale. My mom was not too thrilled with Sophi, being more dog than she was prepared for and so she wanted her own dog – another Miniature Schnauzer. She found an ad in the paper, some man had purchased her from a breeder and the wife was not happy – neither were her cats. When my mom called to inquire about her he had changed his mind and was going to try to make it work. He called my mom a couple of days later and said the wife was putting her foot down. So we went to see her. She was adorable, this tiny little bundle with big floppy ears. When we were trying to decide yes or no, the guy mentioned her birthday was the day after Christmas, my birthday. That sealed the deal and she became December’s Delightful Angel or Scarlet Elaine.

As a puppy, pretty much every person in my family was in love with her. We have countless photos of Scarlet curled up in someone’s arms, both being asleep. She was the queen of this house. She was a defiant puppy, potty training on HER terms and bossing big sis Sophi around. The two went through obedience class together and grooming sessions together, and walks together. They were a great pair. Sophi and her Airedale antics kept Scarlet on her toes. And if things were not just perfect in Scarlet’s world, she would tell. If Sophi snuck downstairs for kitty krunchies, Scarlet was at the top of the steps barking her fool head off. Sophi learned really quick to be fast and to bring some up for Scarlet so she wouldn’t tell. Scarlet loved napping on our kitchen table when we were gone, only to find one day Sophi had removed all of the chairs from the table so she couldn’t get down! The next best napping spot for Scarlet was in the sun – she loved the warm and hot and excessively hot days. She could lay outside for hours on end in the heat, just soaking it up.

The most notable physical characteristic of Scarlet’s was her ears. Friends who knew her from photos could always pick Scarlet out because of her ears! One was down and one was up – as if waving hello to everyone she met. Funny thing is, Scarlet wasn’t one to warm up quickly to people. It had to be on her own terms. Her favorite person in the world was Scott, he gave the best belly rubs and back scratches and ear scratches ever. She would get so wiggly and giddy when Scott came home for the holidays. Her eyes would sparkle for Scott.

Scarlet was not much on frivolous play either – occasionally she could be found with a floppy toy that she could shake, but if she caught you watching or if you wanted to engage in play with her, she’d just as soon walk the other way. Scarlet’s duty was to sit comfortably on a pillow or the back of the couch or chair and survey her kingdom. If something happened that she felt needed to be addressed by her followers, such as someone walking by outside, she’d let out one small bark and that would send every single dog running and barking to defend her. No other dog in the house has that much power, just Scarlet. The only thing Scarlet really enjoyed was fashion – and she wore it so well too! She would actually run away if we tried to take off her shirt!

Scarlet was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma (cancer of the blood vessels) just about a week and a half or so before Thanksgiving. So many of you were with me through that entire ordeal. The ER vet at the time said that she would make it to 3 months, if that. We removed her spleen the Wednesday before Thanksgiving with the aide of my vet, who generously gave up her day off, time with her family and meal preparations to perform the surgery. We didn’t know if she would make it to see Christmas, let alone her 9th birthday. But the days passed and she got stronger. And the Scarlet we know and love started coming back. The sounds of Scarlet only reassured me she was back in full swing, the flopping of her ears when she shook her head, the nesting on the bed or pillow to make it just right, the sighs when she rolled over for a belly rub, and the little huffs and whispers she would let out when rubbing her face in the covers … the sounds of Scarlet.

It has been 5 ½ months approximately since her surgery, and for the most part, they were really good months. But today, when she refused all food and water and began to vomit blood … she let us know it was over. I told her on Sunday that she didn’t need to fight any more. If she was ready then I would let her go. My heart hurts, I can feel each heartbeat like a drum in my chest, it is difficult to breath, and my face is all red and blotchy from crying – what I would give to hear the sounds of Scarlet if just for one more day. I am praying that she crossed over the bridge safely … and I’m praying that she and I will be reunited again some day.


I had a ruff weekend

April 29th 2008 4:46 am
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On Thursday, my mom took me to the vets for blood work to see if I was anemica or not. Remember, last week I was at 22% then 24%, and 20% or below is not good. I was at 20%. The vet told my mom that a blood transfusion would not really be doing me much good. And the vet also felt like there was a good chance the stupid cancer spread to my colon because my stool continue to be very bloody and loose.

On Friday, I got to go see Dr. Perkins and she poked me with bunches of needles again, and I was fine until she did my feet - needles do not belong in feet people! I get that ... she apparently does not. But Dr. Perkins was happy to see that my liver, although enlarged, was not as enlarged as she thought. Also, my blood work from my other vet she said looked great, except for that whole anemia thing. Dr. Perkins really thinks that I still have some stomach ulcers or something going on in my gut, which causes the bad poops - and also explains my determination to eat a lot of grass outside too. So she put me on some Chinese herbs for the stomach and the liver.

I am also down to my post surgery weight, which is not good. I'm at or around 10 or 11 lbs now and I look my best at about 13.

On Saturday, I refused to eat and I really didn't drink a whole lot either. On Sunday, my mom just held me in her arms and told me that I did really good and put up a really good fight and if I was done fighting, if I was in pain, and/or if I was tired then I could give up the fight. And the whole time she held me she cried and hugged and kissed me. I don't like seeing my mom cry.

I still refused some of the food she tried to give me but then, she gave me kibble. I haven't had kibble in close to six years! I thought it tasted pretty good, not to mention, I know they weren't trying to hide medicine and herbs in there either. So now I eat a lot of kibble, luckily my mom loaded up on the free samples at a pet food store and pet exhibit she went to. So maybe I'll try this kibble for a while.

Oh, and I'm a fighter and I will stick it out for as long as I can! What I think it really was is all of those prayers I've been getting. I can feel them. It makes the fight a little more bearable knowing I have friends out there pulling for me.



I'm still here!

April 13th 2008 6:57 pm
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I'm not gonna lie, I don't have a lot of strength but I wanted to just let everyone know I'm doing okay right now. I'm really weak though, but I ate my dinner tonight and am keeping that down now so far. But trying to get my bed just right ... well, my heart kicks up and I have to rest real quick. I just wanted to give an update because my mom said some really wonderful fur-riends of mine are praying for me and sending me gifts and I really and truly appreciate them. I'm trying to stay strong and fight!

Oh, and I see Sophi is telling stories from when we were younger. You know what she did one time? When my mom left for work I used to be able to go in the kitchen and lay on the chairs, which I loved, but I couldn't see out the windows. So I used to just hop up on the kitchen table and look out the windows all day. When I saw my mom come home I would get down real quick to greet her at the door, and that way she'd never catch me ON the table either - see, gotta be smart like that. Anyhow, one day, I guess I had told on Sophi one too many times, she came along and pushed ALL of the chairs AWAY from the kitchen table! All of them. So when mom came home - guess who couldn't greet her? Guess who couldn't get off the table??? Guess who got BUSTED!!!??? ME! ALL ME! But, my mom thought it was so funny and the laugh was on Sophi because she had to go through all that hard work and I didn't even get into trouble!

See, I can get myself out of all sorts of situations! So hopefully this one that I'm in now, I can get myself out of too ... stupid cancer!

Thanks again everyone - I love you!

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