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And Emma makes four

September 9th 2015 4:59 am
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At ten years old now I thought I'd be living out my years in peace & quiet, but noooooooooo. There have been many changes to the pack. For four whole PEACEFUL years, it was just me. I was able to rest & relax, play & tussle whenever I wanted. Mama was always there and we did lots together. Then Abby came along. Who would have guessed that would open Pandora's box.

"There's always room for one more" became the motto at our home. We took in strays, rescues, fosters & vacationers. Now, as 2015 comes to a close, I think we're finally at capacity. Even mama, the Crazy Dog Lady (she wants to rescue them all!) may have reached her limit - for a while.

Today we are a six-pack; Dad, mom, me, Abby, Belle & Emma (see their pages too!). There isn't a room without a dog bed, a vehicle that doesn't fit us all and a Dyson on every floor of the house. I still have my quiet time but I have come to enjoy the happiness that a youngster can bring to the home.


What a difference a week can make

April 11th 2013 3:50 am
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Katie my girl. It's been a week now since Katie came to live with us. We all knew that she was a part of the family as soon as she arrived. Sometimes she & Abby get into scuffles (it's the way with girls ;)) but I casually walk in between them and they stop. It's all pretty funny really. It's as if separating them momentarily makes them forget what they were sniping about.

Kate's a sweet little thing. She doesn't have Abby's spice but she's a shaker nonetheless. She's already blossomed in just a week. I'm going to enjoy watching her grow up.

Mom & dad have trusted me with being the big brother and I am making them VERY PROUD. This is a great place to be.


The Peacemaker

April 7th 2013 1:38 pm
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Mom and dad are so impressed with me. If I sense any angst between my sisters, I move in between them and it's all over. The girls get along just fine but if there's a snarl of any kind, I step in.

Maybe it's the elder statesman in me or possibly I just don't like the noise, either way we all have to live in this house together. It's a great place and we all love Kate as if she's been here all along.


Another new kid??

November 22nd 2012 7:19 am
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Yes, they've done it again.

My parents have brought home another one. This little minx looks just like Abby. She is a little shy and seemed a little sad but Burli is quickly coming around. She's already eating more and standing firm when Abby wants to play.

I gotta say, it's kinda nice that Abby has someone else to pick on for a while. We have great fun running around the yard but sometimes I just want to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Fall 2011

October 8th 2011 5:04 am
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Abby & I “helped” mom & dad rake leaves yesterday. I think that we got the better end of the deal. It’s been an uneventful summer; little hot. We don’t feel much like running around when it’s hot but it’s not now. We’re having a great time with the cooler weather. Winter is just minutes away & we can play in the snow.

It would be hard to improve on our beautiful kennel house but dad did. We have more room to play, rest and relax. Next spring, it will be even larger!

Mom & dad are talking about adding to the family. They are torn between how wonderful our family is and giving a rescued dog (or two) a fighting chance. I don’t know how I feel about that either; Abby & I are best buddies. Nothing will happen until spring anyway. Mom says that she doesn’t want to be trekking out in the snow every day to train a new dog. I was a summer puppy but mom was there with Abby every morning in the snow & the rain. She must really love us a lot.

Life if good.


Winter blues

January 6th 2011 5:17 am
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Abby is like having a second shadow except that she's usually handing off my neck and occasionally I get her to the ground but she's a tough little cookie. Fortunately, mom takes me for errands & we get to spend a little quality time together alone. The parents did buy a nice family van, just for us and we'll be taking a trip together soon. The seat in the back is all mine. It's just like traveling on a throne. I get to sit up high & see out all of the windows. LOVE IT!!

Dad's talking about another puppy in the spring. I'm slowing down and it would be nice to keep Abby busy. She is an active little one. I wonder though, where exactly are they going to find a bigger bed? We all sleep together now & keep each other warm. I cannot imagine where another body will fit. Ah well, spring is a long time away; especially when it's this cold out - it seems longer. Really, why do people live here? I have a nice thick coat but bundling up seems like such a hassle. Maybe they'll consider moving soon. . .


Midlife crisis

July 7th 2010 3:19 pm
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Next week is my birthday. The family's been home all week & we've been fishing, working in the yard, running, swimming & more fun stuff. We went to the river, just me & dad. It was a guy's day out & we had a great time. I didn't catch anything but dad caught dinner. It was great. Happy birthday to me!!


Merry Christmas

December 27th 2009 6:11 am
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Holiday greetings to everyone from the frigid north. We are digging out from about 18 inches of snow that arrived over three days. True winter warriers, we are shoveling and plowing with the best of them. A little of the white stuff won't stop us.

As a matter of fact, we are celebrating the holiday weekend with a long walk in the woods. Partially to do something other than work and partially to celebrate Abby's first year with the family. It was a snowstorm much like this one that welcomed Abby to our home.

It's been a great year for us pups with a new house, training, a new diet and healthy living. NOT that there was anything wrong with life as it was but having another dog in the house has been fun. She keeps me from the naughty list all by myself.

Gotta run. We're going for a walk in the woods. Photos are likely to follow.

Merry Christmas!


Home Sweet Home

August 29th 2009 5:18 pm
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It’s the end of August but I can feel autumn in the air. It’s getting cooler & I can run and chase Abby all day without getting winded from the heat.

Mom & dad spent a week putting together a larger, wonderfully insulated new home. Abby & I have a sweet house to spend the day outside. Mom hopes to build a deck in the next days for us to relax in the shade; totally awesome.

The kid is getting bigger every day. Abby rolls with the punches & gets in a few good jabs of her own. We have lots of fun every day playing in the yard or down at the river with mom & dad.

Snow is just around the corner. Can't wait.

September 2009
WOW!! What a place! Labor day? You said it!! Mom & dad just put a deck & patio area on the new house. Mom went a little nuts and we also have plants, a mailbox and our very own bird feeder.

Do they love us or what? I love my family!!



June 25th 2009 5:34 am
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Little did I know that the parents would be wowed at my ability to shell peanuts. They flipped. I just wanted the nuts. Dad says that Abby & I are a real pair. She likes beer & I like peanuts. However, she doesn't get but a sip when she sneaks a taste from his can. I get all the peanuts I want. It's the simple things.

I will be four this July. Where has the time gone? This is almost mid-life for me. I wonder if I will have a crisis? What exactly is a crisis? Whatever it is, I'm sure that mom & dad will fix it.

I still itch a bit in the summer but not like last year. Mom has started cooking for us & giving us special ingredients in our food. She makes blueberry muffins that have flaxseed, pumpkin & yogurt crunch for breakfast & fresh meats & rice for dinners. She packs our meals with love & tasty things. She even makes all our dog biscuits and they are filled with apples, peanuts, bananas & other sweet stuff that's good for me. Of course, I share with Abby.

It's been too hot to take me fishing in the boat and that makes me a little sad. But I'd just be miserable out in the sun even under my special umbrella. Fall is really my season; everything cools off & I can run around like a puppy again. But summer's good while it's here. And someone's got to watch the kid.

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