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Happy Birthday Sweet Toby Doobers...

November 10th 2014 10:05 am
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Oh Toby Jo, you are missed so much. You would have been 12 years old today, how hard it was when your birthday coupon came in the mail from our pet store. We used it to get a little squeak toy that your brothers will get for Christmas from you. We wanted so badly for you to make it to your 12th birthday but that just wasn't to be. Dad and I are still hurting but it helps to know that you are with your brother Sammy Jo. You loved him so much. We will always miss you and Sam, we love both of you and you will both be in our hearts forever. Happy Birthday Toby Jo. Mom, Dad, Cory Jo, JoJo and Sarge. XXXXXOOOOO


Thank You

September 10th 2014 2:56 pm
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It's been almost a month since our Toby Jo left for the Rainbow Bridge, Everything reminds me of him. I miss him sitting on the porch looking over his yard and making sure all was well. The way he constantly had to know where my husband was and how he followed dad everywhere. How he met us at the gate when ever we came home and his big smile and tail wagging because he was so happy to see us. Going to the dog park for the first time without Toby was heart breaking, his favorite place since he was two years old. We loved him so much. I haven't had the time to thank each friend who sent rosettes, pawmail, pictures, thoughtful words and prayers but please know how much each one was appreaciated, I've read every single message more than once. It has helped us so much to know people care. Toby is burried next to Sammy at Sleepy Hallow Pet Cemetary. They were best buddies since the day we got Toby so Sammy would have company while we were at work and he had to be alone during the day. It was the best thing we ever did, they loved each other from the second they met, so it's right that they should be together now. I am having lots of problems getting the pictures posted on Toby Jo's page, I don't know if everyone is or just me but today it's telling me that I am at my limit of 11 and if I want more to get Dogster Plus. When I go to sign up for Dogster Plus it tells me I already have it. I get other messages too like couldn't read the file, I'll keep trying, once in awhile it does actually work.


Our Toby is an Angel

August 12th 2014 12:22 pm
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Today our Toby became an Angel. We are missing him so much. Thank you everyone for all the kind words, pawmails, rosettes and especially for all the prayers. Tobys doctor didn't think he'd make it through the July 4th weekend so I truly believe everyones prayers gave us an extra month to be with him.

Toby Jo, you have left a huge hole in our lives, you can't imagine how much you are missed. Right now everything reminds us of you and the memories of happy times together brings tears to our eyes. Upstairs is your little bed, tonight for the first time you won't be in it. In the kitchen is your little dish. It was washed and ready for you to have breakfast. We put the stroller away, it was too painful to have to see it. It was such a reminder that you were too sick to walk the trails at the dog park, I didn't mind pushing you around in it and you didn't seem to mind being in it. We just enjoyed being together at your favorite place in the world so we did what we could to make that happen. We love you so much lil' Toby Doobers and forever you will stay in our hearts. Fly Free Sweet, mom, dad, Sarge, Cory and JoJo


Toby Jo Update

August 9th 2014 2:56 pm
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Just a quick update on Toby. We took him to the vet yesterday and the news was pretty bad. He's been coughing almost all night and doesn't sleep well so she increased his lasix. He is at the highest doseage on all his meds. She said he is a little worse than the last time we brought him in but there is nothing more she can do for him, the increased lasix should make him a little more comfortable for awhile and buy him a little more time. She told us to take him home and just enjoy him while we still have him with us. It is so hard knowing we are losing him but we are trying to make his last days as happy as possible. He loves the dog park so I've been taking him there almost every day. He doesn't mind riding in the stroller but of course he'd much rather be walking. I do let him out once during each visit so he can walk around and mark all the trees. And when it's hot he stands in the pond for a few minutes. We are doing all we can to keep him alive as long as possible, he is so very much loved.


My Update

July 18th 2014 3:50 pm
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Hi all my furiends, we are missing all of you but mom is so busy still. Mom and I just wanted to let you all know that things have not changed a lot with my CHF but my dogtor says that mom and dad are doing a very good job. I know sometimes I don't make it easy for them. They are unhappy that I refuse to eat dog food, they are still cooking me liver, chicken and turkey legs. Sometimes I won't eat the food they cook for me either and it scares them. Getting pills down is a battle every day. They give me peanut butter, cheese, lunch meat, and whatever else they can think of. I hear they are going to get me some baby food next. For the last few days mom has been noticing that I haven't been pooping. she thinks my diet of meat, meat, and more meat is the problem. Dad called the dogtor and she said to give me some pumpkin twice a day so today we started that. Mom says we will find a way to get fruits and vegetables down me, she is determined. I had a bad day today, I've been coughing a lot. Yesterday mom took me and Sarge to the dog park. Since I was having a pretty good day she let me walk more than she usually allows so today she is blaming herself because I am not doing so well. I don't mind riding in the stroller but walking and being able to check out who's been marking my trees is lots more fun than just sitting and riding over the bumpy paths.

Dads new knee is healing and he is getting another new knee in october. Mom is still struggling with getting housework, laundry and yard work done but dad has started helping a little. Well, I need to go rest now, but I want to make sure you all know how much we love all our furiends. Thank you, my furiends, for the prayers, we appreaciate them so much. Loves and Licks, Toby Jo


Not Doing Well...

June 27th 2014 4:13 pm
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Mom thought I should write an update so our furiends will all know we are still here. We want to thank everyone who sent presents and comments and pictures and paw mails, we haven't forgotten our furiends and we just love all the gifts and comments for Sarge on his gotcha day and Sammy on his Rainbow Bridge day and also his barkday. and all the POTP and prayers for me. Mom says I am very sick. I've been to the vet 3 times now, first she gave me lasix, the next visit she increased the lasix and the last visit, just a couple days ago, she said she can hear crackling in my lungs which she couldn't hear before. I also lost 4 pounds but mom said that's because I had so much fluid inside me. She gave me 2 more perscriptions, one is vetmedin, for my heart and the other is enalapril also for my heart. She said my heartbeat is weak and the medicine will help make it stronger. Mom took us to the dog park and I had a real hard time. I made it to the small dog area and laid down in the shade. Mom stayed with me there and held me while my human sister took Sarge and Izzy and Tinker for a long walk around the park. I couldn't quite make it to the gate when we left to go home so my human sister carried me to the car. Mom and dad are worried and sad. Dad called the dog park today and asked if they could bring the doggie stroller for me so I can still go for walks in the park. they said that will be fine so I might get to go tomorrow. Well I better go rest now, thank you all again. Licks and tail wags from Toby and mom


An Update Fur Our Furiends

June 4th 2014 6:25 pm
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Hello our dear furiends, mom wanted to send out a thank you to evfurry one that sent my brudder Sammy Jo beautiful rosettes and messages for his 5th Rainbow Bridge Day. We all miss him very much and we love you all for thinking of him on this sad day. Mom is going to try to send out better thank you's to all of you but in case she just can't get to it she wanted me to let you all know that we read them all and we will cherish the love and compassion attached to each one. Thank you...

As for mom she is very busy, Dad had his knee surgery and is doing well but he's in lots of pain yet and mom is busy taking care of him (and me) and doing all the things that dad used to do around the house. She says dad did a lot more than she realized and she's exhausted! She's struggling to keep up with house work, laundry, yard work and planting the flowers she bought over a week ago. Plus taking me and Sarge to the dog park when she can squeeze in a little time. Grocery shopping is a problem, she puts it off everyday until it's dinner time and then runs out to get take out for her and dad saying she will get groceries tomorrow but when tomorrow comes the same thing happens. Dad has a lady come once or twice a week, she's a nurse and a guy comes three times a week and makes dad hurt. He makes dad do physical therapy. But, each day dad gets better and mom says once the pain goes away dad will love his brand new knee! Dad says he will take a break before having the other knee done so he can do some golfing and take us to the dog park.

And then there's me. My CHF is worse, I cough most of the night but not as much during the day. Mom is taking me back to the dogtor to see what can be done to slow the progress of this horrible sickie I have. Her and dad are so worried when they hear me coughing and sometimes I see moms eyes get wet. When mom takes us to the dog park we only walk a little bit then we sit for awhile so I can rest. It takes us two hours to get through the whole park because we spend so much time sitting. Well mom says I better end this because it's time for my medicine and time for all of us to go to our beds for the night. Mom says as soon as things calm down around here we can get back to Dogster, we are hoping that will be real soon!


Not Feeling So Good And Dad Went To The Hospital And Left Me- Home

May 16th 2014 4:56 pm
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It all started on the monday before dad had to go to the hospital to get a new knee. Mom was crying cause I was breathing so hard and not looking very good. Dad said he will call my dogtor and see if they could let me come in. They said they were booked full but I could come in the next day. Dad said that won't work cause he was having surgery that day. Then mom said he's going to die before we get him in, the lady must have heard mom so she said it would be ok to bring me in at 4:45. The dogtor looked me over and said it looks like congestive heart failure. That made mom and dad sad. The dogtor told them that I'm not critical and she will get me started on lasix and give me an antibiotic. I love my medicine, it's like getting a treat my brudders don't get. Mom hides my pill in some of that yummy raw rabbit that my brudder Cory gets and the antibiotic is just plain yummy.

My dad went to the hospital the next day and I was so sad when mom came home without him. I love my pawrents but my dad is my best buddy. I was worried and looked for him but he didn't come home. Then mom came home one afternoon and put on my new harness and said we're going to go see dad. We went to a big building and we walked and walked and walked and then we rode in a little room that took us upstairs. Then we walked some more. Finally we went in a room and there he was! My very own special dad! I layed with him on a strange bed and gave him some kisses. I was breathing really hard and that had mom worried. It was a very long walk and it made me so tired. Then my human sister and her husband came and got me and they took me back home. Mom asked them to carry me because she didn't think I should walk that far again.

Today mom came home and put on my new harness again and we got in the car. We went to another building but not as big as that hospital. This place is called rehab. We went inside and took a short walk to a room and went in. No one was there so we sat down. And then guess what? My dad came in riding in a chair with wheels! He got into the bed and mom put me in with him. I was so happy to see my best buddy dad! Tomorrow I get to go see dad again and mom said we can take dad outside and sit by a pond and I can ride with dad in the chair with wheels!

Thank you to all my furiends for the get well wishes and all the presents for my page and the power of the paws. Mom really appreaciates all the prayers and get well wishes from all of you. She is very scared and sad that I am having so much trouble breathing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, you are all the bestest furiends ever...Toby Jo


Toby Jo Needs Prayers

May 12th 2014 7:32 am
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I am so worried about our sweet Toby. I think he has gone into congestive heart failure. We lost our Sammy to CHF and in the last two days Toby seems to have the same symptoms. He had been coughing but I haven't heard him cough at all today, except he doesn't look good and seems to be breathing hard. He hasn't eaten anything so far today. Please pray for him....


Sometimes An Old Mom Can Learn A New Trick!

March 26th 2014 12:29 pm
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Our mom is so excited, she learned to do something new! Anyas mom told her how to put graphics in a rosette. At first she didn't get it and finally said I GIVE UP! Then her and dad left to go to a school concert to see their grandaughter sing. On the way home, all of a sudden, it just popped into her head and she yelled, OH MY GOSH, I KNOW WHAT I DID WRONG! Dad, of course, had no idea what she was talking about and just looked at her. Anyway she had to try it again the minute she got home and it finally worked. I guess this must be something exciting cause mom is happy. As for us boys, if it doesn't have anything to do with the dog park, dinner time, or treats, we aren't interested! Mom says thank you Anya's mom, and since Austin and Doo's mom showed Anya's mom how to do it, Thank you to her too.

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