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Cowboy Johnny

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The Cowboy Adventure Continues...

May 8th 2006 9:24 am
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Well, after the last foray into the exciting cowboy life, Domino and I went home to regroup and plan our next adventure. Fortunately Domino has a good head on his shoulders and realized where we had gone see, the Lone Ranger had his faithful pal Tonto (covered there as we have each other) but what about Silver? Silver! That was it! We needed a sturdy, loyal friend to carry us on our adventures! To ride away from the Suzy's we would need someone fast and strong...but who...who was brave enough to leave all comforts behind and face the dangers of the trail? That's when it came to Domino... Kwewu!!!! Why hadn't we thought of it before?

Now to convince Kwewu that what he had always wanted was not a life of ease and comfort laying about all day; but an exciting adventure carrying two cowboy pups into the wild beyond. After showing him the Lone Ranger flick a couple dozen times he agreed to go if we would "just shut that thing off...and don't call me Silver again!" Okay so at first he wasn't exactly excited but he was going!

When our Suzy moms yelled "nap time" we went without a peep. It seemed the longest reading of the Cat in the Hat yet...we wiggled trying to stay awake as the story wound on and on. Finally anxious to get back to the giggling, gossip and nail polish they left.

We ran to the window but it was so high. We had to pile up all of our blocks, then carefully Domino climbed atop the blocks balancing me on his shoulers, reaching as high as I could I managed to unlatch the window when suddenly crash! Down went Domino and all the blocks. We lept onto the bed and shut our eyes tight trying not to giggle. The Suzys of course came running, they walked over and carefully covered us again. I could see Domino's tail beginning to wag but the Suzys didn'te even see it. "Don't they look like little angels when they're asleep?" I heard them whisper. "I'm so glad we talked them out of the wild cowboy life, imagine the little dears out there." I could feel Domino's body silently convulsing with laughter! If they only knew. When the door shut we were up and out the window, rolling in the grass holding our sides as we laughed our heads off! Little angels indeed!

Kwewu came dutifully around the side of the house. "If we're goin' let's go!" he barked. Down the road we went. Riding high, this was the life indeed sure beat walking that's for sure. Just as we settled back, Kwewu stopped walking. He indicated that gas prices have risen dramatically and horse transport has kept pace as well, he expected a few cookie treats every little bit. Oh well...we were well prepared.

Before we realized it we were out in the desert and the old tummy began to growl. We settled ourselves under a cactus. After the fiasco with the can opener we wisely opened the cowboy beans at home and placed them in a paper bag. We hungrily opened our pack only to find those rascal cowboy beans had leaked out of our paper bag so hungry as we were we ate the bag too. Kwewu didn't even protest at this. After two or three packs of cookies we wearily snuggled up to good ol' Kwewe and fell fast asleep.

When we was dark and scary and we were alone. Off in the distance we could hear the howling of the coyotes. Suddenly, we didn't feel like such big bad cowboys after all. "Did you bring a pistol?" whispered Domino edging closer to me..."Are you crazy, if Suzy caught me with a pistol, she'd bite my little wooley tail off. I thought you had a pistol." said I. "Not me, too afraid of my Suzy." said Domino.

Just then we heard a jeep pull up. It was Kwewu and the Suzys! We were so glad to see our moms! I cannot even tell you! We were so glad we didn't even blame Kwewe for havin' the good sense to know when to use the cell phone. Just like the Lone Ranger a pup needs a good pal and a faithful horse that knows when to use the cell phone and get help!

This is NOT the end of the adventure...we are going again! We had the best fun a cowboy could have!


We Wanna' be Cowboys!

April 24th 2006 3:15 pm
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We went on a trip where we saw a WILD west show! I have decided that definitely the life of a cowboy is for me!

My pal Domino had the exact same revelation lately! We talked it over and decided to head out just the two of us to a wild and wooley life of adventure! Trouble was we both have a Suzy dog in our lives that tell us when to sit, when to stand, how to eat and where to lie. We would have to give these Suzys the slip if we were off to have the adventure of a lifetime and live the cowboy dream.

Giving the Suzys the slip was not as easy as one might hope! That's a whole
'nother story for a whole 'nother day! But at last Domino and I met on the trial ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

We had hoped to rope Keuwee to be our horse but sadly no doggy really wants to live life as a horse for two wild pups! We can't imagine why not! So now were were just two cowboys WALKING along the trail.

Suddenly Domino turned to me..."Where's your gun, Johnny?" he asked. I hung my head as I admitted I had my water pistol tucked in my waistband when Suzy spotted it and squirted me but good before she took it away from me. Domino had experienced similar Suzy troubles so the two of us were without a pistol. Suddenly I had a great idea! "Hey, Domino, we could use our know just point them at folks!" This decided upon we went on looking for an adventure.

It wasn't long before the old tummy started grumbling. Fortunately we had both packed a big can of cowboy beans! WOOHOO for beans! We got some sticks to make a little fire and even some kindling and got our cans ready. "Hey Domino" said I "did you bring a can opener?" Domino proudly pulled out the most beautiful shiny red contraption you have ever seen. We looked behind every bush but sadly we could not find a plug to plug it into. "Let's use our tails to open it" suggested Domino cleverly. As so round and round we rubbed our tails but those cans did not open.

We were getting very tired with all that walking and now hunger was setting in. We had a real cowboy meeting and decided we better head back home before the Suzys noticed we were missing and try the cowboy adventure life another day!

Stay tuned...

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