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Cowboy Johnny

The Cowboy Adventures of Johnny & Domino

August 13th 2006 7:57 am
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Some time has passed since our last cowboy adventures. Since the loss of Kwewu neither Domino nor I have felt like an adventure. I decided to pay Domino a visit and see just how he was doing. Of course my mother, Suzy came along. Now how is that for a cowboy like me? Being "taken" by his mother?

When we arrived Domino's Suzy, Suzy Q was clucking around squeezing my cheeks and saying words like precious and adorable, my Suzy was no better with poor Domino. We exchanged a look "HELP!!" This was usually the point of the visit where Kwewu would magically appear from his outdoor adventure world and say he would "keep an eye" so the ladies could visit! No such help this trip. We sorely missed Kwewu on so many levels.

We were fussed over, brushed and sprayed with some stinky stuff. Then the humiliation of having the Suzys make us a "little tent" from a bedsheet right smack up against the patio door. As if this wasn't humiliating enough they stuffed us into matching pajamas that features little cowboys, ropes and boots running all over them! UGH! These horrible things even had "feet" in the "so our footsies wouldn't get cold". After being kissed and "tucked" in we were done for! Poor Domino was rubbing his head all over the blankets trying to lose that "smell" while I was busy trying to wiggle my toes.

The porch light above us glared into our little puppy eyes. The noise of the two Suzys painting each other's nails and giggling drifted out to us. Every now and again the Suzys would come traipsing to the back door to "check on" us, remarking to one another how "cute" we were...little baby cowboys, giggle, giggle.

This was NOT the cowboy adventure we had planned! We were rough and tumble cowboys not babies! Now we realized how much freedom we had enjoyed because of our pal, Kwewu. Of course he was "keeping an eye" but gave us freedom, adventure and best of all, his friendship.

Thinking on all of this made us real men! Waiting until those Suzys went in the bedroom to try on Suzy Q's clothes we decided to act. No reason getting two mama dogs up in arms, wait for the moment. The moment came! We ripped off those horrible pajamas and stuffed them into our beds making little puppy sized lumps with them. We ran around the corner of the house, "where are we going?" I asked. Now that we had our freedom I was a little afraid. We had never really been anywhere on our own.

Domino pulled me to the driveway and with a flourish pulled off a cover...there is the moonlight was Kwewu's Bronco! A flood of memories came to me as I looked at that Bronco. All the times Kwewu had driven up it the Bronco to "rescue" and "save" us...pulling me back to the present Domino pointed to the letters with his paw

R-Rough and tumble
O-Only adventure
N-Never alone

I blinked and rubbed my eyes..."Did you say ours?" I asked. "I sure did, Kwewu left us the Bronco." We climbed in and sat a moment smelling Kwewu's familiar, comforting smell. Then Domino turned the key. The Bronco sprang to life and Domino peeled out tires squealing!

In the rearview mirror we could see our Suzys rushing out in their little high heeled feathery slippers running in circles in the middle of the street. They'd be okay. They would realize we weren't such babies after all.

As our ears blew in the wind we smiled. Kwewu had taught us well, he would always be with us on our adventures.


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