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Dawson's Auto-paw-ography

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Houdini is back

April 27th 2010 1:39 pm
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It's been four years!! Can you believe it, but Houdini is back!!

Skylar and I are crated while Mom and Dad are gone to work. I get into trouble otherwise. Going through garbage, going through laundry, etc... I think it's fun and a talent of a small pup like me, but my parents call it trouble.

Anyhow, Mom locks our crate with the crate lock and I can usually bang on the door until it lossens and get out. Since then she has added a clamp to the door at the top like on the end of a dog leash. It holds the door to the wall and I can't get out.

Well, after 4 years of this method, Mommy and Daddy came home yesterday to the clamps on the door, Skylar in her cage and I resting comfy like in the bathtub.

Sing everyone: Everyone wave your paws in the air!! And break free like you just don’t care!! Bark Dawson! I said Bark Dawson!! Woof-Woof-Woof! I let the dogs out!!... Well, actually just me. Skylar wasn't too smart and couldn't get out.

I was good, no garbage mess or laundry mess. But they still don't trust me. I knock down small gates and find ways to get out of confinement all the time.

Daddy couldn't figure it out, but Mommy did. I simply banged on the cage door, and pushed my way through the bottom though the top was shut. I was able to mash my way through the little give way at the bottom of the door.

Today they moved the clamp to the middle of the door so I can't push my way out.

This sucks! But, I bet after a few years I can figure how to get out of my cage again. Nothing can hold me back!! NOTHING!!

Tongues and grins,



It's my birthday - time to paw-taay!

June 3rd 2009 6:14 am
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Skylar thinks we're old. I say 8 isn't old. You're only as old as you feel and I still feel like a pup. In fact, Mom shaved me for the summer so I look really cute and pup like anyhow. She hasn't taken pics of me in my dashing haircut. Shame on her. She better today for my pup-day!!!

I want to celbrate even though it's terrible outside. I don't care that it's raining. I just want to run and jump and lick everyone hello. Today is a good day. Especially if I get extra spoilings.

Tongues and grins,



Bath time

March 10th 2009 5:45 am
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Everyone got a bath the other day! Mommy said we were getting stinky! I told her it was my own signature cologne, but she wasn't buying it.

She stared off with me, then Skylar, then Kiara, then Ami, then Arwen. The chis dried off fast, but us other three looked pathetic. Mommy and Daddy took me and Kiki under the dryer. We love the dryer... so does lil' Ami though he doesn't need it. But poor Skylar is terrified by it. She has to be towel dried and sit on a heating pad. she acts like it's the end of the world. I think she's scared of the noise it makes.

Anyhow, we all smell good and look fluffy... well except the short hair chis, they really can't be fluffy.

In a week it will be Arwen's birthday. I'm looking forward to that. I can't wait to have cake or cookies or whatever they buy to celebrate. But it will be soft and chewy, because we don't want a repeat of Arwen's first birthday. Choking is not on the menu.

Tongues and grins,



Squirrel jr.

June 12th 2008 6:25 am
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Daddy has been working in our backyard lately. It's all forest. Well, Mommy and Daddy have been talking about building a bigger deck and tearning down the thorn trees forever. These trees have huge thorns on them like roses. And the trees are stories high. And the trees all come literally to the back door. So you can't see the forest through the trees.

Anyhow, Mommy and Daddy have been clearing out the woods. We had 2 squarrels that visited us every morning. They'd jump off the trees to our back porch. They're called Mr. Squirrel and Squirrel jr.

And Mr. is FAT! We tease that he's in a contest against Arwen. As he's about as big as her. Then Jr. is tiny. They visit and we give them cheerios and bread, whatever Mom or Dad is eating at breakfast.

Anyhow since they've taken out the trees closest to our house we have't see nthem anymore. It makes us sad. Especially the kitties. They loved watching them every morning. I hope when the deck is completed that they'll come back. They've visited us for 5 years!!

Then guess what?!!! Squirrel jr. was there today!! He was running around probably surveying everything! We were all so excited!! Our neighbors are back!!

We hope to see Mr. Squirrel back soon!!

Tongues and grins,



June 3rd was our 7th Birthday!!

June 5th 2008 8:12 am
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Skylar and I turned 7 years old on Tuesday!!! Mommy was so busy she forgot. Sky and I promised we'd forgive her only if she had a BIG party for us this weekend to tell us how special we are!! I expect LOTS of treats! She says that June just sneaks up on her and she just blanked. She remembered yesterday and felt very guilty! I hope that means lots of TREATS!!!!

Tongues and grins,




June 2nd 2008 6:55 am
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There was a really bad storm that hit on Friday. there was a tornado touchdown not far from here. There are trees down, roofs pulled off, garages broken and powerlines down.

It hit late in the night. Mommy and Daddy held us all in the middle of the house where it was most safe.

We all were okay. I just stayed in mommy's lap to protect her. Storms don't scare me, but smoke does. I don't like fires. When I smell smoke I shake like a leaf and whine. Those just aren't my thing.

Mommy and Daddy ended up sleeping on the couches downstairs that night. We had run of the whole house.

We were good though. Nothing got destroyed. I slept and guarded Mommy while Kiara and Skylar chose the floor. Arwen wanted Daddy and Amadeus wanted to be by Arwen. (I'm a Mama's boy, so I'm glad I got her all to myself).

She and Daddy usually sleep with Kiara and Arwen. Amadeus is too young and gets crated at night. And Skylar and I sleep together at the edge of the bed usually.

I'm glad we're all okay... cats too.

Tongues and grins,



I'm not the only boy anymore!!!

May 15th 2008 6:59 am
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So yeah, my fur family grew! I've got a baby brother. Not sister-a brother. Of my fur family there are 6 females!! I was the only guy! Now there are 2.

I still don't know what to really think of him. He like biting my tail and I don't like that. I don't mind watching, but I don't like him running over me like I'm a race track.

Maybe when he calms down we'll be best guy pals or something. But right now I dunno. I'm a Mama's boy and I don't know if I want to share that title.

We'll see.

Tongues and grins,



Tooth Cleaning

August 30th 2007 6:50 am
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Yesterday I had my tooth cleaning. I got dropped off and I was a ham. I wanted to greet everyone! Then they put me under for tooth cleaning. I got two teeth pulled as well.

Mom was upset to hear I needed 2 teeth pulled, but they were loose already. 1 upper and 1 lower. The whole process was very expensive, but I now have a sealant on my teeth that should help this not happen again.

My grandma visited me at the vet's and I didn't care. I just wanted to go home. I whined and kept asking my Grandma why we weren't leaving. Then Mommy came and I was quiet as a mouse and laid in her arms.

I was excited to see her but I was really sleepy and tired. I came home and played a bit with my fur family, but slept a lot. I got to sleep on Mom's lap a lot. I even slept on Dad's lap a bit.

I got my regular dog food, but Dad put chicken broth over it to make it softer. I ate the whole thing like I never saw food before.

Of course I've never had problems with food before.

I have medicine to get me through the next few days of any pain, but I feel okay. I just like snuggling next to my parents and getting lots of attention.

Tongues and grins,



1st of 2 vet stops

August 24th 2007 1:16 pm
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So yesterday Mom and Dad take just me on a ride. And I'm like finally-time alone! I love me time! But no! That was a joke! I ended up at the vet!

They took me to get some bloodwork done, which is required before a teeth cleaning!!! I'm getting my teeth cleaned next Wednesday!

I mean yeah, I've got plaque and my breath is getting foul, but must I really go through all this?

I kissed some of the Vet techs. But it seems they don't care, they are going to go through with this. They're going to polish my teeth and put on a sealant over my teeth. Now my underbite will look nice and pretty!

I did get some treats at the vets. I showed them how to roll over, sit, squat, twirl, wait and lay down. They were very impressed. I love an audience.

I'm nervous about the teeth cleaning. I hope I get lots of treats for this!! I expect extra spoilage from my parents and from my fur family this weekend! I'm too adorable not to right?

Tongues and grins,



It's my birthday today!

June 3rd 2007 9:35 am
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Yay! It's my birthday! I share my birthday with my cousin Skylar! She ws born in a different litter than me, but born on the same day. Are we cool or what?

I don't know what is in plans for us, but with all the wedding stuff going on I'm sure it'll be low key. But that's okay, cuz it's my birthday and I'm gonna party! I don't need anyone to do that for me. Just bring on the treats!

Tongues and grins,


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