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Peanut Butter isn't always the best treat!

June 5th 2005 10:03 am
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I thought that I should explain my new picture. You see, that is as close as Mom & Dad say that I am ever going to get to peanut butter on a stick ever again.

I suppose I should start from the beginning. Mom was using her tiniest spatulua to put peanut butter on celery (sounds like a gross treat, doesn't it?). Knowing that she was never going to give me any, I decided to get Winston-Perry to distract her. (Winston is one of my little kittens and I've always been able to convince him to do things - no matter how stupid. What can I say, he is the perfect little brother...) Then, when Mom wasn't looking, I stole the spatula full of peanut butter. Mom tried to take it away from me as soon as she noticed, but I wasn't going to give it up without a fight. We ended up in a tug-of-war. Mom had the handle and I had the good stuff. The next thing I new, Mom was standing there with the handle in her hand I had the good stuff in my mouth. So I proceeded to do the only thing any puppy in his right mind would do... I swallowed it.

The next thing I knew Mom put this big dish of water in front of me. I drank it down without thinking - I should know better. Mom had diluted some hydrogen-peroxide with the water and sure enough, within 10 minutes I was throwing up. Now I understand that she was trying to get the rubber spatula out my stomach, but I don't think that was a very nice trick. Anyway, as I said, I threw up all over the place but no spatula. Mom & Dad called the vet and he thought it was small enough and it would "pass". He was wrong. The next day I was at the Vet's with a very upset stomach. Since I couldn't get the spatula out on my own - the Vet did the only thing he could. I had surgery the next morning.

The end result is that I'm back to my old self and I have the coolest little scar on my belly! And I don't care what they say - if I can figure out a way to that jar open that peanut butter is mine!

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