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I've been tagged by Angus

December 2nd 2008 12:00 pm
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I have to tell 7 things about myself and tag 7 others

here goes....

Seven things about myself

I'm handsome :-)

I don't really like food, but Mom says it's a necessity

I'm afraid of loud noises, kids and strangers...

I LOVE to chase squirrels or any other little critters...even small dogs

I will probably get Fanconi's Disease sometime during my life. Mom is really worried about that.

I snark at Marlowe a lot but in reality I think he's the greatest big brother...shhh, don't tell him I said that though.


Someday I think I'll be nice to mom and actually NOT pull on the leash...

I also want to say we're sorry to Maggie for not doing this when you tagged us.....

Now I have to pick 7 dogs to tag.....

I'm going to tag

Rex..he's pretty new around here and we need to know more (899366)

Beshi...because he's a snarky old guy and I think that's COOL! (448325)

Daisy...because it seems Cleopatra takes all the limelight...not that it shouldn't be that way mind you...but we want to hear from Daisy (880494)

Dewey...because the dudes CRAZY, and I like that! (509632)

Mr Twister...because I LOVE his ugly face...HAHAHAHA!!! (506286)

Otis Campbell...because Marlowe says I have to, he's his pal, and i can see why! (546956)

And SUKARI...My barootiful, barootiful Sukari...I could never get tired of hearing about her (477611)


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