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Age: 15 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 100+ lbs

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Mo, Mobus, Mo-mo, Boo, Boo-Boo, Mortificus (that's Pop's name for me), The Great PAIN, Poop-head...and a few others we can't mention.

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not playfulvery playful

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-purebred-service dog

July 20th 2001

Playing with his "brother", Skooter. Lying in bed w/ Ni-Ni when Pop has left, laying on the futon, going in the car, camping and hiking....and trying ever so hard to get those stupid squirrels!

People in the neighbor's yard, and SQUIRRELS!!!!!

Favorite Toy:
His brother......Skooter.

Favorite Food:
He's just SO picky! We've tried it all, and it seems he doesn't like any of it that much. Any ideas?

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Best Tricks:
"Do you feel faint?", "Smile for me!!!", Sit, "Gimme' 5", and "Gimme' 10" and "hug".

Arrival Story:
We bought Max on September 11, 2001 for my cousin and her husband. During their divorce he was stolen, and for a year we didn't know if "my baby" was dead or alive. Thanks to a miracle we were contacted that Max was indeed alive, but VERY ill. My cousin took custody of him and nursed him back to health. In July of 2005 her land lord said that Max was too big to live there and HAD to go. (Ummmm hello, he's been there for over a year, what makes him too big now?) She called us, VERY upset and not knowing what to do....the answer was simple....."bring him home"! He's been back with us since August...and it's been a DREAM! We're not sure when we'll have to give him back. I know he needs his Mommy.....and she needs him....but I can't help being selfish and say how much I love him and how SUPER WONDERFUL he is! I am, however, VERY sick of the "horse" and "saddle" jokes. I stumbled upon a GREAT site: She has come up with some very good (smart-alec) answers to give to people when they get on your nerves with "those" comments!

We were VERY fortunate to find Mo's litter. The couple who bred his parent's didn't know what a GREAT litter they had! Mo's father was HUGE, his mother was small. She had a pretty bad attitude, and his father was very loving and laid back. Thankfully he's SO much like his father! Max was one of the last ones to be picked. The thing that made us choose him was the white tip on his tail....and it cork-screws! It's SO CUTE!!! We decided to keep his ears natural....and we're SO thankful now because of all the horror stories people have told us about having thier Dane's ears done. In typical Dane fashion Max isn't aware of his size, so he hides from dogs his size, and wants to play with the smallest dogs around. He's not fond of children, but if they're quiet and calm then he's OK with them. He's very non-distructive...but THAT TAIL, WOW, what a weapon he has there!!! Did I also mention that "top-knot"? OUCH!!!!!

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Twice a day he goes outside and plays what we've jokinly called "Ba-wa-woo", where he stands in the middle of the yard and barks his fool head NOTHING, for about 5 minutes! I'm sure the neighbors just love it.

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Dear Max

July 20th 2007 1:51 pm
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Dear Max,

Today is your birthday, your 6th birthday to be exact. Four short years ago I thought I'd never see you again.....I thought you were already dead at the hands of a sick, sadistic madman that we had once called "family". I missed your 2nd birthday that year and that hurt worse than I can even explain. I sat and cried for hours knowing that where you were, they didn't know, or care it was your birthday, and even if you were alive you might've been better off dead. I know what happened to you, and I'm sorry.....I am SO, SO, SO VERY sorry. There will never be anything I can do to make it up to you except be the best mommy I can be. I hope I've done that job well so far because I plan on doing it for a lot longer, that is, if you'll have me.

I'm sitting here in Pop's office, watching you you on the futon eating your birthday treat pig's ear. You're oblivious to everything around you and you're blissfully happy at this moment. I wish I could keep things this way for you, forever; but I know that life and the world have to creep back in, so I sit here watching you, with total enjoyment and praying that this moment will never end. I know that with us, you'll never be hurt again, you'll never feel pain again, you'll never feel grief, or neglect, or loneliness. You'll never suffer and you'll never want for anything. You'll never be hungry or thirsty again, you'll never be beaten or suffer anymore. You are my baby boy and I swear I'll protect and love with with my dying breath.

Enjoy this birthday my sweet angel, enjoy this day, this weekend, and this life you have now, and feel safe in knowing that nothing bad will happen to you ever again! I love you, I love you, I love you!!!!!!!!!



April 19th 2007 11:43 am
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I got to protect Ni last night while Pop, Uncle Seffie (Seth) and Mr. Harold and the Police were out!

You see, Pop, Ni, and Seffie had finished dinner, I got my treat, and then they went away for a few minutes. They got back and Ni came in, Pop and Seffie stayed outside to put something called a "car stero" into Seffie's new car. Well, Pop came in & told Ni that he'd shown Seffie what to do and was going to see how well he did. Seffie came in a few mintues later and very causally during conversation said "Oh, and by the way, there was some drunk homeless looking guy walking thru your yard and talking to me" like it was no big deal! It scare Ni and Pop. Seffie & Pop went out with lights and walked for a bit, Pop locked me, Al and Skoot in the house with Ni and told me to watch everything. OK POP! CAN DO!

In NO time there were 2 Police cars with BIG lights sihing and everything! It seems that Mr. Harold was coming in and that guy was in the middle of the street directing traffic! To clue you in if you've never been here, there is NO traffic here, there's only 4 houses! AND, we're REALLY well hidden, so how'd this lunatic get here anyhow?!?!??? Ok, yes, we're just off the main street near all the shops and places to eat, but you'd REALLY have to be drunk and lost to find us all the way down here!

Pop walked the neighborhood for a while with lights and everything, but never saw anyone. Ni got to calling everyone so they'd be on the lookout. So far we've not heard or seen antyhing else! I know she's still scared. The really scary thing is that if Seffie hadn't been outside last night, we never would've known anything was going on! Well, maybe not. I mean that guy could've come into the yard or knocked on the door if Seffie hadn't been here, or we could've just seen the Police cars and wondered what was going on!

Poor little Ni-Ni, she was SO scared, and I velcroed myself to her ALL night! I even slept ON her just to make her feel safer.....but she kept groaning and saying something about "not being able to breathe" and tried (and failed) to move me.....whatever! I won't leave your side Ni, trust me!


ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzz


WOW! Long time no see, huh?

November 26th 2006 1:26 pm
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Hey guys! I can't believe it's been so long since I've checked in. I'm so sorry! I just can't tell you how wild things have been. Let's start with where I left off, the parades.
Ok, so a parade is where you get out and walk a LONG way without being able to stop and smell of everything, it's HOT and boring....BUT, you get LOADS of attention and I probably had my picture made a hundred times! I liked all of that. Everyone was giving me treats, lots of ice (I love the crunch!) and water, but my new girlfriend, Catie, would sneak me something called "LaffyTaffy" once in a while. It's GOOD stuff ya'll! It's really sweet, but you have to chew it like crazy. I don't think that Ni-Ni or Pop know about the candy, so sssshhhhh, don't tell them, OK?
Both parades were fun, but I'd had ALL I could take by the 4th of July, so less than a fourth of the way thru that parade I just got up on the float with Catie and Ni-Ni and laid down. Every laughed 'cause I'd left Pop behind and he was walking all alone. He looked funny. I didn't care, it was MISERABLE outside and I knew where the ice was! Catie was great this time too, but she didn't give me any candy.....whatt's the big idea? She said something about me getting sick from being hot and to much sugar. Whatever! But she did give me lots of water and ice. I love Catie! She and I have the same birthday, but she's a year older than I am. It was her Daddy, Vance that was running for Congress. Sadly, he lost, but we had a good time, and I'm hoping he'll decide to run for something again soon!

Ok, so that was July. August was just as hot and so was September. Alex got sick in October with something called "Lyme Disease". Ni-Ni and Pop got worried thinking that me and "brudgie" (that's my brother, Skooter) would get sick too, but we didn't! Thankfully Aunt Kate treated Al and she's alright now. She's actually gone backwards in her aging and she's started to play with us! Ni-Ni's not sure what to think.....and to be honest neither are we! It's kinda' weird. Oh, yes, she still hates me (I think) but she'll play now. I'm confused by her, when Ni-Ni and Pop are here she'll bark and fuss at me, but when they're gone she'll lay up next to me and is so think she has some double personality? I DO!

After Al got better Ni-Ni mentioned that I had something in my eye, and Aunt Kate said she wanted to look at it. Pop thought it was an infected tear duct.....he was wrong. Aunt Kate called it a tumor of the B____________. We can't remember what came after the "B", but we remember it was a LONG word that didn't sound like anything else or rhyme with anything. Well, Ni-Ni took me on Wednesday (yes, THE DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING) to have surgery. She was worried 'cause she knows that large breeds don't like being knocked out. Everything went fine, and now I have this HUGE (it's almost 3 foot across!!!) lamp shade looking thing on my head and I'm tearing up EVERYTHING! That'll show them for laughing at me! I can tell that Ni-Ni and Pop are worred 'cause Aunte Kate said something about a "pathology report" and that we'd get it within 2 weeks. Ni-Ni told Uncle Trampas that she can handle any diagnosis as long as I woke up from being KO'd. So, I'm here.....what's next? Everyone says that my eye looks great and Aunt Kate jokes that she wants to do a "tuck" on my other eye just so I'll look symeterical. We've laughed saying that I had plastic surgery.....and I kinda' did I guess!

I promise I'll do better with writing! Since it's nearing Christmas I know I have to be good so Santa will bring me all the goodies I've asked for.....maybe if I write more, then he'll see how good I've been. Hhhhuuuuummmmm, you think that will work? Well, I'm gonna' try it, hey, what's the worst that can happen?

Sniffs and Licks,
Max ;-)

(P.S. Ni-Ni said she'd post some pics of what I look like with my "cone" on my head. Trust me, you WILL laugh!)

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