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The Fab life of a Champ

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November 19th 2010 11:14 am
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Hey pals, I made it to the finals in the World's coolest dog show! I'm really crossing my paws that I can either win a category or best in would be awesome to win dogster plus and be able to visit the plus forums again! :)I'm a finalist in 3 categories..but my water dog one is probably the strongest. Please vote for my water dog photo for best in show! 12

Thanks for reading!


My dogster plus expired today!

April 18th 2010 10:18 am
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Wow it sure has been a LONG time since I updated my diary! Well today my dogster plus expired! It's a weird feeling not being able to check the plus forums, and I keep going and clicking the Dog Health forum on accident! haha. Well it might be a while until I get back, but I don't want to loose touch with my if you ever want to say hi, feel free to send me a pmail!


Thank you

December 22nd 2008 7:57 am
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I just wanted to thank everyone who has sent me a rosette or gift......THANKS PALS!


Back from the Vet!

December 19th 2008 6:44 pm
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Well I am finally back from the vet! Mom spent a bit more than she had hoped, almost $300. But at least I look much better, and she seemed like a great vet. (we didn't go to our usual vet today)

Also, I don't know if it's just from my haicut...but...I lost 2 pounds! teehee. Well, turns out it was definitely infected. The vet shaved the area and I got some ointment and some ear medication as well because I've got an ear infection too. Mom also purchased an e-collar from the vet so I stop scratching it. I am not used to it, I keep running into things, getting stuck, and knocking things like water over. Mom needs to help me get a drink of water. I actually ran right into a chair trying to leave the vets office. But mom says I'll get used to it.


My head is bleeding :(

December 9th 2008 8:18 am
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I noticed tonight that Champ's head was bleeding. I looked closer and lifted his fur a little and saw there's a lot of blood underneath. It looked like the skin may be ripped open but I get very queasy with blood, cuts, etc so I didn't really look as close as I should. For now I put some neosporin on it. We will probably take him to the vet tomorrow and get a patch on his head shaved so the vet can take a look at it. I have no idea what happened, I just noticed him like this. My poor baby


Vote for me in the World's coolest dog contest!

November 9th 2008 4:25 pm
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Please vote for my pictures =)

I f you vote for me and you are in the contest too, send me a pmail and I'll vote for you in return!


I could be on TV!

June 11th 2008 6:28 pm
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YOU can help my dream come true! Being a golden, I absolutely love attention from humans and being in the spotlight. My dream can finally come true with your help! I have entered the Worldwide Fido Contest. Mom worked very hard on me and Pugsly's videos and now they are finished and ready to be watched! I have already entered the contest very late so I don't know if I have much of a chance. :( But I won't give up...I know my dogster pals can help me catch up to the others! :D

*You can vote once a day. I would love it if you can quickly vote for me every day!
*Every week, I will randomly hand out rosettes to pups I feel are helping me out the most.
*Pawlease Spread the word! Tell your friends!

Champ :q

Best Trick
Vote for me!

Cutest Dog
Vote for me!

Pugsly :o)

Best Voice
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Cutest Dog
Vote for me!

Most Outrageous
Vote For Me!

I hope you enjoy our videos! :D


Dog of the Day!!!

May 3rd 2008 6:57 pm
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Today, May 3rd 2008, I am Dog of the day!! I am so excited, my tail just keeps wagging! Thank you sooo much for picking me!


My poor nosey!

March 20th 2008 7:29 pm
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*Champ's mom talking*
I came home the other night to find 4 cuts on Champ's nose. One of which is pretty deep, and a bit bloody. I have no idea what could have happened, but I feel so bad.. Isn't it the worst to see your baby with a booboo? He's getting extra hugs and kisses today. He must've gotten his nose stuck somewhere


My first experience playing in SNOW!!

February 24th 2008 12:48 pm
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Yesterday, February 23rd, we drove up into the mountains and I got to experience snow for the first time! It was very fun. As I walked around, I fell in a few holes covered in snow...BOL. Snow is also very tasty. I licked it and even ate some snow. I got lots of pictures and a video too! At the end of my video you can even see me catch a piece of snow mommy threw...BOL.

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