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A sad goodbye!! =(

May 3rd 2014 12:34 pm
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It is with heavy heart we had to say goodbye to Beanie on May 1, 2014. A week prior to his passing he started to develop all types of health problems. Over the course of a week we soon discovered the ugly truth. Our baby had cancer. His poor little body was full of cancer and the vet said we needed to take him home and be with him. They said he would let us know when he was ready to go. We spent one night with him and by the afternoon of the 1st we decided it was time. We called the vet and made an appointment for the next hour to put his pain to rest. As one last feel good we left early to take him on a ride, the long way to the vet and halfway there he took his last breaths in his momma's arms. We took him to the vet where they will have him cremated. He was strong, happy and full of spunk right up to the end. He will be greatly missed and never forgotten. The furry kids seem to grasp our hearts stronger than anything else and it is harder to say goodbye. We love you Beanie Man!! Always and forever!!!


I feel so old!! Haha (bark bark)

September 29th 2013 8:53 am
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I will be 10 yrs old at the end of the year and really starting to feel it. The grey fur is very noticeable now around my paws and muzzle. I still play like a puppy to keep me feeling young. I have aches and pains and have to take a little pill twice a day to keep up with the pack. Its okay though because they taste pretty good. Everyone got put on a diet because some of us were getting a little pudgy in the mid-section. But its all good, my mommas make sure we get the best food out there and takes the time to add warm water to make a yummy gravy. I don't know what vet out there thought I only needed a certain amount of food because clearly they are a NOT dog. I have a pretty good life, plenty of fleece to snuggle on and we go camping in the summer. My brother is a pain as he thinks my back is his own personal sucking toy, but he still my brother and momma usually intervenes. He makes a good wrestling buddy.


Big Family!!

August 11th 2007 12:00 pm
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It has been a while since I have posted anything new. But I will be turning four this year and my family has gotten big. I have three sisters and a brother. Not to mention all the other critters in the house. I also have a new baby sister kitten named Freeway. Mom found her when she was 6 weeks old on the side of the freeway. She is very fun and likes to have us chase her. We recently got to go to Yellowstone and saw lots of animals. The smells in the air made us all crazy. We could not see what we were smelling but we knew there was something there. My brother kept barking at the buffalo. And my little sister Daisy slept most of the way. But she had the best seat in the house. Moms lap.


I have to look my best!

January 18th 2006 9:14 am
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I was born on Dec 31st 2003. When I was 6 weeks old these people came to see me. They drove a long way to have a look at me and my siblings. We lived on a farm in the middle of no where in Oregon. When they showed up I knew I had to look my best and be on my best behavior. I was kinda shy though. They looked at my siblings, commenting on how cute and that it would be hard to decide. That is when I made my move. I grabbed the first shoelace I could and tugged with all my strength. I suddenly found myself face to face with my new owners. They knew it was love at first sight. And so did I. They even commented that I looked like a baby bloodhound with all my wrinkles. I felt like I was on top of the world. They thought I looked like a "big" dog. I would do my best to make them proud, protect them like a big dog and we would all live happily ever after.

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