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RosaRitaRefriedBeans, Rosarita, Whoaza, Odie and Nonnie, Odiebadodie

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not playfulvery playful

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-purebred-service dog

September 12th 2001

People, visiting with her puppies from her 3 litters and kids going for walks and rides in the car!

being ignored having nails clipped getting teeth brushed

Favorite Toy:
she has a little stuffed snoopy that she has had since the day i got her.

Favorite Food:
t-bone steaks, avacados, artichokes, sea bass, greenies, chicken and any other people food she can get her paws on!

Favorite Walk:
the beach. that is when we use the leash that is 30 ft. (not kidding) so she can run like crazy and i dont have to worry about catching her if an eagle comes by!

Best Tricks:
rubs her mouth when she wants something to eat sits like a meere cat

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Whoaza's World

Thinking back to Chalita's baby days...and then her teenage- years ...OH DEAR!

January 26th 2007 1:28 pm
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My life has been so busy and full of traveling to and from seattle so that me and mom can help out my sister Chandra with her new baby Gavin. And i have been spending so much time with my daughter Chalita that we have actually started to play with each other again....
Watching my sister and mom with Gavin has brought a flood of memories back to me from Chalita's younger years. Most of the memories are sweet and happy,,,,,that is until she hit the dreaded teenage years!
Because Chalita was so tiny and frail as a baby, i made her siblings play extra gentle with her so they wouldnt hurt her. She was not the runt, but the runt was a fiesty little thing who was built more stout than Chalita and there for Runtski could play hard and she could take some rough housing with her brothers who were at least 3 times her and Chalita's sizes.
I think that maybe i was a little too gentle and was a little too over~protective of her little self. Maybe thats the reason that later in life she decided that she was the boss of EVERY PUP and EVERY HUMAN!
Oh how i miss the days when she was a young pup who wanted only love, affection, food and to play with her momma Rosa. I dont know how or when exactly it happened that she changed and decided that she wanted to be in charge, but it happened. It used to only be ME that got away with growling and snapping at her or one of her siblings for walking to close to me while i was burrowed under the covers on mom and dads bed. (well once i came to live with them, the bed then belonged to mom dad and ME! and eventually to chalita as well...before she moved out of our house and into Chandra's house)
But one day when it was time for me to take a nap, up the stairs i went and as i started walking to the head of the bed to get under the covers, i was scared silly when from under the covers came a growl and snapping of a very tiny set of teeth! Well i wasnt going to stand for any of that non sense, I let her know right away that attitude was not acceptable.
Unfortunatley she didnt seem to care that i was reminding her just who the mom was and who the alpha dog of this pack is!
That little brat decided it really made her much angrier when i would bark the rules at her, and she actually started to challenge me. I let it go most of the time but i would do little things to let her know she was NOT the boss.
The little reminders seemed to work ok for awhile but then one day she got so mad when i was barking the rules, she attacked me !!!!
Her little mouth was snarled up with her teeth that were not even big enough to bite through a peice of cheese cut thicker than 1/16 of an inch! But that was not stopping her. She came at me over and over again and even though it didnt hurt me, it sure made me mad, i warned her over and over again to stop before i got REALLY mad. About the time i went for her mom came along and grabbed me up and still that little creep was growling snarling and trying to jump up high enough to bite me while in the arms of mom!
Wow that just brought back some memories!
I have never had to deal with any of my pups ever challenging my authority or my rank of Alpha dog because usually by the time they are 2 months old they are heading out the door with their new human mom's and dad's . Then even though we see each other several times throughout their lives, we dont fight when we do see each other. I am just always so thrilled to see my children, i immediatley start out by washing their faces, that always works to sooth the ones who have almost forgotten who i am. Once i wash their faces they immediatley settle down and remember that i gave them life and mom and dad helped to raise them and keep them socialized for their new lives with the families they would eventually live their lives with.
I know mom says i get to have one more litter this spring and i am really excited and looking forward to that. I also heard mom say that we are going to keep one of the puppies ---after remembering what happened with Chalita, i am wondering if I am really all that excited about letting one of the pups continue to live in my house! I mean dont get me wrong, i love nothing more than hearing a knock on the door and then seeing one of my pups once the door opens...but i always know they are going to go away to their own houses before the day is done.
I am sure i will change my mind once the pups are born and mom lets me know which one is going to stay with us forever. I do know that mom always picks the ones that are sweet natured like me and the ones who love to follow her around and sleep all snugggled up next to her in the bed.....And one more thing, I usually have a little bit to do with which one is her favorite, because the one who is labled "momma's girl or momma's boy, is usually the one she picks to stay with us. Only thing is,,the last couple she planned to keep, she ended up letting them go to their own homes. The last litter we were keeping my favorite pup, who was also chandra's favorite one too. He was called Rascal while he lived with us, he was the blonde one. He was actually friends with lots of you dogsters for quite sometime.
Then one day one of the litter mates new momma called and asked if she would be willing to sell him to them so that Crash could have his brother to play with. Well since Luis another litter mate lived with her sister inlaw a couple doors down, mom figured he would be so happy living with his brother and getting to spend lots of time with his other brother, so mom let him go, now his name is Freddie and we know he is very happy living with his family.
Here is his brother Crash's dogster page,

so far Freddie doesnt have his own page but you can go visit Crash, invite him to be friends with you and tell him we are all waiting for Freddie to have a page on dogster too!
Have a growlin great day!
I do miss you all so very much. I am glad mom let me use the computer today so i could write in my diary! My paws are weel tired of tapping the keys now though. Hope your all doing great!
Pmail me, I will always answer my mail!



January 6th 2007 4:05 pm
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I have a story to tell you all and me and mommie are just so excited we havent been able to get to sleep until 3 and 4 am and then we get up at 6 or 7 we have a new addition to our family!
Things have been crazy in our lives. My pplsister Chandra went in for a check up and her blood pressure was high again so her dr. sent her back to the hospital to get all hooked up to all the monitors to watch her blood pressure and also monitor the baby to make sure he didnt go into distress from his mommie's high blood pressure. she called our mommie a few times telling her she was still being monitored and then around 10:50 she called again saying that the dr. was going to admit her. mommie said i am going to ask you one more time chandra, do you think i should head that way? she told mommie again that she still wasnt sure what was going to happen once she was admitted.
Finally at almost 11:30 she called once more and said yeah they are going to induce labor but if its icey she didnt want mommie and me to drive 163 miles...but mommie said NO WAY was she going to stay home and possibly miss the birth of her first biological grandchild(we knew it was a boy for lots of months!)
so mommie had already had her and my bags packed for about a week because the dr. had said with the blood pressure being that high she might induce.
they induced her that night but it was another 24 hours later that chandra was still at 1 cm and was in a constant state of pain, no really big hard strong contractions, and no real breaks either, so she was hurting bad,,for her to ask for pain meds is like the pope asking to smoke crack. chandra just doesnt take medications ever. so they gaveher something in her iv but it just made her barf. so mommie and curtis told the nurse to get ahold of the dr. and find out about an epideral. but the nurse said oh no epiderals are not given until the mom is dialated to a SIX! mommie said chandra cant take it much longer call the damned dr. NOW! so a few minutes went by and she came back and said we had to wait for the anistesiologist before she could have the epideral but it wouldnt be long.
mommie and curtis noticed that gavin's heart beat kept plunging really low, but they and the nurse too all thought it was because chandra was moving constantly and maybe the leads were not totally connected to her anymore. Once the epideral took hold and chandra quit wiggling around she started to doze off. mommie said that she was going to head back to chandra's house because most likely chandra wasnt going to suddenly dialate past a 1 since it had been a good 27 hours since inducing her labor. the nurse agreed and said that would give chandra and curtis a chance to get some rest...after all it would take a miracle for her to have the baby tonight. Mommie got to chandra's house just in time to answer the phone. she didnt even get a chance to let me and chalita outside, it was curtis saying that they were going to take the baby c-section and that mommie needed to get back right away. he said he didnt think she could make it back before they took chandra to the o.r. it usually takes about 7 to 10 minutes to get from the house to the hospital but mommie made it back there in just under 5 minutes. it helped that at that time of night there wasnt any traffic.
And curtis was right mommie didnt get there before they took her to o.r. but mommie had told curtis to tell chandra that she loved her and not to worry everything would be fine. he said he would and he always keeps his word he is the nicest guy in the world....even alot nicer than my daddy...shhhh dont tell daddy i said that.
a dr. came out of the door that said c-section on it and he said can i help you to mommie and she started to say who she was and he said are you a relative and she said yes she is the mommie and he told her that they had already gotten baby out of chandra and they were just starting to close chandra up. he said chandra was doing great and mommie cant remember if he actually said that gavin was doing good too or if she was just really so frazzled over all that had been happening over the past few weeks really who knows?
as it turns out the anasistesiologist (whoops i know that sp is not right-bol---) noticed how low gavin's heart rate kept going too. she asked how long that had been going on? the nurse started to answer but curtis beat her to it and explained that they had all sort of agreed it must be due to the connections.....wellllll, she pushed that nurse out of the way checked the leads and they were completely secure and as she was running out the door she threw some scrubs at curtis told him to get dressed and in the back ground the dumb nurse was yelling at him to make sure he calls chandra's mom to get back there right away. gavin came out of chandra's tummy and was handed from dr. to neonatal nurse and then to another nurse who stands outside a little window for emergency situations and not chandra nor curtis even caught a glimpse of him. but after they closed chandra up and were taking her back to her room curtis went to the neonatal intensive care unit to meet his son. mommie waited for her baby girl to reach her room. it wasnt long before curtis came into the room and then he and mommie talked about going back so mommie could meet her grandson...finally chandra yelled I DONT CARE WHO ALL GOES BUT SOMEONES ASS BETTER GET THERE SOON AND TAKE A PICTURE OF MY SON SO I CAN AT LEAST SEE A PICTURE OF HIM! She got to see him the next day in person though. Well i know i am not supposed to have pictures on here except of me but i am bending the rules for a few days to show off my nephew. i dont think HQ will get too mad at me do you? i hope not because this is a very exciting time and i will take those pictures down in 2 days!
hugs loves and tailwags......Oh yeah i wasnt even able to be on Dogster on Jan1st to celebrate my 1 year anniversary of being a dogster dog! Darn it...but thats ok Gavin's arrival was worth it.


Wanna Find Kathryn Beals Art Easier?

December 1st 2006 2:38 pm
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Ok I have been writing constantly about my beautiful portrait that Kathryn Beals has painted of me and Chalita. I have also been telling everyone to go to well yes you can go to the website too but I got some great new addresses for you to check out and it makes it much easier to get to whatever part of her website you want to be at.
for instance if you go to that will take you to a great part of her website that actually allows you to watch a painting unfold before your very eyes. Now that is Cool huh?
then you can also go visit and that will take you to her home page that gives you lots of different options to choose from. so go on now check out her website its the best art website that i have ever visited because Kathryn took the time to explain alot of her techniques and she shows you all sorts of how first she starts a sketch and she actually walks you through an entire painting whether it be of animals or landscapes she really does explain herself throughout her entire website.
I know my mommie is going to be the happiest mommie on earth when she gets her portrait of me and chalita.
Bye bye for now.

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