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Life Of A Yooper Dawg

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Sad sad day

November 1st 2012 1:15 pm
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My dear sweet Haley went to the Rainbow Bridge today.
She had cancer, which we were unaware of until just a few days ago when she started acting 'punk'. Last night, she started having trouble walking.

Sending her to the bridge was the hardest thing we've ever done.

Rest in peace, my special friend. Run free with all of your doggy and kitty friends.

You shall be missed every day of my life.



December 22nd 2009 8:50 pm
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Well, it's been over a week and that Sindercreature is still here. I guess I have to resign myself to having her around forever.

Maybe she's not as bad as I think. So she takes all MY toys, even my beloved Ducky! So she crawls into MY bed. So I have to have MY food kept in Mom's bedroom. So MY Mom picks her up, so MY Mom gives her pets and cuddles.
Hmm, now that I think about it, maybe she is WORSE than I thought!!!


the third day in heck

December 15th 2009 6:56 am
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That little puppy is STILL here! I was hoping that she was just staying for a day or two. Nope, mom says that she's here to stay! WHY do these things happen to me??? I'm a good dog. I play nice. I should be more than enough. but no, mom has to go and bring another furry monster into my world.
I suppose I could try to like her, well, tolerate her, anyway.
I guess she's alright, as puppies go. Maybe I'll just act aloof.
I wish she'd leave my toys alone. She keeps taking my favorite ones.

It's winter. Snow is all over the place. Mom takes us both outside. Sinder has to be on a leash but not me! BOL Keep that little furball tethered!
She follows me, everywhere I go, so I just jump into the snowbank and plow my way away from her. She's too little to follow me.

I've heard tell that us older dogs do get used to the young pups, so maybe I will, too.


Oh, woe is me!

December 13th 2009 11:42 am
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My humom brought home a puppy! What in the world did she do that for? What's wrong with just me?

This puppy is a little black ball of fur. She has sharp teeth which she keeps trying to put into my tail and ears!! Mom keeps telling me to 'be nice'. Well, if that pup don't listen to my growl, I'll be nice and give her a nip that she won't soon forget!

This has been a poopy year for me. Not much together time with Mom outside. Now, a nasty winter is upon us, so it's too cold for outside fun.
I'll be cooped up forever with this little rugrat.


Thanks, I feel so special

June 24th 2008 8:57 am
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Oh wow! What an honor to be chosen as the diary of the day. I guess my whining and complaining has finally paid off. BOL

Really, I am quite pleased and flattered. This gives me incentive to update my diary a lot more. So, I will do just that.

This kitten, this Little Miss, she is a never ending ball of energy.
I did play with her a little bit last night.
I hate to admit it but it was fun.
We played with a toy our humom was swinging around and then we had a good game of chase, up and down the halls, all around the rooms and furniture.
maybe she won't be so bad, after all.

Thanks again for picking me.


Woe Is Me

June 22nd 2008 8:35 am
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My life has gone to the dogs. Last week, my humom brought home a kitten! WHY? Our life was going along just fine. She doesn't need another furkid. I am enough for anyone.
But no, she had to go and get a little ball of fur, fang and claw!

The first day, I saw those fangs more times than I care to think about.
One time, when I went to get a welcoming sniff and to say hello, that little beast turned and made this awful growly hissing noise and then she slugged me in the nose!!!!
And mom wants me to be friends with this mini monster? I do not think so.

Geez, I can't get near mom without this little menace jumping on her lap or shoulder. She steals my toys, drinks my water, sleeps in my spots.
But, can I touch her stuff? NO!
All I hear is, 'Haley, put that down, it's Missy's', 'Haley, leave that alone, it's Little Miss's'.
Nope my life is not the idealic life that it was.
About the only thing I have left is going outside. Mom says' that cats don't go outside, even though my sweet Lucky did. She said that kittens don't know about roads or how to find their way home (and the problem with that is??) or any of the grown up things I know. So, I live for the outside, away from Little Miss.

She makes these squeeky noises all the time, which I find very irritating. And, when she is laying with mom, or in MY sunbeam, she makes a loud noise like a car motor. I keep thinking that mom is warming up the car, for a nice ride, but it's always that little cat.

Mom says that we will eventually be friends, but I really wonder about that.


Another sad day

September 18th 2007 9:16 am
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I am feeling sad. My friend Sydney passed over the Bridge on Friday.
Sydney was an old gal but she loved life. Even though she couldn't see cuz she was blind, she got more out of life in one day than many puppers or peeples do in a month.

But, deer sweet Syd is at Home now. She can see and run free, no longer having to worry about bumping into things or anyone moving stuff around, just to see if she realizes it (I hear that some folks do that to blind ones, humans can be so cruel).
But, I don't think her huMom would ever do such a thing. She loves Sydney with a ferosciouness that puts most humans to shame.

I know she was met at the bridge by many many puppers who have gone over before her. I also know that she was met by my sisser, Lucky, who went to the Bridge in June.
Lucky liked puppers, but wasn't too happy with other kitties. So, I know that she will help take care of Syd until she gets her 'heaven feet' and wings.

Hmm, what is this thing called death? There seems to be a lot of it. First, my human Gramma died, then my Lucky, now my friend, Sydney.
I know how it makes me feel when someone that I love dies, and I can feel how deeply hurt and saddened my huMom becomes. If peeple are so great and powerful, so smart and inventive, WHY can't they do something about this death thing?
I know that I would chew him up good, spit him out and bury him deep, if I could just find him and get him alone for a few minutes.
Death is a bad thing. A hurtful thing. I do not like it, not one little bit.


A VERY sad day at my house

June 25th 2007 4:05 pm
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I am SO very very sad.
My kitty sister, Lucky, passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Friday night.

She had been sick for several weeks and on Friday, she just couldn't fight the evil demon that was slowly taking her away from us.

I will miss her very much. She taught me so many things about being a good family member.
Plus, she was my bestest playmate.

I don't understand this thing called death.
I know, though, that I don't like it. It has made my Mom very sad and that is a bad thing.
I am trying reallyreally hard to make her be happy, though.


Life is back to normal

February 20th 2007 4:32 pm
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Well, I had my 6th birthday, last week. Mom says that I am middle aged, but I beg to differ. I am still a young pup! What does that old human know, anyway?

On my birthday, Nellie went away! A lady came to the house and Nellie climbed all over her, kissing her and squealing like a stuck pig! Geesh, little kids sure are noisy!

Anyway, the lady took Nellie away, for her to live with her.

Mom said that Nellie would get more love and attention with the lady than she was getting at my house. Which is true because I am the one who is supposed to get the lovin', not that little ratdog.

I do miss her though. It was nice having someone who knew how to play dog. Mom tries but she just have what it takes.

The weather has been nicer, so Mom has been taking me outside more, which I love!
I've been to the beach (but it's not there, anymore) a couple of times.
The snow is SO deep that I can't get through it.
But I give it the old collie try.

Today, she had me go way up high, on a pile of snow that the plow had made. I was higher up than any of the houses!!! It was a little scary but I loved it because I was finally 'king' (or queen) of all that I surveyed! Which, of course, is as it should be! Arrrooooooooooo!


Oh doG!!

January 28th 2007 8:49 pm
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Two weeks ago, my life became a living heck!
Mom brought home a, a, (oh horrors, I can hardly bring myself to say it) but, well, she brought home a puppy!
A little bit of a thing who has made my life miserable!
I don't get Mom's lap, pets or anything, anymore.
I have to share!
I hate it!

But, the little rat dog is growing on me.
Mom is proud of me because I play with her and even share my food with her.

At least playtime and walks at the ebach are still just for me and Mom. I am a big brave tough girl and I can take the cold, not like the rat dog that gets all shivery and shakey when she gets a chill.

Mom says that I'll have to get used to Nellie and that, in the summer, she'll be going with us when we go to the beach. NOT fair!!!

Oh well, I'll just run away fast and little stumpy legged ratdog won't be able to catch me!

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