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Sunday was a Great Day!

December 15th 2008 2:22 pm
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First off, my angel sister Sydney was picked as Schnauzer of the Week for Schnauzers Rule! Mom and I have been reminiscing about her. *schnauzie sniffs*

Mom and her bf took me and Lacey to the dog park for a good long time! (It also took them a good long time on Sunday morning to get off their butts too!) We made all kinds of new doggy pals!! And I bested a big ol' rottie girl! I barked and barked and barked at her and she would "hide" under her dad's legs. Mom kept telling me that I was only 20 pounds, and she was a big 160 pounds and I was basically as big as her head and she could bap me with her paw and knock me over, but of course I didn't listen, sheesh. I knew this was a doggy girl I could finally "alpha" over, hee hee. Well, ok, her dad also said she was afraid of small dogs. Hey, I'm not a small dog! I'm bigger than her, at least in my head of course, BOL!!!

Lacey got all muddy, haha! Oh, wait, mom says I shouldn't laugh at her cause I sorta got peed on by a schnoodle, stup, er, weird dog *schnauzie grin* - but he didn't get anything on me, it just looked like he was doing stuff.

So yah, you know me and Lacey had a great time at the park cause we got all dirty and stinky!! (The baths in the sink when we got home were not so great though, grrrr! BOL)


Aroo! Thanks Dogster!

November 15th 2008 1:38 pm
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Arooo roo roo! I'm a diary pick today! That'll show mom, trying to tell me to be quiet and sssshhhh. BOL! Thank you Dogster for picking me!

Mom was off on a schnauzie adoption today. She picked up a girl schnauzie from her foster mom and drove her to meet with her new family! I don't like when mom's gone long like that, but it's pawsome to see a fellow schnauzer get her furever home.



November 6th 2008 2:20 pm
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Harley Davidson and Scooter tagged me! I am writing 7 things in my diary about me or of which I am very grateful. (There's two different instructions so I'm combining em.)

1. As mom has quickly learned, I hate wearing clothes and will freeze up if she puts any on me.
2. I do not make a good lobster, BOL. I will be grateful if mom never ever dresses me up again!
3. I'll 'butt' (pun intended, BOL!) into Lacey if I want to play.
4. I'm grateful mom lets me sleep wherever I want, like on her bed.
5. I love my grandpawrents and am grateful they are the bestest dogsitters ever and they love me to pieces.
6. I am a spoiled rotten very loved mama's boy and am furever grateful to have one of the best moms ever!
7. I love and am grateful for all my pals everywhere!



October 24th 2008 4:55 am
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Mom's putting tshirts on me! Ok, the fleece sweaters in the winter when I've just been groomed, that's ok (not really, BOL). But it's fall and even tho I'm naked cause the groomer shaved me down, I am still a boy doggy with fur and I am not cold and I do not need to wear tshirts. Sheesh! I am so embarassed. I'm glad mom doesn't have a camera right now! I do have to agree with one of the tshirt's sayings tho - The Fake Fetch, It Isn't Funny!


I have a cyst

September 16th 2008 1:33 pm
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That's what the vet said after doing way too much poking and prodding on me! I tried hiding under the chairs, but mom dragged me out so the vet could look at me. She didn't even protect me when I was in her lap, she handed me to the vet when they needed to look at me. Thanks mom, sheesh. The vet took me in the back and took some stuff outta my bump with a needle - owww! The vet said the fluid he got didn't have much in it, a few inflammatory cells but mostly it was "boring." So now mom's giving me some antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medicines, which is fine by me cause she gives them to me in soft canned foods, which I love, YUM! The vet said mom should also give me a warm compress twice a day for 5 to 10 minutes - like I'm going to sit still for that long, BOL! The vet said that'll make my cyst do whatever it's going to do faster, like if it's going to go away, it'll go away faster. I'm ok with that cause mom will stop poking me, BOL.

And hey, I got some teeny tiny pieces of Chik Fil A waffle fries outta the trip, so it wasn't all that bad, BOL.


What a weekend!

September 15th 2008 4:34 pm
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Me and Lacey had such a pawsome weekend! On Saturday, we went to our grandpawrent's house and got lots of love and treats, ran around the yard a lot, played with grandpaw and uncle joe, and didn't even bother Cupcake too much, BOL. And then on Sunday, what a day! Mom's bf came over and we all played, then we went to the Bark Park, then we went to mom's bf's pawrents house and they loved on us and even took some pictures. I like mom's bf's mom, she gave me lots of yummy treats! Lacey liked mom's bf's dad cause she sat and napped in his lap. Lacey and I got a ton of attention and playtime this weekend! Every weekend should be like this - got that mom?!? BOL!

The bad thing is mom's taking me to the vet today. Sheesh. Mom's bf found a big round lump on my back leg today, so mom says she wants to get it checked out. It doesn't bother me when mom touches it or anything, and I'm running around just fine. I don't need no stinking vet!


I turned 7!

August 30th 2008 9:38 am
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Thanks to everyone for my barkday wishes and presents!! I have some of the bestest pals! I had a pawsome barkday as always! We didn't get to go to the dog park cause it was raining, but one of mom's friends came over and played with me and Lacey so that drained some of our energy, BOL!

Me and Lacey got canned Merrick Turducken and "French Country Cafe" with duck for dinner - my faves that I don't get enough! Mom made me a bone-shaped cake with a candle, and mom and her friend "sang" to me (more like howled, BOL). We also had treats from Salty Paws and Puparazzi that mom got on vacation the other week. Mom also gave me "Doggie Stout" to drink but I didn't like it.

Ooo, and I got presents too! I say this every time, but I love love love unwrapping my presents! I got lots of treats and a little stuffed duck toy. My grandma also sent me a card, and I really enjoyed chewing the envelope, BOL. Mom wouldn't let me chew the card, sheesh. A very good barkday if I may say so myself, woof!!

Oh yah, and mom took me and Lacey to the dog park yesterday, and we had tons of fun!

I'll get mom to post barkday *and* dog park photos soon!


We went to the Bark Park!

August 23rd 2008 1:25 pm
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OMD it was so exciting!!!! Me and mom and Sydney used to go before we moved into our old house (miss you yard, BOL) and before Sydney got sick. Now that we're in an apt again, mom took me and Lacey and registered us at the Bark Park. We got to check it out today!!! OMD, the smells, the trees, it was PAWSOME!!

There was only one other small fuzzy dog when we got there, so Lacey and I got to run around and sniff and mark to our heart's content. Then a big lab showed up and he ran around and rolled in the mud, and then a big pit showed up and he ran around and rolled in the mud, and then the lab and pit chased each other around and got everyone kinda muddy. It was fun, BOL. Well, except for Lacey, who tried to bark and play with them, but she's kinda little so the pit and lab sorta jumped over her and got her all muddy. Now mom's cleaning her off with a wet towel, haha! BOL!

Mom says we can now go to the Bark Park anytime we want, woof woof!!


GRRRRRRR!!!! Pet Store Near Us

July 29th 2008 10:27 am
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GRRRRRRR!!!! These :-# are right near us. Anyone want to protest? I know there's no way mom will go near that place by herself cause she'll get arrested.

Roscoe the Racehound, Hank the Handsome Hound, we gotta round up the troops!!!!



July 19th 2008 9:46 am
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My good pal Zubee tagged me. Here's what you have to do.

Name four jobs that you've had:
1. Mom's Pawsonal Security Guard
2. Mouse Catcher
3. Wrestling Partner
4. Security Guard (in general)

Name four places that you've been:
1. Hampton, VA
2. Nags Head, NC
3. Durham, NC
4. Virginia Beach, VA

Name four places you'd rather be:
1. With my mom
2. On mom's bed
3. Outside rolling in the grass
4. On a walk anywhere!

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