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Howliday Tag

December 14th 2009 2:23 pm
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I was tagged by my new pal Zoe! Thanks Zoe, you’ll love Santa Paws!

1) What do you like to get in your Christmas stocking?
Treats of any and all shapes and sizes and flavors! Ooo, and bully sticks and chewies. Toys are ok too, even though mom says we don't need any. Sheesh.

2) Have you seen Santa Paws this year?
Yep! Lacey and I saw him a month ago and we got our picture taken and it's on our Dogster pages.

3) Do you like snow, have you ever been in it?
I've been in snow and it is not fun! It sucks when it's just coming down like rain, or sometimes when there's a little bit on the sidewalks. When I was a younger pup we had snow that was almost as high as I was and that really sucked! Oh, but the worst is when it snows, mom wants to put a sweater or jacket on me, sheesh!!!

4) What do you want fur Christmas?
The treats and chewies that are too big to fit in my stocking, BOL!

5) Have you ever posed in a picture with Santa Paws?
Yep, every year since I was a pup! Well except for one year when mom wanted nice pawfessional pics of me and Sydney.


Foster sis

November 22nd 2009 4:01 pm
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So my foster sis is here and she is CRAZY. She's either a puppy or really young and is like energetic times 10 zillion. She is playing with all my toys. I am not happy and I have been pouting to mom about it.

Ok, she is kinda fun to play with. And that's all she wants to do!


More scary trucks

November 20th 2009 6:05 pm
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Me, Lacey, and mom were just out walking and we saw some big bright headlights and big swirly flashy lights at the other end of the apt complex. The air smelled funny too. We walked closer and the lights got brighter, they were attached to a few monster truck thingies that were the size of the yellow bus monster. I wouldn't let them mom and Lacey get too close cause those things scared me. Mom said fire trucks were ok to be scared of, she's scared of them too. Mom said that's probably why Lacey was howling earlier, she howls at sirens. We never did find out why the fire trucks were there and people were standing around, but the buildings are standing and it's not really near our place, so we think everything's ok. I never want to see those trucks again!


Branches, branches everywhere!

November 14th 2009 6:57 am
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Branches, branches everywhere, and all for me to pee on! We finally got to go for an actual walk this morning for the first time in furever and it was pawtastic! Oh the leaves and branches everywhere for me to mark! The smells, arooo roo roo!! We even got to say hi to our doggy buddy Shadow, woof woof! It's so nice to be able to go outside without getting rained on! Can you tell I"m excited?!? BOL!


Mom's new pjs

November 12th 2009 5:40 pm
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Oh no, mom is wearing pajama bottoms with Scotties on them! Traitor! Just cause there weren't any Schnauzer pjs and the white Scottie reminds you of Lacey, sheesh...! I think mom needs to stop reading Ernie George's diary. Mom = traitor!

Also, this weather sucks! I hate rain!


Adopt your own Shakespeare

November 5th 2009 2:48 pm
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If you're looking for your own Shakespeare, my pal Maddie's rescue group has a Shakespeare for adoption!


The yellow monster

November 4th 2009 4:53 pm
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Mom just started taking us for walks in the morning before she goes to work. (And she's stopped taking us for an extra walk before dinner cause it's dark... like we can't see in the dark, sheesh. Anyways, safety first I guess, like I can't take on a bad guy....) Ok, so during these morning walks, I've encountered this big noisy yellow monster, it comes around the corner and goes past me and picks up kids, and I don't really like kids, so then it's this big monster with kids and I do not like that at all. I'm glad it goes away fast too.

Ok, so I can't really tell it's yellow, but mom says it is and I trust her.. or do I.. she makes me keep walking past the thing! And she talks about safety, what about my safety from the monster?!?!


I was highlighted

October 30th 2009 1:57 pm
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Mom took me to the vet's this morning for a grooming, I don't know why, she always tells me how cute I am when I'm fuzzy. Sheesh. She also asked them to check out a little lump I have on my belly under my skin. Mom showed it to the office lady and she sprayed it with yellow - she highlighted me, BOL! It's like I have a yellow sun on my belly. Mom's worried cause Cupcake had a similar lump and it turned out to be the big "c," eep! But Cupcake is much older than I am, and the last lump I had was a fatty lump, although I'm not fat (I’m muscular!) so I don't know really what that means. BOL, I should ask the vet office lady to highlight my whole tummy so it means "belly rub right here please!"

Oh, yah, the lumps (there's more than one small one) are just fatty lumps. I am not fat! No matter what my wellness report said. I'm muscular and big boned and you can feel my ribs, so there. Although, if it gets mom to take me on more walks....


Silly mom!

October 19th 2009 2:18 pm
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Sheesh, mom just told me that just cause I sit in the kitchen near the cabinet where the treats and chewies (OMD bullysticks!!) and bark and bark are does not mean that I'm going to get anything. Then why did she put them there?!?! And why can't I have one now?!?! It'll shut me up, BOL!


What a great week!

August 27th 2009 2:36 pm
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First my cousin Adeline had her fourth barkday on Monday! It's her very first birthday in her furever home with my pawsome grandpawrents. I even got to sniff on her barkday presents before mom mailed em out. Then on Wednesday mom took me and Lacey to the Bark Park! We haven't been in weeks cause it's been so hot and humid. Mom thought it'd be cool enough under the shade of the trees, and it was for like ten minutes, BOL. It was a sniffing and marking-tastic ten minutes though!

Today me and Lacey went to Wagging Tails, arooo! But tomorrow, tomorrow is gonna be the big day! My Barkday!!! I'm going to be eight (I'm four years and four days older than Addy!) and mom is freaking out about it, sheesh. Appawrently eight is senior for a dog. Whatever, I don't feel senior unless you mean I've been in the house the longest. And I'm already salt and pepper, BOL.

Oh yah, everypup - grab some cake! My pawsome pals Angus and Shaylee gave me a big ol cake today - thank you Angus and Shaylee!!! (p.s. Send PoP to their dad pawlease!)

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