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What's a Kiropractor?

October 25th 2010 4:11 pm
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I hurt my back again this weekend. Mom furgot to block off her bed so I couldn't jump on it, and of course I jumped on it! It's big and comfy and smells like mom, who had been gone furever! (Any time she's gone is furever.) It's mom's fault, she knows I'll jump on anything even if she tells me I'm older and can't jump on stuff like I used to when I was a pup - she's even called me her grumpy old man, sheesh mom, you're old too! Anypaw! She too me to the v-e-t today to check me out, but she said she's prolly taking me to a doggy kiropractor too. She says it's a doggy back doctor. Ruh oh! What's he gonna do to me?!?

Oh, the v-e-t today, well, she poked at me and found the sore spot in my back between lumbar 3 and 4, and she twisted my hips and I didn't like that. But she gave mom good medicines to give me so I feel better. Vet lady and mom talked about fancy specialist stuff that could be done to me, I don't like all that talk. I don't think mom's gonna do any of that fancy stuff, but she did tell me she'd get me a cart if I ever needed one. Mom also boiled chicken for me and Lacey, so that also makes me feel better. Nap time now, whew, what an afternoon!


Growing "old" with mom

September 17th 2010 1:51 pm
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Mom told me last night that we're growing old together. I guess she's kinda right, this is the first year I've felt old, like when I hurt my back, and that she's felt old, even though neither of us are old-old, ya know? I've had problems jumping up on stuff, and I've got a few lumps. Mom says I can't tell my furiends why she feels old or else (whatever mom, sheesh), although I will tell ya that some of the hairs on the top of her head are starting to match me, BOL!



August 27th 2010 5:34 pm
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Mom let me and Lacey sample my barkday cake!! It's YUMMY!! It's got carob powder and honey and yogurt and why do I have to wait until tomorrow to eat more!!! I'm gonna go stand by the counter and bark bark bark!


I'm not the only boy dog in the furmily anymore

August 3rd 2010 1:50 pm
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We had a new boy doggy join the furmily this weekend; his name is Samson and he's three and crazy and he's gonna live with my grandpawrents and Adeline. Mom's kinda sad, she says I'm not the baby of the furmily anymore. Now she says I am the ... wait fur it... pawtriarch. Sheesh! BOL!


I liked the holistic vet

July 23rd 2010 1:48 pm
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At first I wasn't so sure, I mean, I was at a vet's office for woofing out loud! I hopped on the bench to get away and try and hide. But the vet lady sat on the floor, and then mom sat on the floor, and I went and sat in mom's lap. The vet lady stretched out my back legs and massaged along my back and stretched out my front legs and massaged my legs and the half of me the vet lady wasn't stretching got to stay in mom's lap, so I was comfy and secure. After the vet lady got done stretching and massaging me, she and mom talked about me, and I kept going up to the nice vet lady and pestering her for pets and loving and I half crawled into her lap and gave her kisses and everything. I don't kiss just anyone! I liked her! I also liked her cause she told mom that cause I was "wood" and "inflexible" and had a "weak hind quarters" (the opposite of Ernie George, BOL! Love ya pal!), so mom should do stretching and yoga and flexibility and massage exercises with me. Comfy! The vet said schnauzers are like that, inflexible and stuff. Whatever, Lacey’s like a little noodle sometimes, BOL. I didn't get any achoopunkture or anything. Oh! She also told mom I should have more organ meat like liver and heart, yum! Mom was squicked out by that for some reason, I dunno. She said she'd buy more liver treats though, so thanks nice vet lady! Woof! The vet also told me a few times how cute and handsome I was, roo roo!


Holistic vet

July 21st 2010 6:17 pm
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Mom told me she's taking me to a holistic vet tomorrow. Hole list of what I wonder... I hope it's not a list of shots or exams! What's achoopunksure mean? Hey mom, haven't you noticed I'm fine this week, my back hasn't been hurting at all, I'm fine on walks, why do I have to go to another vet? I better get some people food outta this trip tomorrow.


I miss walks

July 16th 2010 4:44 pm
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Mom's out walking with Lacey and I am home, not walking. Mom says it's for my own good and all, whatever, I feel fine! I miss walks! I miss sniffing all over and reading my pmail and leaving pmail for all my neighborhood pals. All I can do is sit here and bark at everyone who walks by, like I usually do, BOL. Mom said she'd get me a stroller if I ever needed one, but sheesh, I may be a mama's boy, but I'm not a wuss! Oh well, gotta get my energy out barking at the kids out back. Woof woof bark bark rrrrruuuffffff!


A good update

July 14th 2010 1:55 pm
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The vet left a message for my mom saying my bloodwork was good. Woof! Oh, but for one liver enzyme that was a little elevated, so vet wants to check it again in 6 months. I'm doing better, in fact I'm barking at mom to bring my dinner! Woof! She's giving me soft food for my medicine, I like that, woof! Dinner time!


I hurt my back

July 13th 2010 3:44 pm
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Owww. Mom was walking me yesterday and I kept sitting back on my butt cause I didn't want to walk anymore, and I didn't want to eat or drink cause I hurt. I wish I could have told mom what was wrong with me then so she didn't have to take me to the vet's today. The vet's always makes me anxious and I crawl under the chairs and hide. It was worse today cause the vet pinched me along my back and tried to push at my tummy and flip flopped my back paws around. They watched me walk a few steps and sit back on my butt, like I did yesterday. I didn't want an audience, I just wanted to go home. Oh, and they took blood from me to test at some lab somewhere. And they stuck fluid under my skin. Sheesh! I hate the vet! Anypoo, the vet told mom I had a back injury, and to severely rest my activities for two to three weeks. It's ok, it's too hot to go on long walks anyways, I guess. I hope those painkillers kick in soon. BOL, I should be on tv with that line, BOL!


Why I love the dog parks

May 22nd 2010 2:25 pm
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Why I love the dog park, by Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors

Dog park, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
One really nice lady with lots of doggie smells and
lots of pets and
lots of ear rubs and
lots of scratches and pets
All for Me!

Oh dog park, I doth love the dog friendly people who go there!

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Shakespeare, The Best Boy Ever


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