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No Cushings!

December 31st 2011 7:13 am
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Sheesh, what a crazy week! We hung out at our grandpawrents and Addy and Samson's for the howlidays and we had a blast like we always do there. Except for when mom dropped me off at the v-e-t to be tested for Cushing's. The v-e-t said my senior bloodwork had a high liver enzyme that's related to Cushing's. So mom decided to have me tested in case I had it so it could be treated early. But my tests were negative! Arooo!!

Thank you Sophie for the big PoP!



November 12th 2011 6:41 pm
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Shakespeare's mom here. Shakey is having a sleepover with Samson and Adeline at his grandpawrents' house. When Lacey and I went to leave, Shakey decided he didn't want to go, he stayed snug in the doggy bed. He didn't move when I called him, dropped the leash, and even when Lacey and I sat in the car waiting to see if he wanted to stay or go. So I decided he was old enough to have a sleepover at his grandpawrents' house if he really wanted. He is ten after all. :) His grandpawrents are going to be coming over tomorrow morning anyways, so they will bring him home then. I miss my mama's boy. *sniffs* Guess I have to let him grow up sometime huh?

I hope you have a good sleepover Shakey boy, and I can't wait to see you tomorrow morning. :)


Morning urka gurkas

September 25th 2011 6:28 am
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My tummy's been bothering me all morning. Mom says it's ok, she just cleans it up and loves on me. The first couple times she wasn't up yet, so I got to snack on it.. mom said that's really gross and wondered if other pups did that.

Mom just told me I'll probably get chicken for dinner, woof!


My Pawty Weekend - Barkday Celebrations Have Only Begun!

August 29th 2011 2:32 pm
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Hurricane Irene visited us this weekend and left so many branches and leaves scattered on the ground around my neighborhood - so much to pee on! BOL!

So on Saturday, me and Lacey and mom went out of town, and me and Lacey stayed at a new day care place. We were gonna stay at our usual weekend retreat (other than our grandpawrent's house), but they closed cause of the hurricane. Anypaw, the ladies at the new place in the other city were really really nice, and me and Lacey immediately jumped on them and sat in their laps, and they gave us lots of pets and treats. I could tell mom had been kinda worried since she hadn't visited the place before, but there were lots of other doggies in the play areas and people hanging out with the doggies. And Lacey and I make friends everywhere we go, espawcially people friends!

So while mom was hanging out with *cats* (the horror!), Lacey and I were living it up making new people and doggy pals! We had our own hurricane pawty, woof!

Mom came and picked us up on Sunday afternoon, and boy was I glad to see her! I had a fun time but I'm a mama's boy and homedoggy at heart. Of course Sunday was my barkday! We pawtied some at day care, then we got a car ride and I love car rides, but when we got home there was no power and no air conditioning.. not a way for a pup to spend his barkday! Mom said she couldn't bake me a barkday cake or barkday treats cause we didn't have power, but that she'd make something this week, and we'd spend all week celebrating. Sounds ok to me, I'm ok with being spoiled even more rotten every day!

So mom, where's the pawresents already?!?!


Thanks pups!

August 28th 2011 4:59 pm
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Thanks for all the barkday gifts! I haven't opened them all cause I am worn out from the weekend.. got lots to tell you about after I sleep for a like 20 hours or so, BOL.

I'm gonna be celebrating all week though!



August 12th 2011 5:33 pm
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Me and Lacey and mom were out walking, and some peoples were getting out of a truck, and I stopped cause I always do that when people get out of autos cause they might want to say hi to me, and a pretty lady got out, and I barked at her, and she said "Hi handsome" and I barked some more. A pretty lady said I was a handsome boy! Woof! Yah, mom tells me that all the time, but you know, it's mom, it doesn't count, BOL.


That's right mister

July 22nd 2011 1:53 pm
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I barked at a neighbor today and he called me "killer." I don't know why mom laughed!


Morning car ride

May 13th 2011 6:50 pm
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Have I mentioned that I love car rides?!? I love going places and barking at new people. Well this morning mom took me for a car ride without Lacey! Ok, so we ended up at the v-e-t-s, which even though it has a bad rep, is always a good sniffing time, and I got to bark at another schnauzer and his owner in the lobby. But then, the nice v-e-t- office ladies told mom that my grooming appointment is actually scheduled for *next* Friday, not today Friday, so we left with nothing done to me at all. That’s the best kind of trip to the v-e-t-s! I get to bark and sniff and then go right home! What a way to start the day, with a pawsonal car ride first thing in the morning and no v-e-t!


Call me lumpy, but not fatty!

April 25th 2011 12:52 pm
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I’m not fat, I’m muscular, BOL! Ok, ok, I have a few fatty lumps on my belly. Mom pokes at em sometimes when she's giving me belly rubbies, and she says how much she hates em and what they mean about me getting older and stuff. I dunno, I just like belly rubs and being scratched all over. Woof! The other night mom was poking and prodding at this bigger lump on my chest area, which only bothered me cause she wasn't rubbing my belly, but I guess the lump bothered her enough cause she said she's gonna take me to the v-e-t today to have them check the new lump out. I'm sure it will miraculously go away before then, BOL! I had a big fatty lump on my back hip, and it bothered mom more than it bothered me, and the v-e-t-s removed it when I had to "go under" for my doggy day care injury a gazillion years ago. I hope I don't have to do that again, I had to wear a cone of shame for days and it was not cool. Hopefully it’ll be a quick v-e-t visit and then mom will take me to the Chick Fil A drive through, nom nom nom!


I hurt my paw

April 6th 2011 4:15 pm
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We were out for a walk and suddenly I stopped and put my front paw up. Mom checked me out and saw a flying thingy stuck in the fur near my back leg, she got it free and it flew away. We walked home. When we got home, I was holding my paw up cause it hurt. Mom didn't panic and rush me to the vet, OMD! BOL! She consulted her pet first aid book and checked my pulse and pushed in my gums and said I was ok. But then she picked me up and looked at my paw in the light and touched at it and I grrred and showed her my teeth and she let me go. She keeps checking my paw, and I keep holding it up for her. I don't want to go to the vet, but mom keeps making those faces....

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