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Attention galore!

September 13th 2005 9:01 am
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Arooo, this week's been lots of fun so far! First I got to go to my grandparents' house and see my Uncle Joey, my humom's brother!! He's so much fun and I got to give him hugs and kisses and we played a bunch. Then he and my grandparents and my grandma's brother all came over to *my* house, rooooo roooo! We all played and ran around my yard and I got lots of attention and it was so much fun! Mom's even been giving me pieces of chicken and cheese cause she's been giving my sister Sydney lots of that and she can't resist my cute self, woof woof!

I'm kinda confused tho cause my humom won't let me bug Sydney as much. She says Sydney's sick - what's that mean? Why can't I play with her? When I try and play with her, she doesn't even grrr at me like she usually does but my humom fusses instead. Sheesh!

Ooooo! People outside, gotta go back to my window and bark!!



September 4th 2005 11:40 am
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Wow, thanks for all my bones, whoever gave them all to me. Arrroooo!


It's my Birthday!

August 28th 2005 6:58 am
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Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to meeeeee!
Happy Birthday to me!

Woooo woooooo wooooo!

I've been a pain all day, haha. Today mom says we're gonna go to all the pet stores and get more stuff for me! And we're gonna get Frosty Paws and all kinds of other goodies!

Oooo, I gotta go bark at passersby to let them know it's my birthday!

Thanks Dogster for my birthday wishes!!


*My* Neighborhood

August 26th 2005 9:06 am
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Me n mom n Sydney went on a walk around the new neighborhood yesterday. I marked all over the place, so now it's *my* new neighborhood. Woof woof!!

Oh yah, and my barkday is Sunday!! I can't wait!!


Birthday shopping!

August 23rd 2005 9:32 am
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Arroooo! Last night I got to go with mom to the store to buy Sydney's canned food - Syd eats it cause she only has half of her teeth, but sometimes she also eats my Wellness kibble.. hey, mom, wait a sec.. Oh, yah, I get a scoop of canned too. Okay. Anyways, so me n mom went to the store and she let me pick out some of my birthday presents!! She let me sniff at lots of treats and chewies, and I licked one so she had to buy it, haha! She kept trying to get me to pick out a toy or two, but I was more interested in all the yummy treats! I saw her get a couple toys but don't tell her I saw, k? I wanted the treats while she was buying them at the counter, but she said I had to wait until Sunday, sheesh! But then we went to chik-fil-a drive through and they gave me a milkbone, so I still got a treat even tho it's not my birthday.. Yet.

I'm gonna get presents soon, aroooo! And that means Wrapping Paper!!! Ooooooo!!!!


My crazy weekend!

August 22nd 2005 9:04 am
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I'm so mad! My humom took me to the dreaded groomer's on Saturday. And he shaved me!!! Said I was too matted, sheesh mom, don'tcha know that after I roll around in the grass and mud you're supposed to brush me out? So what if I don't wanna sit still while you do it? I'm a schnauzer, I can't stay still! It's not in my nature! Aroooo! Anyways, I look silly in my handsome way and I am much cooler. My humom better start brushing me better when my hair starts growin back.

Oh yah, and the groomer is such a tattletale!! He told my humom that I had an total attitude problem this time. Sheesh, again, hello, schnauzer here! I can only be good for so long! My humom said cause I was a brat that I was grounded, but I know she can't do that cause I gotta do my doggy business outside. Haha!

I overheard the groomer and my humom sayin that even though I'm usually really good (of course!), that I had more attitude this time cause we just moved into our new house, like that might be makin me act up. But I was ok when me n mom moved into our last place. I dunno, what do you doggies think? How do you act when you move into a new house?

Oh yah, my barkday is in less than a week!!


My birthday...

August 11th 2005 6:37 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] coming up soon, on the 28th!! I'm going to be FOUR! You have lots of time to buy me presents! I like toys and treats, any kinds work. Or you can just come visit and give me all your attention all the time, woof woof! Ooo, I wonder what my humom has planned this year? Last year we spent all day at the dog park and I got a doggy safe cake and lots of presents. Maybe this year I can have a party in my backyard, that would be fun! I gotta go keep bugging my humom about this.....


Thanks Miss Nellie!

August 11th 2005 9:28 am
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Woooof! I wanna thank my new friend Miss Nellie's Beautiful Song for my Rosette! I gotta get my humom to join dogster plus so I can send my friends cool stuff too. Plus I know there's tons more pictures of adorable me that need to be shared with everyone, arooo!


My new favorite place

August 10th 2005 5:26 pm
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My new house has a really big window that I can see the whole street from! I just hop up on the bench, watch everything, and bark at all the people and animals that dare venture near my terriroty. I have a bigger place to protect now, woof! I love to stare out the big window, I love watching everything!! Ooo, some one's walking by now.. Gotta go bark at em, it's my job!


What a fun weekend!

August 8th 2005 9:22 am
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I ran around my yard alllll weekend, I love it! My humom played ball with me a lot (I like it when her email is screwed up, more play time for me!). Sometimes uncle bob would stop working long enough to toss the ball too. My grandparents and Cupcake came over on Sat and so me n Cupcake got to run around the yard together. Oooo, I got in touch with my inner guard dog cause I got to chase the neighbor's kitty cat outta *my* yard. Aroooo!!

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