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The Barking Machine

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January 3rd 2005 6:10 pm
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Woof woof!! I love love love Christmastime! This year I got to see my Uncle Joey and my Uncle Benny and my grandma and grandpaw and Cupcake and I got lots of attention and love and treats.. I got to sit on everyone's lap a million times too! Oooo, and I got about a million presents! I lost count cause I was too busy playing with the wrapping paper. I love that stuff!

When we got to my grandma and grandpaw's house, I knew exactly where the tree was so I immediately ran to it and grabbed a present and ran into the living room where everyone was! I started to unwrap it but then I decided to go say hi to Cupcake and then my gramdma and when I looked back the present was right back under the tree. But I got to open it after a yummy breakfast. I got to open lots and lots more, I got lots of cool squeaky toys, hee hee, I'm driving mom crazy!


I love spring!

May 3rd 2005 3:04 pm
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I love the warm weather now! I get to spend lots of time outside, altho not as much as I want, mom, sheesh! I get to roll around all in the grass and smush myself into it and chase all the birds and squirrels and roll around in the grass some more. Woof woof!! Let's go out mom!!


Hee hee..

May 3rd 2005 3:06 pm
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So I love lots of things! I love barking and playing and barking and chewing on toys and barking and bugging my sister and my humom and barking and being outside and presents and everything! I think the only thing I don't love is a bath, blech! But I love rolling around after my bath.. esp. on the grass, haha...


Ah ha..

May 27th 2005 4:22 pm
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I found one thing I don't like! So Cupcake is staying with us this weekend, and she doesn't want to play with me! She just wants to snuggle up to *my* humom, sheesh! She doesn't wanna play, Sydney only plays for a few minutes, and sheesh, the cat sure doesn't want to play. What's a hyper barking machine to do?


My New Friend!

May 30th 2005 6:35 pm
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I made a new friend today! Her name's Misty and she's a shepard, but she doesn't have sheep n stuff. She has cool toys tho, and her humom has good treats. My humom says she's daddy's parent's doggy, like Cupcake is my parent's doggy.. so does that make Misty my cousin too? Misty has a great big yard and she's a big dog too, like three times my size. But she's really sweet and followed me around the yard and made sure I was doing ok. Like, sheesh, I'm a schnauzer, I can bark anything away if it bugs me, arrooooo! I had lots of fun tho cause I got to run around a yard and get treats and meet new people and make a new doggy friend.


Congrats Bailey!

July 11th 2005 6:16 pm
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Woof woof!! Me n Sydney want to give a bark out to our friend Bailey, who is Dogster's Dog of the Week! Arooo!! Congrats Bailey! Schnauzers rule!


What's going on?!?

July 18th 2005 6:14 pm
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So my humom has been putting stuff in boxes, and there's boxes all over my house! She put our collars and bowls and medicines in a box. She even put some of my toys in a box, so like now I only have twenty toys to play with instead of forty, sheeesh! But she says that it's ok cause I'll have a bigger house and a yard in a few days - a yard!!! I had one when I was a puppy and I loved it.. I hope mom's not playin with me cause if I get a yard.. woooof wooof!! I can't wait to run around and play ball and chase my dad, aroooo!

Oooo, gotta go bark at the night sky, be back in a few!! Wooooof!


Hi to all my doggie friends!

July 19th 2005 9:04 am
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Aroooo! I'm so exicted cause I was thinking about how many super cool friends me n Sydney have here.. I want to play with all of em! But since my humom says we can't all fit in the house now (sheesh mom!), I can at least say hi!!! Maybe when we get into the new house my humom will let me have everyone over for Frosty Paws! Woof!

Oooo.. squirrel at the patio .. gotta go!


I like my grandparents house!

July 26th 2005 1:20 pm
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So me n Sydney have been hanging out at my grandparent's house for a few days. We love it here cause we get to see Cupcake and run around in the big yard and I get to hang out in my grandpa's lap and grandma gives us lots of treats. Aroooo!! My humom said that when we come home next that we're gonna be in our new big house and get to run around our very own yard! I hope it's as big as my grandparent's yard. Woof woof! I'm gonna go outside again now!


My New YARD!!

August 2nd 2005 9:14 am
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You guys!!! Guess what?!?!?! I have my very own backyard!! No more leashes, just lots of running free and sniffing and running and marking up the place (you know, gotta do what a boy's gotta do)! I love my yard so much!! When my humom first let me outside, I ran so fast straight across it, I ran around the back and the side, and wow, it's so much fun! I love to run run run! When I'm not bugging my humom or sister or dad or the cat (bark!) I just hang out by the door cause I want to go outside.. I love being outside, arooooo! I love being free and running and I pout whenever mom wants me to go inside, geez, mom, what'd ya get the yard for if I can't be in it all the time?!?! Ooo, maybe soon my squirrel and bird enemies will show up and I can chase them around too, aroooo!

p.s. Thank you to my talented friend Shakespeare for my very first rosette!

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