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The Day We Met!

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Dear Daddy

September 22nd 2011 3:37 pm
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It's only been 5 1/2 months since you left us but it's seems like a lifetime to me and mommy. Every night me and mommy go into our room and lay on the bed and talk and cry about you not being here. She always shuts the door so my brothers and sister can't come in because it's our special time. I get tummy rubs, pupperoni and Meaty Sticks.But daddy, it's just not the same without you. I miss you so much daddy. Please come get me and mommy. Please....... I LOVE YOU!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Mommy said I was a bad girl

March 3rd 2010 3:16 pm
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Daddy took me to the vet so the technician could shave the inside of my ear flaps and get a rabies shot. Daddy has never taken me before. Anyway there was a little fluffy doggy that was only about 6 inches tall there and I went after it growling but daddy had my leash and pulled me back. When he told mommy she got really mad at me. I have never ever done anything like that before. I am always the perfect girl at the vet and groomer. I'm always the alpha no matter where we are but I have never been vicious. The vet seems to think I was either protecting daddy because mommy is the one that always takes care of this stuff or because I am getting old and I wasn't feeling good.

Mommy is so ashamed of me. I bet she won't even give me a cookie tonight or a treat. The first thing she did was call the vet to make sure the little dog was okay and they said I wasn't even close enough to touch the little pup. I have a really bad feeling about this one. Mommy wouldn't even give me a kiss when me & daddy left to go home.

I bark at kitties when I see them in our backyard but have never even chased them or go near them. I hope mommy forgives me soon but I bet she doesn't. I have a feeling I won't be allowed to sleep on her pillow tonight either. She doesn't like bullies and she told daddy I was a smart a@@ bully today.

*runs away sobbing*


Now I'm really stumped!

February 26th 2010 3:39 pm
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Mommy just spoke to daddy while he was at the Pulmonary Specialist office. They had taken several biopsies with brushes from the lung where the "shadow" was getting larger. We had understood that no cancer was present only to find out they didn't test the node that has slightly grown. Either daddy got it wrong or they are running us in circles. Since they were in there already taking pieces to test why didn't they test that? All we know now if the shadow looking thing is either scar tissue or plaque on his lung which there is nothing to help that. Mommy will go with him to the oncologist appt next week and ask about everything. Just when things seem to get better they throw the gears into reverse again. Daddy does soak up much they tell him since the chemo but the doctors know this and usually call mommy. So frustrated I could just scream. The oncologist did admit the radiologist screwed up so he is the first one on moms list. She says Californians are too greedy and sue others just for extra money but now mommy says she will sue the pants off them if his life is cut short because of their blunderers errors. She wants them to lose their license if they did do things wrong so they can't do it again. I'm going to go hide for awhile because mommy has got that look she gets right before she blows.


It's the pup in green. No pinching me!

February 24th 2010 3:57 pm
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Last Friday daddy has several places in his lung biopsied. The node grew by 1/3 of an inch and had a large shadow around it. They thought for sure it was cancer. But guess what? Neither was. The shadow could be plaque or just scar tissue but they didn't want to be any more invasive since chemo was a no go. No chemo may not extend his life but at least he won't be sick, more tired than normal and we can do stuff together again.

Only 5% of people that get this done have problems. Well as luck goes daddy was in that 5 % and his remaining lung was slowly collapsing. They put a hose in his lung to help inflate it and drain any fluid. The following Thursday he came home. Boy was I happy. I have been severely abused and left alone everyday for 12-16 hours. Every morning when mommy made the bed I waited until she left then I would ball daddy's pillow up because that's how he likes it. She kept flattening back and I got really mad. Especially when she put the remote control on it. It didn't belong there. I took my paw and tossed it off the bed. She finally ticked me off enough I had to show her who was in charge. To think she was so well trained but when she gets tired I have to start all over from scratch. I have documented her irrational behavior and there will be begging involved but not by me. ROFLMTO!

March 4th mommy has a consultation at Stanford but no testing yet. She was already told they will take a needle to drain fluid out of her lungs, one to drain her chest cavity and one for her tummy again. We just want to get it over with so we can all 3 do fun stuff again without my furless sis trying to boss me around. Although I make her give me 2 cookies instead of one. I love her but she also lacks training. BOL!

Mommy & my sis are both control freaks but when it comes to their furbabies they both turn to mush. Hmmmm. Maybe she is a younger version of mommy.

Everybody be safe and happy and spend lots of time with your peeps.
BTW I was so thrilled to see Ellie and Helga as DOTW! Such sweet girls.


We finally have the news.

February 10th 2010 8:29 pm
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Daddy will have surgery Friday morning for that biopsy. The oncologists says he knows that shadow is cancer but it has to be done to get the insurance to pay for more chemo. He has between 8 months to 2 years left to live. That depends on how strong he is to take the chemo and he's already very weak. He seems to be in pretty good spirits but mommy and me are still in shock. His friend also started chemo today to prolong his life 6-8 months.

Mommy got a call from Stanford today but wasn't home yet so she calls them back tomorrow to see if she is a candidate for a transplant or how aggressive of treatment may put it in remission.

They just came back from the hospital and they took a short drive cruising down Main St. Now we all are going to go to bed and cuddle and see what tomorrow may bring.

We love each and every one of you.


Dear Diary Update

February 10th 2010 11:57 am
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My daddy’s oncologist and pulmonary specialist said that his radiologist made a huge mistake. The top node that is left on his right side was to have 30 radiation treatments. But apparently he was zapping the wrong area and damaged his lung causing him to be a lifer with oxygen. The small node they have found in his other lung has grown a little bit but the oncologist doesn’t seem to be concerned about that. His concern is the large shadow around that area. Daddy went to the pulmonary doctor this morning at his oncologist’s request because he wants to know if daddy can have that biopsied. They mentioned putting a needle into his lung and doing something if it is cancer.

Mommy is furious that the radiologist did such a blunder. She now wonders how many others and how many more people he will harm. Since daddy gets many facts wrong she is going to talk to the doctors herself and if this is the case try to get his licensed pulled or at least a lot of bad local publicity.

They both spend their evenings at the hospital because daddy’s best friend more than 40+ years just found out he has cancer everywhere. Even in the brain. He only started to feel bad around Thanks giving. His is very aggressive and when mommy hugged him he squeezed so hard and cry and he doesn’t cry.

Mommy has some stuff going on but she told her doctors to put a rush on it because she needs to be able to care for daddy and me. She’s afraid they will try to take him away if she’s not there and put him in a rest home or something.

I’m doing pretty well right now. Mommy hit me a couple of days ago with a paper plate because I wouldn’t stop barking cuz I wanted a cookie. But I documented it for future reference. She could have broken my butt with that paper plate. She never even apologized either. She’s really a monster at times. I am not spoiled! *stomps paws repeatedly while snickering*

BTW daddy said I sure have some great friends on dogster. He said they are so caring and compassionate and he wants everyone to give their pups and kitties some extra attention for him and sends hugs to their moms and dads.

Things I need to remember!

Please never put off telling somebody how you care about him or her because you never know if it will be the last chance you have.


Dear Diary

February 3rd 2010 9:58 am
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Yesterday I got some really bad news. My daddy’s c-scan came back and that small node in his right lung did in fact grow and it’s cancer. It’s not operatable. His lung also was damaged by all the radiation treatments. They said he has something that looks like pneumonia but it isn’t. I think that is in the top lobe of the lung that is left. He goes back to see what they can do to make him stronger and a regiment of stronger anti-biotics. They also mention something about putting a needle into his chest where that growth is but that is all I know. Mommy said she is going with him for his appointment so she can ask questions. That will be February 8th. My furless sister Brandi got the appointment pushed up from the 23rd of February. I’m at a loss right now and just need to focus on him with mommy. Mommy said 37 years is not near long enough. It’s hard for us to keep the tears back in front of him. Mommy said she is taking him to his favorite restaurant tonight. At least he still has somewhat of an appetite. Mommy has always said if one of us has to go she prays it will be all three of us in our sleep on the same night but she’s afraid how badly it will hurt my sis.

Hang on daddy because we love you.

I would also like to thank all of you for the pmails, emails, cards & pretties on my page along with all the other things you have sent us.


All My Mommy Wants For Christmas

November 28th 2009 10:07 pm
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Mommy changed my page tonight and said she always likes this song because all she wants for Christmas is me. *giggles* Of course she also wants daddy, my furless sister Brandi and her grandson Kaden as well as her fur grandkids. Every year for the last 3 years she says just 1 more year with us all and for us to feel good. I am over 12 now and her fur grandkids are 2, 13, 14 and Max is 15 or sixteen. He's the kitty.
I hope to see you more playing in the next few weeks. Everyone has been under the weather around here lately so we haven't been playing and I miss that. I hope Rudy Patudy hasn't forgotten me.



October 19th 2009 7:05 pm
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1. What Costume?? Your pawrents are taking you out Trick or Treating! They're both ready in their costumes, but you're still stuck in your room choosing yours! Gotta hurry! What do you do?

a. Just grab a random costume and put it on! Who cares?? You know you always look good in any outfit!
b. Take your time and just find the purfect costume! Mom and Dad can wait, can't they?
c. Run to your pawrents and go trick or treating without any costume at all! Anyways, still got my fur.
Answer fur me: C I like being nekkid!

2. Sugar Rush! Looks like you caught the eye of the person at the first stop! She thinks you're so adorable she decided to let you choose the candy you want! What do you pick?

a. CHOCOLATE!!! It may not be good fur pups, but it's so worth it!
b. Cherry Lollipops, makes me look sassy!
c. Bubblegum! I just wuv the bubbles!
Answer fur me: A But mommy would never allow it. I'm shy with people.

3. Scary Monster!!! Oh noes! There's a huge scary monster on your front porch! Of course, you gotta protect your pawrents somehow! How will you do it?

a. Growl at the thing. Might be even be afraid of you!
b. Push your pawrents aside and run along with them! It's best that you're all safe.
c. Hide behind your pawrents. They're stronger, and not to mention braver, let them do the work.
Answer fur me: A Get off my porch, my yard and my street!

4. Opinions?? So, what did you think about this game?

This was a different game. I liked it.
Off to tag some of my furriends now! ^_^

I will tag....
Rudy Patudy


My Past Week of Being Scared Again

October 7th 2009 6:35 pm
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Before I tell my story please send except my Pretty Lil Hound Dog Lucy
Needs some PoP from you all. She’s my buddy and I love her so much. Everyone run for Lucy and stomp paws. Tag a picture Loveforlucy

My eyes have been very swollen and red and I haven’t felt good. Mommy thought it was my allergies again like it has been last year and the year before and I just needed some eye drops to relieve it along with my Benedryl.

She took me to the vet then it all started again. My right eye has 2 ulcers so I can’t use the steroid drops. Mommy & daddy have to put a warm compress on my eye every 3 hours then 2 drops of this stuff. They are talking about it possibly being glaucoma now. That was on Monday. Then she checked my heart and the occasional spematic murmer they would hear once in a while sounded different in my heart. It was more of a whooshing sound. They let mommy hear it. Now she’s really scared. Dr. Riley thinks it’s a leaky valve now so she had me come back today to have the cardiologist do an ultrasound.

Mommy dropped me off at 8 this morning so they can take ex-rays before the ultrasound.
The cardiologist said it was a leaky valve but very minor and typical of an old dog. Especially at 12 it was in pretty good shape. Then the vet told him I have had Cushings Disease since I was about 7 years old. He then retracted his statement and said my heart was in great shape for having Cushings and that it was well managed. I don’t need another ultrasound for a year unless I show other complications like coughing. Every 6 months Dr. Riley will take ex-rays to monitor my heart and if there is a difference she will contact him.

Now about the right eye. They want me to continue the compresses and drops and go back Friday at 4 in the afternoon. If the ulcers are gone that part will be over. If not they will make me an appointment with the otomologist. [sp?] The vet does think that if it is glaucoma that it is a borderline case and will be given drops for that eye. I hope that’s the case if it is glaucoma. She did say if it was it was caught very early because of the constant check ups and coming in for my allergies. So all in all it was a good visit. Mommy is so happy. Daddy is so happy and I’m happy because they are.

That’s my latest story except my Pretty Lil Hound Lucy.

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