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A Golden's 'Tail'

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I had to go to the ER :(

January 23rd 2008 3:28 pm
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I was very sick on Monday night... I was gagging and my stomach was hard so I had to go to the emergency room. My mom was afraid it was something called "Bloat" and she was right. My stomach was bloated and twisted so I had to get emergency surgery. It was very scary! Mom kept crying and I didn't understand why... I had to stay there all night and then in the morning mom came and picked me up and took me to my normal vet. I refused to go into the back with the nurse who I didn't know, so the other nurse who I know told mom to come back with me so I would not be scared. I had to stay there all day and then finally I got to go home last night. I felt very bad. My stomach hurt and I was so tired I slept the whole night. My mom kept lying her head on my chest because the vet told her that I could get heart problems and she needed to check my heart.
Today I went back to my vet. I kept telling mom we should go back home, I thought she was going to leave me there again so I whined and whined (which I usually NEVER do, it's too undignified.) Mom didn't leave me there that time. Instead she walked me to the back of the office and they attached some metal things to me to listen to my heart. It sounded good. Then they took some blood and I wagged my tail like I always do when I get treatments. After that I got to go back home to rest. My vet says I am recovering well, but I still need to be watched.


Oh no, my boyfriend is missing!

November 30th 2007 9:21 pm
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Oh no, I am so worried! My boyfriend Legolas the kitty is missing! (In my profile pic, that's a photo of me with him when he was a little kitten-- he's 2 years old now.) He belongs to friend of my human, and we just love each other...I even gave him a Valentine on Valentine's Day!

My human talked to his human on Wed night and found out Legolas has been missing since Tuesday morning!
The worst part is that when his human called the AVID microchip company to report he was missing she found out there was a problem with his microchip number! Someone else was registered as the owner of the cat with that number! When AVID called the phone # who the chip was registered to, the person said they had adopted a cat with the same description as Legolas from the same shelter where he came from, with the same name that was on his paperwork from the shelter! It's really weird! Legolas's human thinks maybe the shelter mixed up the two cats' paperwork or something, which means the microchip number that his human has might not be the correct number so if someone finds him and scans the chip she doesn't know who it will be listed as registered to!

Yesterday, my human and I went to his house and we walked all over the neighborhood to see if maybe I might be able to scent where he had gone or maybe he would smell me and come out, but no luck... I did seem to be interested in some areas near the house, but we did not find him. :( I am very worried about him because it is going to be very cold tonight, it's already down to 23 degrees! Tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to bring freezing rain and snow...


More lumps and bumps...

September 24th 2007 1:30 am
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Ok my human wants to write now, she knows more about all this technical medical stuff so I will let her write this entry...

Po or Ginger is having one problem after another... A few weeks ago I noticed a swelling on one of Ginger's front legs. Of course I was very concerned. I took her into the vet right away. She took x-rays which showed it was in the bone but were not conclusive as to a diagnosis. The worry was osteosarcoma (bone cancer) so we were sent to a specialist for a bone biopsy. The surgeon we were going to see was not available at the specialty center so I made an appointment with the oncologist there instead.

She took a look and did new x-rays because the quality of the others wasn't great... We also got chest x-rays which we clear. She was still concerned about osteosarcoma but she said that the appearance was not the normal look for that condition because the lump was not in the usual place it is with that, the view on the x-ray was not the normal way it looks, and Ginger had no pain or limping. She recommended doing a bone biopsy. The oncologist consulted with a radiologist but still they were not sure from the x-rays what the cause of the bone swelling was.. We went ahead with the bone biopsy which was done about a week later after the doctor consulted with some other vets. When we finally had the results of that, it was also inconclusive, not consistent with cancer cells but the vet said we still could not rule it out. The options were to do another bone biopsy which could cause a fracture and may likely yield the same results (the vet thought she got a pretty good sample the first time) or wait a month and do x-rays again. My regular vet recommended trying a course of antibiotics just to see if there is any result. So now we are waiting to do the next set of x-rays and see if we find anything more then...

Then last weekend we went dog event and I noticed Ginger drooling at the event. I thought maybe she was stressed or hot, and she stopped after we left the event so I didn't think about it much more. Then very early Monday morning she couldn't eat. I put her food down as usual, came back and it was still there. I watched her try to eat and she would pick up some food, drool, and spit it back out. I looked in her mouth thinking maybe something was caught there, and found her tongue seemed to be oddly twisted to one side. I was really scared and got an appointment with her regular vet right away that morning. Her regualar vet looked at it and she thought it might be squamous cell carcinoma (type of cancer) and that would explain her leg swelling as well. I was so worried, I couldn't even eat anything all that day and the next morning... When I went home I called the oncologist, and set up an appointment with her for the next day. That night I had to hand-feed Ginger by dropping wet food in the back of her mouth because she could not move her tongue or swallow very well.
When we got to the oncologist, she examined Ginger's mouth and said she could not see any tumor at all, just swollen tongue and mouth. She took Ginger in the back to have a few other specialists take a look and they agreed with her. They decided to sedate her so they could see how it appeared under anesthesia and do a biopsy. She came back out and told me what she found. There was sort of a blood blister on Ginger's tongue way in the back of her mouth and when she opened that up she found there was a pocket of air actually inside Ginger's tongue, which was very swollen. She did a biopsy and culture, and said it may possibly be some kind of infection or even a result of a sting or bite... She gave Ginger a steroid shot and antibiotics. She said she never saw anything exactly like that before so she's not sure of the cause.
Ginger started to improve a little the night she got home from the specialist. She is doing a LOT better now, she can eat and drink normally although her tongue seems to be a little painful still. Hopefully her improvement means it was just a sting or something like that... So it seems that likely the mouth problem and the leg problem are totally unrelated, she is just very unlucky to have both happen at the same time!
She's now on 2 types of antibiotics and I am still waiting for the results of the biopsy/culture of her mouth, and then we have to wait a few more weeks to do more x-rays of her leg. Poor girl...

Ok it's me Ginger again... Well there you have it. That's what has been going on with me lately. I don't understand most of it but I know I keep having to go see the vet and stuff... I like my vet but I don't like when they poke me with things, even though I wag my tail and let them do it!
It's no fair because for the last few weeks they keep going on walks without me! My brother Pooch gets to go but I have to stay home...something about making sure my leg heals. Phooey.


Lump Scare

July 31st 2007 1:35 pm
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I had to go to the vet yesterday... I had two lumps the vet had to look at. One was on my neck which the vet had already seen but it had gotten a little bit bigger since then. The other was a new one, it was on my thigh. My person found that one last week. She was very worried about me, because us Goldens are very prone to this thing called cancer. It is a very scary thing.
I went to the vet with my brother Pooch because he also had a lump (wart type thing) that was open, and needed to be checked. I love going to the vet because I always get lots of attention! Pooch went first, it turned out his lump was ok, it was just sebaceous which means oil comes out of it. Kinda gross but nothing bad! After Pooch was examined they had to take blood from him. I was worried about him because he was up on the table and very very unhappy so I kept circling around the exam room trying to get someone's attention. They were all looking at Pooch instead of me! First they tried to take blood from his back leg, but he wouldn't allow it. Then someone held him and they tried taking blood from his front leg, but the blood was too thick. He was really struggling at that point, so finally they had to get a tie-on muzzle and have 2 people hold onto him so the vet could take blood from his neck. Poor Poochie! His blood test came out fine.
Then it was my turn. First I got weighed-- I weigh 62.4 pounds which is nice and lean, and good (sometimes I am too skinny, but this weight is ok.) I like the vet so I don't mind if she examines me and I don't struggle. She took a needle and poked around in my lump on my neck, but I didn't even flinch, I didn't need anyone to hold onto me or anything either. I'm glad the vet knows me well so she knows she doesn't need to have someone grab me when she does these things! She knows I am very laid back and I won't complain about anything... Then she did the same thing with the other lump on my leg, and we had to wait while she put the samples on slides. My person was anxious while waiting but I just took a nap. Finally the vet told us that she didn't find anything abnormal! We were so relieved... All she found on the slides was fat cells which means they are something called an lipoma (fatty tumor) which is not a bad thing. It is something called benign. It doesn't mean I am fatty, I am a very slim dog... These lipomas are pretty common in older dogs. I have a few of them already that were identified so now I have two more... I guess us Goldens tend to get them a lot too. Happily it is not something dangerous! We just have to keep an eye on it like with the other ones I have...


I've been tagged!

May 23rd 2007 2:18 pm
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I've been tagged by Sabrina!

Here are the rules of the game--

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

7 facts about me:

1. I LOVE bread over any other food!

2. I have been to 14 different states

3. One of my nicknames is "Super Brat"

4. I eat bugs...yum!

5. I have been on television

6. I have over 50 leashes (mom kinda collects leashes...)

7. I like to sit in the driver's seat in the car when the driver gets out

I'm tagging:
Lord Pippin


Raising money, "Bark in the Park" walkathon!

May 2nd 2007 12:29 am
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I can't wait for this weekend! Mom and I are going to participate in the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society's fundraising walkathon "Bark in the Park" on Saturday! I love going to events like this because we always meet nice people and dogs and I get a lot of petting and attention. This time we are going to be walking with friends from Dog Scout Camp last year, one of our roomates Libby (who is also on Dogster) and her mom. I am going to be wearing my Dog Scout vest for the walkathon (unless it gets too hot!) and I may also bring my Chenny Troupe (animal assisted therapy org.) vest because Chenny Troupe is having a booth there so I may help them out at the booth after the walk... Another way to get more petting! ;)

Mom left me home last weekend with family and went away for THREE DAYS without me so I am really glad to have her to myself this weekend! She went to Indiana and visited some friends. Apparently several of her friends asked "Where's Ginger?" when mom arrived! I couldn't go along because mom went on the Metra train and they don't allow dogs. Hopefully next time mom goes to visit them in Indiana I can come too! They have a nice Labrador named Sweetness and SIX cats (I love cats!) so I really would love to come along. Plus they live in the woods practically so there is a lot to explore...

If anyone is interested in donating money for the Anti-Cruelty Society walkathon, here is the page mom made for us to raise money:


List of States

November 29th 2006 3:10 pm
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I found this website that lets you make a map showing all the places you've visited!
Here is a map of all the states I've been to: ap?visited=ILINIAKYMEMIMNNHNYOHPATNVTWI


Look, deer!

September 8th 2006 9:57 am
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I met two strange creatures this week....
We were having lunch in a forest preserve when my mom and her sister and I decided to walk in the woods (on a bike path) a little bit. Suddenly we saw these two creatures walking towards the path, so mom stopped. I didn't see them at first until mom finally pointed them out to me. She says they are called "deer". They came up right next to the path and started to eat some leaves! We were only about 6-8 feet away from them-- we were on one side of the path, and they were on the other-- but they were not scared of me, or of mom and her sister, or even of the bikes that once in a while would zoom past on the path! While we were standing there two older men walked along on the side of the path closer to the deer, and when they saw the deer they stopped and one of them waved and said "Hello!" pretty loudly to the deer, but even that did not scare them away! I just stood totally still and stared at the creatures! I was so excited and intent that all my muscles were quivering...especially my legs! (not sure if I wanted to chase them or what...)

Then the smaller one came closer and it had faint spots and mom said that it was a "fawn" and the bigger one was a "doe". The "fawn" was still bigger than me though even though mom said it was a young deer--wow that's a big baby! The "fawn" then started wandering even closer and then it started walking slowly on the path, mom was scared about the bikes that kept zooming around the curve (that they might hit it) but finally it crossed the path and started walking into the trees on the other side, and then the bigger deer followed it and they slowly walked away... The whole time I just stood still and stared. When the deer started to walk away mom said it was time to go, but I didn't want to go away... Then she let me go sniff where the deer had been. I have seen creatures like these before, but it was always when I was inside the car so I never got to smell them before!


Passover seder

April 15th 2006 10:03 pm
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This week I got to go to a seder for passover with mom... It was really neat! I usually go with my mom to another friend's house for a seder every year, but this year we couldn't go to that friend so we went to another one of our friends houses for a seder instead...
I love matzo! I love all kinds of bread and matzo is a kind of bread... I made sure I got included in the seder by getting a piece of the matzo, the maror and the charoses along with everyone else! If you wanna know, maror is bitter herbs and charoses is this mixture with apples and cinnamon in it. They symbolize certain things... It was a really long seder so I slept under the table a lot of the time and kept everyone's feet nice and warm (I got a nice massage out of it!) Afterwards I got to play with our friends' kitten Legolas. You can see a pic on my page of me and him when he was smaller.
Well tomorrow is easter so to me that means more friends and more food!


I Love My Seatbelt!

April 5th 2006 12:49 pm
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I love my seatbelt! I hope everydoggy who reads this wears one too... They keep you safe! If you don't have one please go out and get one! Make sure it is strong however and read the package. If you examine them closely or talk to the company, many seatbelts are actually NOT made to withstand an accident, they are just to restrain a dog in the car! Also a lot have not been tested to see how well they hold up in an accident...

I have tried so many different seatbelts and a lot of them were not very strong or safe. I have tried a Four Paws seatbelt, a VestHarness (both of those relied on small plastic buckles to hold a dog in place-- may not stand up in an accident) a Batzi Belt (not bad but it's only a strap and not a harness), a Ruff Rider Roadie (supposed to be strong, but was very difficult to put on/off, hard to fit, and it just looks sorta flimsy...)
I finally found one I liked, and I have been using it ever since! It is called the CARE Champion Seatbelt System. I highly recommend this one. Please note that I am not getting any bones from the company, I am not affiliated with them in any way I just use the product and have found it works great.

It is made with extra-wide webbing, and all the metal parts are extra large and strong. It has large plastic buckles to attach the seatbelt but it doesn't rely on them in case on an accident-- instead it has two metal D-rings where you attach the seatbelt strap, one D-ring is on each side of the plastic buckles of the chest strap piece, and so the metal is what is holding you in place! Much stronger than plastic snaps. According to the company, the Medium and larger harnesses can hold over 2000 pounds.
Anyway, I just love my seatbelt harness.... I hope you will wear a seatbelt when in the car because if you do not, it can be dangerous for you and anyone else in the car (an unrestrained dog will become a projectile in an accident, hitting other people/objects with a lot of force...)
Please remind your humans!

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