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I Have A Pouch......

March 30th 2006 3:31 pm
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The other day mommie took me, Lucy and Scarlett to PetsMart one of our favorite haunts. As we were walking the isles meeting nice folks I noticed the puppy pouches. Since I am the baby of the gang I always thought I would like to try one. After all what better way to get around than being carried right in front with mommie. hehehe Anyway mommie tried it on and put me in I immediately made myself comfortable and decided then and there I was NOT getting out. So here we are mommie carrying me in the pouch and Lucy on her pillow in the front seat of the cart and Scarlett on her pillow in the back of the cart!! What a picture we were. Everyone was smiling at us. When we were finished shopping mommie tried to remove me from the pouch which like I said before was NOT happening. So mommie had to buy the pouch with me in it and out we went. Now I know why kangaroo babies stay in the pouch so long it's a very comfy place and you don't miss a thing!! Now when we are around the house I get mommie to carry me in the pouch I just love that pouch!!


I'm a Winner in a Photo Contest!!

March 3rd 2006 3:24 pm
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What a great day this is for me. I went to check my dogster paw mail earlier and to my surprise I had a message telling me I was a winner!! I had entered a photo of me, Lucy and Norma Jean in our St. Pawdy's Day outfits and Dutchess the judge picked us!! The contest was sponsored by a group we are members of The Pet Poetry Group. It is a wonderful group folks share beautiful poetry with the group and wonderful photos too. We don't write poetry (yet) but we sure appreciate the members sharing their beautiful words with us. What an honor, I've never won a contest before. Mommie is soooo proud of me she gave extra cookies for dessert and she hasn't stopped talking about it!! It feels soooo good to make my mommie so proud and happy!! I hope we can enter some more contest - this is very fun.....


Party, Party, Party.....

January 26th 2006 5:13 pm
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Today was a great day Scarlett, Lucy, Rockey and me went to visit our elderly friends and we had a Hawaiian party. We got to wear leis and even learned a new dance called the hula. The hula came pretty naturally cuz we already have that shake the tail thing mastered hehehe. I love visiting cuz I get non stop attention it's so hard to figure out who to woof at first!! I love hearing everyone calling my name - it makes me feel like a movie star - ooooo maybe someone will ask me for my pawprint yea!! Mommy took lots of pictures she is going to make a poster for our friends to hang on the bulletin board so they can remember all the fun we had. Mommy put a few of our favorite pictures on our pages - take a peek.
Well it's been a busy day I think I'm gonna curl up on mommy's lap and dream about greenies.....xoxoxoxo Love Savanna Leigh


A visit to Santa

December 17th 2005 5:23 pm
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Today was very exciting I got to go see Santa. He let me sit on his lap and I told him everything (I think) I wanted for Christmas . I hope he remembers now that I think about it he didn't even write it down. Well we will have to wait and see......

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