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Teeth Cleaning...

September 1st 2008 5:51 am
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is all ober wif now. Da Boss Lady tuk me to dat vet cwinic on Wensday morning all bwite and earwy and weft me der wif de nise vet teks who wubz me and takes gud care ob me.

She worried about me till she called the vet's offise to check on me, and dey sed I waz just fine and waz waking up. Dey cweaned my teefies and polished dem and flourided dem and sent me home wif sumting called OraVet to put on once a week.

Da bosses also gib me Fragaria Vesca ebery day to help wif de plak stuff....I didn't hab a cweaning wast year and de vet sed it was weal easy to cweam my teefies diz time too, so it helps.

Enywayz, heers hoping I dun't hab to see de vet egin except for nail cwippings until my next wegular appointment!



Vet Visit This Morning!

August 22nd 2008 8:54 am
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So, first I had to ride in the car, which I don't like at all, then we stopped, and we were at the vet's office! This wasn't starting off to be a good morning at all. They tested me for heartworms and did a fecal sample, gave me my bordetella vaccination and then the leptospirosis shot, too. Dr. Shindler also expressed my anal gland, oh my! And, they cut my toes off, I mean, they cut my toenails. Dr. Schindler gave me a thorough exam and says for an almost 9 year old girl I'm in good shape. I have an appointment for a teeth cleaning on Wednesday, and mom will be happy when that's over and I'm safely back home. They did give me a couple of treats after the appointment, and they were yummmeeeeee!


The Invasion of the Eenie Weenies!

August 3rd 2008 2:03 pm
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Well, last weekend was a lot of fun! Badger Hunter's Little Smokie (Smoke) and his sister Tess Truheart and their mah-ahm paid our pack a visit. The hoomans just visited and chatted and watched us puppers to make sure we'd behave ourselves, and we did just that for the most part. Hunter grrrred at Smoke once right after they got here and once at Tess when she tried to join the rest of us on the couch, but nothing too serious! Smoke n Tess's mah-ahm brought us so many treats and treasures....she spoils us rotten, and I even came to her for some pettings before she left for hom on Sunday. Being the shy girl that I am, that was quite an accomplishment for mah-ahm!!

We hope that Smoke n Tess and mah-ahm had as good a time visiting us as we had having them visit.



Visitors are A-Comin!!

July 20th 2008 5:54 pm
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We're so excited, next weekend we're gonna have visitors. Mom has been a cleaning and organizing and dad's been planning the menu. We're gonna try to take them to Brazos Bend State Pawk, one ob our most faborite places, too. We get to meet the mom and both doggies, and our mom says we have to be good hosts....whatever that means. What's ours is ours and what's theirs is ours, too, while they're at our house, right?

Anyway, we'll let ya know how the visit goes!



I've Been Tagged!

June 23rd 2008 5:47 pm
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I've been tagged by my pal Boudy
That means I am gonna answer the following questions.

Name Four Jobs You Have

1. Cairn Princess
2. Guardian of the house
3. Hunter's mentor
4. Playing

Name Four Places You have Lived:
1. Puppy mill (ughhh)
2. Camp Lone Star
3. My first adoptive home
4. Mom and dad's house

Name Four Places You Have Been

1. Gramma's House
2. Petco
3. Lexington Animal Hospital
4. Brazos Bend State Park

Name Four Places You Would Rather Be:

1. Under the end table
2. Eating Hunter's food
3. In back of the couch
4. Sniffing for rabbits

4 pups to tag. Watch out here I come to tag you!!!!!
Dorothy Louise
Cordelia B.


Brazos Bend State Pawk!

June 20th 2008 9:35 am
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De hoomanz tuk Hunter n me to dis wooferful pwace wast Sunday...and we had de most wooferful time der....we saw squirrels, wotz of dem....and we gotz to chase dem bak up into doez tweez and eben twied to cwimb de twees abter dem. We also saw deer and eben an alleegator!

It waz a fun day....hope de hoomanz will take us der egin sun.



It's Sure Hot Here!

May 31st 2008 6:56 pm
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My gudness gwashus, it'z HOT here in SE TX alweady! Mom tuk me n Hunter for a wawk dis morning and I tot my paws were going to boil! It's in the mid 90's here, and it'z onwy May, mom sayz she hates to tink wat July, August, Sept will be wike!

Besides being hot here, tings are going ok with dat widdle brudder ob mine.....I sat back waffed dis ebening cause mom n dad had a pizza for supper and mom caught dat brudder wif de package dat he gotz owt ob de twash!! It'z sure nice to know I'm de gud dawg in dis house, cause I'b neber dun enyting wike dat. Hunter also chewed a pare ob mom's shoes!! Mom sayz he's got to wearn de wayz ob de house, so she wazn't mad at him dough....and she tells me dat I shud hep dis boi wearn wat he can and can't wong as he awwows me to dwag him round by his ear/scwuff ob his neck, den maybe I will hep him owt!



So I have a New Brudder.....

May 26th 2008 6:15 am
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Dis is ok....he seems to unnerstand dat I'm still top dawg here! I weally neber knew how much fun it wud be, dough, I get to pull de boy awound by his ear, fwip him ober, nibble on him....grrrrr and bar-ark........and den de chase is on.

Mom and dad laff and laff at us, but I tink I'm happee to hab dis new brudder.



So I have a New Brudder.....

May 24th 2008 7:19 am
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de hoomans agreed to apply to adopt Hunter, and we got the offishal appwobal dis morning....all's dats weft iz to fill in de contwact and send off de donation and contwact!!

I spose Hunter's ok.....we sure like to pway, and he knowz who's boss....MEEEEE!!!



Mudder is Leaving Us.....

April 5th 2008 8:34 am
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for the weekend! She is going to bisit sum dogster fwiends owt ob town, and sense I duzn't wike to wide in dat 4 wheeled tingie dat goez on de woads and I getz nerbouz round peeple I duzn't know so gud, I am staying home wif fadder and Hunter. Hunter iz duing gud so far abter hiz wast HW tweetment, we hopez he duzn't hab so much twubblez dis time! Fadder will take gud kare ob us wile mudder is bisiting Smoke and Tess and Momma Goobersmooch and a cuple ob de Goobersmooches and Francis and his mom.

Hope eberyone haz a gud weekend!


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