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I'm still in "boot" camp!!

May 28th 2009 12:04 pm
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I'b been a bedder gurl for a wile now, but de hoomanz seem to bewieve I still need to be weminded dat I'm a corn terror dawg, not a purson in a doggie suit! So, I still hab to sit fur eberyting fwom tweats to wawks and to be unweashed! I still habn't been giben my bed pwivileges bak yet...and mudder sayz it's gonna be a wile befur dat happens. I still am being cwated at night...but I don't seem to mind it much, in fact, last nite befure bed-time de mudder found me cuddled up in my cwate without being told it was bed-time! I habn't gwowled or snapped at my fadder in a wile.....maybe duing dat wazn't de best ideea dis corn dawg gurl eber had!



I'm in "Boot Camp"!!

April 15th 2009 8:56 am
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I've been a "snot" as mom and dad call it since my fosser sisser waz heer, and eben dough she'z gone, I'm still being dat way. Wen dad haz wawked tru de woom I'm been fowwowing awong and nipping at hiz neez, but de oder mowning I snapped at him wen he weached to pet me wen I waz on de bed!

So, I'b wost mi bed pwivileges and couch pwivileges and I must earn eberyting fwom wawks to wubbings to tweats and my bweakfast and supper! I must sit be4 I getz ENYTING! And, I dun't always getz wubbings just cause I wantz hoomans are desiding if dey want to gib it to me den!!

Dey tink dis boot camp will help me go bak to de sweet gurl I hab been be4....and I'm alweady showing sum sines dat it's getting tru to me.




March 15th 2009 6:07 am
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is settling into her own fureber home kwite niselee, according to e-males we'b been weceebing fwum her nu momma. I am a bery happee corn dawg dese dayz....Jella haz a home ob her bery own dat wubz her (wich she deserbed) AND I hab mi own home back in proper order...wif mee az de stablished corn dawg pwincess and Hunter az mi serbant!!

Mom and dad tewl uz dat dey are going to take a fu monfs off be4 fossering wet tings seddle down here at our house furst...den maybe dey will twy fossering a widdle boy corn dawg....I seemed to hab no trubbles getting awong wif de boiz...but I had a weal hawd time sharing my home wif a nudder corn princess.



Majella is flying to her fureber home today!

March 7th 2009 1:07 pm
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Miss Jella Bella's plane shud be in de air wight now...on itz way to Jacksonville, FL! Wile I'm pwoud ob mom and dad fur wanting to help oder widdle corn dawgs wike Hunter and mee, I WEALLY wazn't to cwazee bout habbing anudder corn dawng pwincess in my house. I made my feelings known clearly more dan once, and mom and dad had to separate me fwom Jella...not fur fur dem, not fun fur Jella, and once we were separated NOT fun for me....cause mom and dad were always bery mad at mee.

But now Jella will hab her own wunnerful fureber familee, wif a mom who works onwy pawt-time as a nurse, a dad who's a vet, a 14 year old hooman brudder, and a 9 year old lab brudder....and she will be loved and appreciated.

Good wuck widdle Jella.....hope you will be as loved as Hunter and me.




February 2nd 2009 9:25 am
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the foster sister isn't leaving quite yet....she had a family that was "interested" but apparently they didn't think the time and effort needed to invest in continued potty training would be worth it to have a sweet little red wheaton cairn in their family. So, Jella looks like she's going to stay with us for a bit longer...and we will keep working with her to get her potty trained. I have to say, she's a smart corn dog, a bit rambunctious and stubborn, but sweet. I will tolerate her because she needs a foster home just like I did when I came to live with mom and dad....but big ole doggy pawyers that she will have her own furever home soon. Hunter and me, we're really kind of "laid back" for corn dogs.....this girl is a wild child....into everything, including the trash given the chance, and she runs at me and wants to rough-house, wellll that's fine....but when I rough-house I do it on my terms and when I want to! I've had to put Jella in her place a time or two.

Anyway, she's not bad as foster sisters go.....but, sure will be GLAD when she GOES to her own furever home.




January 25th 2009 2:21 pm
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I think I'm feeling least my appetite is back. I ate my breakfast, took a nice walk, then I begged for some of the boss lady's lunch. I came running when I heard the treat jar too.

The boss lady and the boss man sure are praying all I had going on was the little tummy upset that the vet thinks I was having....the boss lady has seen so many dear little dogs go to the Bridge lately...she has really been worried about me.



I'm not feeling so good!

January 24th 2009 7:12 am
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When mom got home from work last night I didn't really want to take my usual walk, and I refused dinner, not even big treats like canned chicken breast!! Mom immediately called the vet and they have late appointments, so mom took me right over. I didn't have a temp, my gums looked good, she couldn't feel any obstruction, but I did have a lot of gas. So, she gave me a shot and some pills. She said I could be fed breakfast this morning...and I did eat, but now I'm acting like I don't feel so good's a worrier!!

Jella goes back tomorrow to have her incisions checked for her dew claw removal and if I'm still not acting totally great again, I'm going back.

Please send some pawyers that this is just a little tummy and dad love me so much, and they've seen so many humans lose loved fur babies lately....and are praying hard this is nothing serious with me!



Farewell to a Friend!

January 23rd 2009 6:17 am
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Our wonderful friend Pepe made his journey to the Bridge last night. He has not been feeling well for quite some time now, and his mum told us that he let her know that his time to make his journey had come.

We are so sad for his mum, dad, and Rosie, his chi sister who will miss this sweet boy so very much. But we are comforted thinking of our Pepe being happy and healthy again and also being reunited with his first mum who went ahead of him. She will keep him company until he can be with his second mum and his dad and Rosie again someday.

We love you Pepe.....and our hearts hurt for your mum and dad and Rosie!



There is sadness in our Col Potter Family Today.....

January 19th 2009 11:14 am
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as we have to say goodbye to a dear little cairn boy named Jovi, he was a puppy mill kid brought in by Col Potter with the hopes of showing him love and care and kindness and a long-time forever home.

However, in spite of a year of love, care, and only kindness shown him in two foster homes, he could not rid himself of the terrors he suffered in the puppy mill he came from, and the only way he knew to keep humans at bay was with his teeth. If/when it was totally necessary for him to be touched, he had to be muzzled which even more terrified him, and then he defacated from sheer terror.

With great sadness, the decision was made to help him to the Bridge today. His second foster mom adopted him yesterday so he'd have a forever home before he makes that journey to the Bridge.

As a group, our collective hearts hurt, but as the foster moms (and one forever mom), their hearts are broken that little Jovi could not know and accept the love, care, compassion, and kindness that was his for the taking.

May this little one have a peaceful journey to the Bridge and may he there finally be rid of those terrible terrors that he could not lose here on earth.

Cassie---a puppy mill girl, too


Jella Is.....

January 18th 2009 3:00 pm
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well, she's a lot like a little corn dawg puppy! She may be 2-3 yeers old, or so sayz dat vet person, but she acts wike a puppy! She nips, she howls, she bawks when she'z in her cwate or ex-pen, and worst of she pooped in da house! Mom and dad fussed at her,but I don't do dat kind ob ting...dey bedder not awwow dis widdle snot to do it eder!

Pwus, I had to put her in her pwace whilst we were wawking dis abternoon, she gotz pushy wif me, so I thot abowt a grrr-snap, but dad stopped me befur I gotz too ferocious bowt it.

Jella is a sweet widdle gurl....I'm just not sure I needz a puppy to be heer for bery long disrupting my kwiet wife! But, you neber knows, I might get to weally wike her when she getz uzed to uz and we getz uzed to her!


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