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It's My Woofday!

October 15th 2006 5:07 pm
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Today iz de furst Woofday with my hoomans, and dey made my day a speshul one. I gotz a speshul cookie fwom a doggie bakewy, sum nu toiz, and mom and dad sang a sillee song kind of like "happee birfday to yu" to me. I don'tz now wat dis speshul day meens, but it waz fun.

Cairn kisses,


De Bwitish Hab Come and Gone!

October 11th 2006 12:25 pm
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Mom n Dad's Bwitish fwiends awwived on Sept 30 and dey went home on dat big bird on Oct 8. Dese Bwitish peeple wubbed me, and I wubbed dem rite bak! I am skared of nu peeple usually, but dey arrived on Saturday abternoon and bi Sunday nite I was wetting Paul walk me! I eben came to dem for pettings and tummy wubs.

Dey wet me go awong to Bwazos Bend State Pawk, and we all hadz such a gud time dere. De west of de twips I hadz to stay home caws woofs were not allowed where dey were going.

Paul and Twacey are sending me pwesents next week---some toys!! Dey tink mommy and daddy habn't spoiled me enuff, and I won't tell dem eny different for sure.

Anywayz, mommy didn't hab eny time to get on dis computer when de gests were here, so I asked her to rite a diary for me today.

Cairn kisses,


The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming!

September 14th 2006 5:36 am
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Mom n dad hab sum fwiends woo wibz in Engwand, n dey will be heer in TX in 2 weekz. Deze hoomanz wuvz woofs, so mom n dad hopez I will wike deze nice peeple.

I'z still bery shi obs peeple I donz no, butz I alzo sense wen peeple weally likez me. So, hopefully I wontz spend de entire time dat dey are heer underneaf de end table or in back ob de sofa!!

Dey are planning on bisiting lotz ob pwaces wit der fwiends dat woofs can't go to, but dey are also going to Bwazos Bend State Park, and I wubz dat pwace and I getz to go awong der.

Not much elze is happening here, just been a while sinze I diktated a diary.

Cairn kisses,


My Friend Little Bit Went to the Bridge

August 30th 2006 5:01 am
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My friend Little Bit, who fought so hard against her cancer, went to the Bridge on Sunday. Our family, like so many dogster families, is very sad and our hearts go out to Little Bit's bosses and her brother Lyle.

She was a dear and brave girl who showed, through her bosses, great strength and dignity while battling the evil cancer that eventually took her from us.

I will miss my terrier chats with Little Bit and her wisdom.

Run free and happy Little Bit, and I know that Angel Impy is right there with you always.



Ok, no more vet visits for a while!!

August 23rd 2006 5:40 am
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My hoomanz tuk me for my fisical exam a couple ob weeks ago, and dat was bad enuff, shots, the sticking the ting up my butt, etc. But de vet said I awso needed to hab my teef cweened. So, yesterday mowning, daddy putz me in my cwate and we went for a car wide, which I dunz like in de furst pwace. Den we stopped at de vet's office and he WEFT me der.

Before I ne wat was wat, I was sound asweep and wen I wokez up my mouf was so sore and I felt woozy.

Mom came n got me and by de time I gotz home I wanted to take a walkie, so mom and dad tuk me for a short one and den mom fed me some pumpkin and yogurt cause it was soft. I was SO hungwy cause I didn't hab eny bweakfast yesterday mowning, I ate ebery bite, den swept like a baby all nite wong.

Anyway, I hopz dis is all de bisits to de vet for a wong time exceptin for habing my toenails cwipped--and I'm so cwazy bout dat eder, but I knowz it habs to be dun.



Anxiety Wrap

August 20th 2006 5:30 am
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Well, as those of you who have read my diary regularly know, I HATE thunder, it SCARES me. I shake, I pant, I go under the end table in the bedroom or in back of the couch and hide even before it all starts cause I can feel it coming.

Well, some friends of my mom from the cairn rescue group mentioned something called anxiety wrap that they had purchased and it helped their dogs, so mom ordered one for me. You can see me wearing it in one the the pictures on my page.

Anyway, I've only worn it 2 times so far, but the second time mom and dad could see it was helping poor little me. I still hid behind the couch, but sometimes I just like lying there anyway, but I wasn't panting and shaking. So, they think this thing is going to really help me.

Now, I wonder if it would help me when it comes to car rides??



Cassie the Dead Rat Hunter!

July 31st 2006 6:09 pm
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Yestewday on one ob mi meny walks, I dived into de bushes wif a weal purpose in mind. I backed out ob doze bushes and I had a big fat dead wat in mi mouf! Well, mommy n daddy wurn't pweased wif dis and told me to dwop it, and since I iz twained to dwop wen I'z toldz to, I dwopped it. But, I didn't want to weave my tweasure, so I pwopped mi widdle cairn butt down about 2 feetz away and wuked at my tweasure, wuked and de silly hoomans, wuked at my wat agin, wuked at doze hoomans agin, but I wazn't moving! So, daddy picked me up a cawwied me back to de house! I wemembered xactly where dat wat was dis morning wen mommy walked me, and again, we had a baddle ob wills, and I sat mi widdle butt down agin. Dis time mommy had to cawwy me back. Silly hoomans, why wud I gib my tweasure up?



Whew, It's Really HOT!

July 20th 2006 3:06 am
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I lubz my walks with my daddy, but with this heat they are severely curtailed. Being a little black dog I soak the heat in and it doesn't take long for me to get over-heated.

At least it hasn't thundered the last couple of days, so I have not had to hide in my comfort zones, underneath the end table or back of the couch.

Mom and dad have been visiting places to take their English friends in the fall, and they haven't taken me with them. BOO!! But, then again, I'm not crazy about car rides and most of the places wouldn't let woofs in anyway.

So, I guess I'm ok staying home in my comfortable, cool house.

My secretary says she has to go now, so bye!




July 2nd 2006 8:43 am
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Col Potter Cairn Rescue has recently experienced the tragic loss of several former foster cairns, and one of the Col Potter members posted this poem. I am a former Col Potter foster, so this hits home with me. Hope you will read and enjoy. Cassie

On days like this, when all is calm
And the world, for once, is still.
I sit and think of you, my friend,
And whisper soft 'Until'.
And when the world does rage and toss
And seeks to crush my will.
Even then, I think of you
And cry out loud 'Until'.
'Until' seems like a simple word
With little it can hold.
But locked inside that simple thought
Is all that we can behold.
The Dreams beyond tomorrow.
The days we two can share.
The hope of songs and laughter
And joy beyond compare.
So as this road we travel
It makes my heart to thrill
That you and I together
Will always have 'Until'.]
Blessed Be, Gwen
Oak Lawn, IL


My Tail of Devotion for Cassie

July 1st 2006 6:23 pm
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Cassie, you are a special little cairn dog who brings such joy into our lives. You came to us after we had to say goodbye to Max and to Impy in a short time and when we thought that perhaps we'd never have the joy of having a fur baby in our hearts and souls again.

Thank you for trusting us and loving us after all the hard times you had as a puppy mill mommy, and we will never betray your trust.

We love you!

Mommy and Daddy

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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