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Cassie's Chronicles

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My Momma Wentz Off and Webt Me!!

April 24th 2007 11:33 am
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My momma wentz to Biwoxi, MS dis weekend and weft me and my daddie home by owrselbs. She wentz to sumting called a CRAP (Cairn Rescue Annual Pawty) wif wotz ob peeple and wotz of corn terrors and eben a cuple of corn terror wannabees!! She had a gud time, but she kept calling to see how me and daddie were duing, wike we cudn't take care ob owrselbs. HA, I hab daddie rapped awound my paws, so I waz habing a gwate weekend.

But, I hab to admit, I was happy to see my momma come home wast nite, and she was awfuwwy gwad to see me and daddie, too.

Daddie and I tuk us sum wong walkies and he fed me tings momma sayz "no you can't hab dis, Cassie", and he pwayed wif my toys wif me.

Tonite we are specting nasty tunderstorms egin, dough, so I bet momma putz me in my anxiety wrap, and she will hope it helps calm me.



What's Up Wif Dis Weather???

April 15th 2007 3:50 pm
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Wast weekend it SNOWED in Waco, TX, where it duzn't eben uzuallee snow at Chwistmus, den it snowz on Easter weekend? Den during dis week it got into de mid-80's and den dis morning it wuz in de 40's. Hmpppphhhh! Wat a mix-up!

I wubz de cooler weather, but I didn't kwite no wat to do bowt dat snow, wuzn't sure at all wat dat cold, wet white stuff wuz.

Enyway, soon enuff it will be 90 pct humidity wif 95 degree temperatures, and we will all wish for dat "winter" weather egin.



What's Up Wif De Wedder Enyway??

April 6th 2007 12:31 pm
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We hab had nise spwingee wedder for weekz and weekz and weekz now, and it'z Easter weekend and now we are going to hab winter egin??

It iz bery nise and sunnee and warm outzide rite now, but de wedder peeple say it will get into de 30's tonite and not owt of de 50's tomowwow. Dese are kold winter tempz for SE TX, not Easter tempz!!

Mudder is habing to take her winter cwothes to bisit my gwandma in Waco dis weekend insted og pwetty spwingee Easter type cwothes!

I dunt mind de kold caws I hab my own kote on all de time enyway.

Hope eberyone has a bwessed and safe Easter.



Stormie Weather

March 31st 2007 6:02 pm
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As eberybody who weads mi diaree nows, I hate tunderstorms. Well, in de pasd cuple ob weeks, we hab had seberal nasty tunderstorms.

We had one a few days ago dat twisted de gudders on de fwont ob our hows and bwew a board off de end of de hows. Fadder needs to see weter he can fix dese or have de repairman come do it.

Den dis morning der came anudder bad storm! I cud fewl dis ting coming and went to mu faborite hiding spot behind de cowch, eben wit my anxiety rap on!

Mudder and fadder were heer to hep pwotect me, but dis kind ob wedder cud du me a big fabor and stay away.



My Mom Tortured Me Dis Morning.....

March 11th 2007 10:03 am
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she desided dat it waz time for a WEAL gwoom job and she gotz out de sheers, de MARS tool, dat bwush, dat com and went abter me wit dem. I twied to be a gud gurl, but it waz hard, weal hard!! I twied to bite de bwush and com, but mom told me dat it wazn't a gud idea so finly I desided I wud just sit der an endure dis indignation.

My mom sayz I wuk weally pwetty now, but I tot I was perfectly fine before the torture session.

What we do to make our hoomans happy!!

Cairn kisses,


Dey Wuined a Perfectwy Gud Day....

February 24th 2007 5:20 pm
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by taking me to dat dogter purson dis morning. It was time for my bordetello vassination and I needed my toenails cwipped, and mom had gotten a rekommendation fwom a fwiend for a new dogter for me, so off we went!

Dis new dogter wady was nise enuff, but she WAS a dogter, abter all. She said I'm a pwetty gurl, and I am, at weast my hoomans say they tink I am, and she said I'm in bery gud kondition for a 7 year old former puppy mill mommy.

I hab an eer infection ting, and she gab dem dwops to put in my ears. Ughhhhhh, but dis shud keep my ears fwom hurting. De dogter tinks dis infection is cawsd by allerjies, whateber dat is.

Daddee felt sowwy for me and tuk me for a wong wawkie abter we gotz home, so I gess maybe de day wasn't totly bad!




February 18th 2007 3:02 pm
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We're finely habing sum bee-oo-tee-ful wedder here, and my daddy has been able to take me for sum long wawks. I hab seen sum wabbits and snakies and mices and sure hab been wanting to chase dem. Unfortunately, my daddy wudn't let me chase dem witowt my leash on.

Dis morning when mommie tuk me owt, dere was a big ole fat wobin on the wawkway, and I just stared at dat ting, it stared bak at me, den it continued on its wawk! I continued on mine, too, mommie says I mustn't hab much of a prey drive for birdies caws I dun't chase de chickens and duckies and geese datz next door eder. Wat's up wit dat?

Enywayz, hope eberybody's cold and nasty wedder goes away soon and yu can enjoy long wawks wit yur hoomans soon!!



Super Bowl???

February 4th 2007 7:30 am
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Well, de hoomans are gedding weady to have a few peeple here to watch de big game. As wong as dey are all big peeple, datz ok wit mee. I getz skared ob widdle peeople, my hooman wady tinkz maybee in de mill I gotz hurt or sumting by widdle peeple caws de WEALLY scare me!!

Maybee I will getz some guddies owt ob habing dese peeple bisit since my hoomans are making sim guddies and de oder hoomans are alzo bringing some stuff, too.

I can alwayz hope!



The Sun's Come Out!

January 25th 2007 6:22 am
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My goodness, itz been so dweewy round here for wat seemz like weekz and weekz and weekz and kold, too! I don't mind de kold and wet cept my hoomanz dun't gib me my nice long walkies wen itz wet and kold outside. I just wear my pwetty new sweater and I'm cozy and comfy, even in de wet and kold, but de hoomans aren't so cozy and comfy. My hoomans hab to pick me and bwing me back inside caws I'm neber weady to wen dey are!

But, dis morning Mr. Sunshine is out, yeahhhhhh, and it's sposed to be in the 60's today and my man hooman is off wurk, so I shud get a nice long walkie!! Datz wooferful!



We hab met such wooferful woofs and hoomans here.....

January 7th 2007 10:30 am
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and, two ob our woofs hoomans eder hab helped or are in de pwocess ob helping Col Potter, the rescue dat pulled me fwom dat mean ole puppe mill. Smokie's mah-ahm did a HSV dat my own mah-ahm was assigned to find a volunteer for, and she did a pawrific job! And, Meaty and Oz's mom is contacting an applicant for another HSV coordinator who needed a visit done in their part of de world. What kind and giving woofs and hoomans, and dey are bery greatly appweciated!!


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