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May 15th 2008 7:16 pm
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Sadly my mommy has decided to start retiring me to home service only. Back in December, right before christmas, I was attached while I was at a playgroup at a dog facility. Sophie and I were playing nicely with the others and having fun when a lady showed up with a dog that wasn't too nice when he others went up to sniff her. Instead of leaving the lady dragged her dog to the corner of the room and let it continue to growl and become agitated. Suddenly I was just standing there looking at my mommy when the dog came out of no where and tackled me from behind. She latched onto my leg and refused to let go. My mommy and I were both terrified. At first it didn't look like I was hurt but then when my mommy tried to get me up to go to the vet, I was too sore to get up. She ended up carrying me to the car and then into the vet. When she got in the vets she finally saw my wounds which were hiding in my fluff. The vets had to sedate me and stitch up multiple bite wounds. One had to have a drain. That one took 4 weeks to heal entirely. I had to wear a stupid cone to prevent me from licking myself. It was not fun at all.

So now I'm having a hard time focusing when I'm around other dogs I don't know. I don't want to take my eyes off them. Sophie has jumped on me a few time when I was sleeping deeply and I woke up snarling and growling at her thinking I was going to be attacked again. Sorry Sophie, you need to stop sneaking up on me.

So mommy has decided it is in both of our best interests to retire my to home duty. It is for the safety of us both. When I'm distracted I can't be focusing on helping her. Sophie is now going with her most of the time and learning to work for my mommy. I'm soooo jealous. If I could just ignore those other dogs but I don't want to be attacked again.


I won all the quarters

March 20th 2007 2:24 pm
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Mommy enrolled me in an agility prep/off leash class to practice more on my obedience skills. I did very well in this class and really enjoyed it. I get so excited during the class I just can't help but express my excitement by yapping. It annoys my mommy but I can't help myself.

Anyways during the second to last class the instructor was having our mommies have us down in motion. He had us all line up on the mats so we each had a column. He then told our mommies to have us down-stay or sit-stay. He placed a quarter in each column in front of us half way down. Then our mommies had to go to the other end of the room beyond the quarter while we stayed behind. He wanted our mommies to call us then have us down at the quarter. Whoever got the closest to the quarter would win them all.

I was getting impatient but my turn finally came. My mommy called me and gave me the signal to down a little before I got to the quarter. I stopped sniffed the quarter and obeyed my mommy's signal to down with the quarter between my paws. The other humans in the class were very impressed. My mommy was so proud of me. Of course I won the contest and got $2 worth of quarters. I can't wait to spend it. I wonder how many dog treats I can get for it.

Our last class was yesterday. I was a little sad that the class is over but my mommy says she'll sign me up for more agility soon. At the class I recieved a compliment from another mommy. She said she was amazed by how much I look at my mommy and stay focused. I'm always looking at my mommy. We worked long and hard on that so other dogs would not be such a distraction in class.


Travelling Home

November 4th 2006 3:19 pm
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My mommy and I went to florida to help her aunt move so we drove home . They put all sorts of blankets in the back of her stationwagon for the 3 of us to sleep on. James drove the moving truck ahead of us. It was a long drive. I peed in 9 states. We stopped for the night in VA. It was a nice break. I slept in bed with my mommy. We stayed at a Days Inn. When we got there Mocha pooped on the rug. She had worried her mommy because earlier in the day she refused to potty at all for 12 hours. She must have a bladder of steel. Her poops are small and easy to clean up. I barked at noises outside the room when my mommy was trying to get to sleep. She yelled at me and dragged me into bed with her. We left early that morning. I got to smell all sorts of things at the stops along the way up the east coast. We got home the socond day at dinner time. Boy were we all tired. We had dinner, unloaded a few neccessary things and went to bed. My mommy's aunt and pupcousins have moved into the house across the street from us. My mommy and I have been keeping them company. Snowflake is still the boss and Mocha doesn't try to play much with me. She does like my mommy alot and loves to sit with her on the living room chair. I guess I can share my mommy for now. I still am the only one my mommy shares a bed with.



November 4th 2006 3:05 pm
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Ok so I finally figured out that that room we were in was something called a plane and it brings you places. I'm still not sure if I liked it or not. I guess it was ok. I also figured out that we were a long way from home.

We went to my aunt's house and I met her toy poodles, Mocha and Snowflake. Snowflake is the boss so I always back down. The humiliation, an 8lbs poodle is the boss. Mocha won't play with me and I'm not sure why. I think she is just shy.

When I went out into the backyard I discovered these little creatures called lizzards. They are fast little things. I was always trying to catch them. Why can't we have fun creatures like this back home? For the 5 days we were there all I did was obsess over lizzards. We went our to eat quite a few times and I was well behaved each time. We even went to a buffet and my mommy didn't make me stay at the table while she went up for food. I ignored the tables that were filled with food but had to be reminded that I was working when I spotted some fried chicken that had fallen on the floor. She wrapped up what was left of her steak and snuck it into her purse. When we got home, I got bits of steak in my kibble YUMMMY!!!!.

The day before we left my human cousin lewis caught a lizzard and put it in the pool. I tried to grab it but I lost my balance and fell in head first. I then couldn't figure out how to get out so my mommy ran over and pulled me out. I was all wet but it felt good in all that heat. My cousin caught another lizzard and put it in the pool but this time I could reach him. I kept trying to grab it out of the pool. My mommy tried to get it away from me and it hid under a blanket. I ran over to where it was and grabbed it. It stopped moving. My mommy got me away from it and checked on it. When she tapped it she saw that I had put my tooth through it. They took my lizzard away and threw it over the fence. NO FAIR!!! That was my lunch!

Florida was fun it was hot and different and there are all sorts of critters to chase there. Maybe we can go there again sometime.



November 4th 2006 2:47 pm
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I finally had my first plane ride. It took forever to get through security. Boy they took a while checking my mom. Then as we were leaving the security area the lady picked my leash up and started to hand it to her. HEY THAT's MY JOB!!! The security guard realized my mommy had signalled me to get it for her before and asked if I was supposed to get it. My mommy took the leash and dropped it on purpose so I could do my job. Once we were beyond security things weren't over yet.

As I was walking with my mommy and aunt to her them some coffee a police dog spotted me and tried to eat me!! 2 officers grabbed him and held him back as he growled and barked at me. I got very scared by this and wimpered a bit, froze for a second and cautiously continued by with my mom urging me on. She thought I handled it well. I didn't break position or try to get away or try to protect her. You would think a police dog would be better behaved that that. The dog didn't stop even after the handler corrected him. On the way back the officers and I were prepared. This time I walked by ingoring the dog as a officer was kneeling down to him correcting him. Good thing they keep a good grip on those leads. I sure hope not all police dogs are mean like that.

While we waiting to board my mommy gave me permission to be pet by the other passengers. We were the first to go into this room full of seats. We sat in the first seat where there was plenty of room for me. My mommy put my blanket down and I settled in. All sorts of people started entering this room and sitting down. My mommy took out my favorite duck toy and I happily took it from her and quacked it. This man dressed in a suit called a pilot, talked to me about my duck and I wagged at him. He really liked me so did the guy they called a co-pilot. He was dressed in the same type of funny clothes.

The door closed and we started to move. Not a big deal we vride the bus all the time. My mommy gave me a bully stick. I LOVE bully sticks. I started to enjoy it. Suddenly all this noise started and this strange sensation started like when someone suddenly steps on the gas in the car. I stood up ands looked for an escape but my mommy held onto me. I then looked at my bully stick and decided that it wasn't scary enough for me to ignore it and starting chewing on it. The whole room tilted but that chew was much more important. After I finished it I went to sleep for the rest of the ride. The room bumped around but I only lifted my head. I drank some water and eyed my mom's snacks. Then suddenly I was jolted awake and this very loud noise followed. I was totally shocked by this sudden awakening. You would think my mommy would have warned me before if she knew it was going to happen. I only cowarded for a little while before realizing everything was ok. When we got off the plane we boarded this train sort of thing and rode that. Then my mommy took me outside. Boy was it hot. When I went left it was cold and rainy but now it was hot and sunny. There were all sorts of funny plants and smells. I did my business and my mommy returned back inside the cool building. We went into the bathroom so she could change into lighter clothing.

When we got back to our aunt, her son was waiting with her. He was totally surprised by my breed. He expected me to be a golden retriever not a "cool" dog like me. He called me awesome. He gave me lots of loves and talked baby talk to me. I wagged and wagged. I like my mommy's cousin James.



October 1st 2006 11:38 am
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My mommy is so proud of me. I passed my CGC yesterday. It wasn't as hard as my mommy thought it would be. I have no idea why she was so nervous. What was the big deal? We decided to try it at the doggie event we went to since Emmee and her friend were taking it. I did great. I did whine a little during sparation but still passed. I got to take my test in my equipment. The trainer I've been going to has been a jerk and told me I couldn't take the test in my equipment. This evaluator said if I'm usually wearing my equipment when I'm in public then I should be wearing it for my test. I need to be able to behave in it in public. My other trainer was a jerk and told my mommy I wasn't obedient enough to be her SD. Me not obedient enough??? He's never seen me work. He sees my once a week when it is not raining and judges me on that? I'm allowed to goof off when not working. Since I don't wear my gear during his class, I'm a regular dog and entitled to goof off and act like one. Everyone we've talked to that has seen me work has completely disagreed with him. Even those who haven't seen me work disagree. We are going to go to his class just one more time to show off that I passed. HAHA Evil trainer guy. My best buddy has left this guy because his methods just aren't working. Bandit is going to start going to another trainer for the same reason. We are going to start going to class at It's a Dog's Life to practice our obedience so it stays fresh. They are highly reccommended. I can't wait to start there, I'm going to show off big time.


New Haircut

June 6th 2006 1:03 pm
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I went to a new groomer yesterday. It was at Paradise Pet Spa. They don't use cages and blow dry you by hand. My cut came out really great. My mommy says it's the best I've even gotten. It looks like a professional springer cut for once. All the others have not looked right. Everyone thinks I look sooo pretty especially with my little red bone bows.


Feeling Better

June 6th 2006 12:58 pm
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Wednesday my mommy took me back to the vet's and they were surprised to see me doing so well. At the end of the day they let me go home to stay. They gave me Hill's a/d to eat 3 cans a day for 3 days then 2 cans of Purina EN per day. Yummy, I get to eat only canned food right now! I think I'm being spoiled. The next day I got my IV out and rid of that yucky lampshade. I'm feeling much better now. I've been allowed to see the puppy for short amounts of time. He keeps getting on my nerves. He has sharp teeth and keeps biting my ears. The makers of Greenies had their representative call my mommy. All the vets that treated me are sending him my records and bills. They also want to see the piece but will return it after examining it. Their vet will examine all the reports and then the company will contact me about what action they are choosing to take. My mommy returned the rest of the box of greenies to where she bought it. One thing we did learn about this experience is that I'm allergic to chicken which is what is in the a/d.


Back and forth... still sick

May 31st 2006 12:41 am
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Monday night I got to go home. My mommy was instructed to feed me small amounts every 4 hours and give me 2 different pills at certain times. I was feeling well when I got home and ate well. I even got to eat boiled chicken and potatoes once. My mom fed me purina EN canned prescription food for the other times. During the night I bloated up and accidently leaked some stinky stuff on my mom's bed while I was sleeping. When I went out to potty I had explosive diarrhea which made my mommy sick. She put me in the bath and washed me off then put me in my crate and stripped her bed. While she was outside hooking up a lead so I could be left outside for a while I had another bout. The potatoes came out looking the same as when I ate them. I did it again while I was tied outside. My mom brought me to the vet. While we were waiting for the vet I stayed in the room with nana while my mommy stood outside the door cause I smelled so bad. She was still feeling queezy so nana cleaned up my crate before we left for her. She came in when the vet got to us but I had already leaked a little on the floor. They decided to keep me for the day to give me some meds and run some tests. I had another accident while I was there and they had to start another IV to give me fluids and meds cause I couldn't keep my pills down and wouldn't touch water. At the end of the day my mommy had a choice of either taking me home for the night and then bringing me back or having them keep me all night. No one would have been in to check on me all night at the office if I stayed. She didn't want to take the chance of me getting worse and there being no one to help me so she took me home. They left my IV in, wrapped it up, and put an elizabethan collar on me to stop me from touching it. I'm also not allowed to have anything to eat or drink yet. She has to take me back tomorrow morning for more fluids and meds. My test results should be back some time tomorrow. My mommy was glad they took me for the day cause she couldn't deal with what was happening in regards to my tummy. She wants them to start me on food cause she doesn't want to try that again after what happened. She thinks we may have to go back and forth for a few more days until I'm doing better. When they say I'm ready to stay home she's going to request they leave the IV in for at least 24 hours so just in case I feel bad again they won't have to start a new one (I'm running out of legs). I think she just likes laughing at me bumping into and trying to sniff things wearing that cone. I can't even really grab my blankets with my mouth so I can arrange my blankets into a bed. Every time I get IV fluids, I go home feeling great again but it didn't last when I went home the first time. Now I'm ok since I'm not eating. Tomorrow, hopefully, we'll know what's going on or at least find something that works other than not eating which can't go on forever. I hope I feel better soon.


I'm sick

May 29th 2006 3:23 am
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Sunday around noon time my mom brought me out to potty and the threw up twice. The first time produced very little but the second there appeared to be a considerable amount of blood in it. My mom was trying hard not to puke so she was unable to get a good look at it because of this. My mom and nana took me to Tuft's Veterinary School ER to be seen. They found nothing after a blood test and a thorough exam. They gave me a shot of pepcid to settle my stomach and a small bag of IV fluids under the skin instead of in a vein. I felt better after that. Since I wasn't in any distress, they sent me home. My mommy found a piece of spongy greenie where I had vomitted the blood. It made sense to her then. Saturday one of us threw up in the kennel and they thought it was the puppy cause he'd just been give a wormer the night before. The stuff was green then and now my mommy knows it was me. I ate fine that night and got my regular nightly greenie. My mom consulted the makers of greenies before she gave them to me at first so she'd be sure she was feeding me the right size. They told her that the chances of there ever being a problem was very remote. I'm not a gulper and she always supervised me when I ate one. She didn't notice anything abnormal when I was eating them before this. She thinks I might have been chewing it when it slipped down my throat. The piece was only 1 in x 1/2 in and I hear they expand sometimes during digestion so the piece must have been a bit smaller. Anyways while I was in my crate sunday night, I threw up red stuff again so my mom called the vet again and when they called back at 12 am. They told her she should bring me in to be safe. Now I am in the hospital to be observed to make sure I'm ok. The vet told my mom it would only be a day or two while they perform some tests. I was not happy to be there at all. When we walked in I backed up between my mom's legs to hide from the staff person who was trying to say hi. I did go up to her a few seconds later and let her pet me, just not much. I don't like that vet. He did some unpleasant things to me before. I very reluctantly went back with him. My mommy brought my favorite toy which is a quacking duck cause it smells like home. They told her they were going to take me back and start an IV then inject some meds that would prevent me from throwing up again. They also had sedation checked off on my estimate paper and they're going to give me an x-ray. My mommy is hoping I can return home very soon. She misses me already. They told her to call in the morning after 10 to see how I'm doing. She's hoping that they'll tell her when I'll be released or at least let her visit me. I'm very special to her. She isn't going to go any place until I'm home and can go with her again. She's a basket case w/o me and I am too w/o her. I'll even follow her into the bathroom if she lets me. I'm like a furry little shadow. She's going to reschedual her therapy appointment for a later date so I have time to get better and accompany her. She says she has a bone to pick with the makers of greenies and wants her money back for the box she just bought plus expects compensation for the vet bills cause she followed the directions to a tea and this still happened. The bill is now estimated to be $1,000 including the cost of the first visit. They had better do something about these bills. Because of them my mommy can't leave the house to go shopping or anything unless she's headed to the vet to get or see me. This is really big problem. Even though I'm not terribly sick my papa says it is more serious legally because I am a service dog and my mom needs me to help her or she can't go places. If we end up having to take them to court my mommy will include compensation for her suffering. More people need to start bring this company to court. Someone should file a class action suit. She hasn't been able to eat much all day. She's just hoping I'll be ok and that that was the only piece in there that made me sick to begin with. Don't let your parents let this happen to you too. DON'T EAT GREENIES!! They really can cause serious medical problems even when fed properly with plenty of supervision.

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