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Number 4

July 27th 2006 8:33 am
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Hehehehehehe! I'm moving on up.....No longer bottom dog on the old totem pole of life. No sirreee, Bob! I'm number four! I'm number four-our! 1-2-3-4---FIVE! We got a new guy and he's on the bottom! Haha for him but I'm moving up!
Well, yes, sure, technically I have the same rank and number. I was number 4 before and I am still number four BUT the difference IS---that we've got a number 5 so he's the low man. Nyah, nyah, nyahyah. Last guy to get a bite of ice cream or whatever. And... Porkchop, that's me, could beat him up if she wanted to, like if he even tries to get near her (my) food bowl! Usually I don't want to but I did show her my weapons (teeth) just so he'd know who's boss.
He's not so bad, I guess, Whiley isn't. Rather unattractive to be sure but it's not HIS fault he got mange and had to live out of garbage cans for most of his miserable life. He hit the jackpot now and don't he know it! We eat regular, like every day, at our house! Wow, what a concept--food every single day! It blew me away too at first and let me tell ya, I still can't say no if it's anything remotely edible. That is partly why I have a slight weight problem. And, of course, it's my slow metabolism or a hormone imbalance or whatever chubby people usually blame being chubby on. I got fixed and I got fat. Just like that--boom, BOOM! But porky or not, I can run. Really RUN so I am fit. Fat and Fit.
Back to my pack rank--in a way it''s a promotion, you know. Now it is mainly Whiley's job to sound the alarm when intruders approach the property. And he can't sleep in the bed because there's no room and because his fur is yucky still. Whiley knows his place (number 5!) and most of us basically ignore him providing he keeps his distance from the food bowl.
Number One, a.k.a. Munch is tolerant but had to lay down the law a couple times when Number 5 overstepped his bounds. Number 2 doesn't like him but Number 2 doesn't like ANYONE so that's nothing new. Numero 3 is Petie Wheatie mama's sweetie. Petie and Whiley are both white with a little black and some spots and a whole lot of pink skin underneath but there's a whole world of difference. The Prince and the Pauper. Number 3 is definately the prince. The little sissy boy. Hey, I didn't say that! Really.
Well, Number 4 signing out.....
Sweet Thing, the Porkchop


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