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My first entry is a little sad

This Christmas Thing isn't half bad...

December 25th 2005 7:06 pm
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Boy I will tell ya the kids were up early this morning. I had paper being thrown at my head, I was buried in it for a little bit. Then mom and dad gave Demon and I socks (which we wanted to eat more than what was inside) with a ton of treats in them.

We went over and spent the whole day with my grandma who spoils us rotten. She has a husky too. Her name is Matikka. She is a mean bossy husky.
She had this rag tied around her neck so when she got mean with me one time my son (demon) decided that he should try to pull her by it. I was so proud of him. Daddy's BOY!



December 20th 2005 1:32 pm
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ok, so this morning I made a new discovery. I was lying in bed with mom and all of a sudden there were all these dogs running around on this box thingie. I decided I wanted to play with them so I ran up to the box thing and started barking at them and whining because they wouldn't play back. I thought my mom was going to fall out of the bed because she was laughing so hard at me. By the way Demon is starting to make me very jealous. He keeps getting on my moms lap so I come up and get on her lap too. She was mine first!!!!!



December 18th 2005 9:52 pm
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Ok, so my mom was rubbing my head today and I felt some really bad pain so mom looked in my ear and I have an ear infection. She fixed me right up but I suspect she is going to be taking me for a car ride to a place that I don't particularly like to go.

By the end of the week all my kids will be gone. I don't think Demon is going though. Mom keeps telling me that we are getting another puppy.
I really don't know how I feel about ear hurts too bad to think about it. However, I hear it is a girl :) I will finally have a sister.


My girls

December 16th 2005 1:15 pm
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Ok so today was suppose to be a lazy day. We had a snow/ice storm and I came in from playing and my mom was back playing with my daughters and to be honest I just wanted my mommy to love me and get me warm. SO I asked mom to let me in the room with her. I went in and you cannot imagine how much noise 4 girls can make and how many different directions my tail and my ears were being pulled. Mom told me to behave so I just sat there and let them have their way. One of my girls who my mom calls snickers stepped in the water so I "being the great daddy I am" cleaned her all up.

Mommy said she is going to post some pictures on here. Wait til you see what they were doing to me!!!!


Mommy says I am stubborn

December 13th 2005 11:51 am
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I woke up this morning and wanted outside to run around with my sons. We went out and mommy kept saying how cold it was. When my human sister and brother were ready to go to school my sons went inside...I guess they aren't as macho as me. Mommy kept calling me, Daddy called me, Lindsey & Will called me but I decided I wasn't going nowhere. I like the snow. I was hoping Daddy was going to chase me around the yard so I could watch him fall on his bum again but they were in a hurry. I hear it is suppose to snow again Thursday and I am waiting in anticipation.

I hear my daughter, Peyton is doing well. I miss her. She was def. the quiet, lovable one.

Gotta go chew some rawhide...chow


A little sad

December 12th 2005 10:46 am
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My mommy got an email today from my one of my daughters and she sat at the computer crying because she misses all her grandchildren. She is happy they have great parents though. If you wanna see my daughter go to her very own dogster page...

On a good note I got two huge plates of steak from Ryan's last night. I just love steak.

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